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2014  Guidelines for Writing a Case Study Paper

2013  Emotional Reactions to Variations in Contract Language

2013  Multiple Modifiers

2012  Foolproof Writing

2011  Contracting with Technical Writers and Editors: Why, When, and How

2011  Motivating Technical Writing through Study of the Environment

2010  Methodology for Written and Oral Presentation of Research Results

2007  The Technical Writings of John A. Roebling and His Contributions to Suspension Bridge Design

2006  Hunter Rouse’s Historical Writings and the History of Hydraulics Rare Book Collection

2005  Measuring Quality of Writing of Construction Specifications

2005  Organization in Technical Writing

2002  Incorporation of Writing into a Steel Design Course

2000  Editorial

2000  Hemming to Retire as ASCE News Editor

2000  Sharpening Your Pencil — And Your Written Word

2000  Technical Writing: Purpose and Principles

2000  Writing the Doctoral Dissertation: A Systematic Approach, Second Edition, by Gordon B. Davis and Clyde A. Parker

1999  Comments on Effective Reviewing and Writing of Papers

1999  Construction Specifications Writing: Principles and Procedures by Harold J. Rosen

1999  Editor’s Note. Outstanding Journal Paper Award for 1997

1999  Engineering a Mystery

1999  Indian Engineer Tells a Tale of Two Cultures

1999  Maximum Impact: Organizing Your Presentation

1999  The Right Word: Your Powerful Business Development Agent

1999  What Happened to the Environmental Forum?

1998  All in Pun

1998  Civil Engineers in the News: New Petroski Engineering Book Serves Up a Varied Menu

1998  Communicating Technical Ideas Persuasively

1998  Communication and Career Advancement

1998  Editorial

1998  Editor’s Note

1998  Forum

1998  Global Ruminations

1998  Introduction to the Practitioner’s Forum

1998  On a Fortune Hunt

1998  Reviewing the Review Process

1998  Using Engineers’ Characteristics to Improve Report Writing Instruction

1998  Wanted: More Diagrams

1997  Impartial Peers Needed

1997  In Support of Peer Criticism

1997  Letter from the Editor

1997  Management Forum

1997  Ned Godfrey, Former CE Editor, Dies at 65

1997  Peer-Review Prejudice

1997  Professional Development: Managing in Ethical Ways

1996  Argument Against Separate Writing Courses for Engineers

1996  Communication Breakdowns

1996  Editorial

1996  Editorial

1996  Editorials

1996  Guest Editorial

1996  Honing the Writing Skills of Engineers

1996  Plain Words in Construction

1996  Risk Management Principles of Transportation Facility Design Engineering

1996  Writing is Work

1996  Writing Persuasive Proposals

1995  A Management Approach to Placing Articles in Engineering Trade Journals

1995  Student and Faculty Guide to Improved Technical Writing

1994  Context for Writing in Engineering Curriculum

1994  Engineering Jargon and Civil Liability

1994  Solutions From an Unlikely Source

1994  Writing Effective Specifications

1993  Article Prompted an Improved Specification

1993  Developing Competent Civil Engineering Writers

1993  Dynamic Communication for Engineers

1993  Grasping Grout’s Ingredients

1993  Professional Writing Lacks Clarity

1993  Writing—The Most Valued Skill

1992  Foundation Gives First Journalism Award

1992  How to Improve Writing Skills

1992  Improving Specifications

1992  What Makes a Quality Paper?

1991  Construction Communications—What the Contractor Has to Write: And How

1990  Building an Articulate Engineer—A Laboratory Approach

1990  Communication Skills of New Graduates Must be Improved

1990  Communications in the Civil Engineering Program

1990  Plain Engineering: Philosophical and Ethical View

1990  Six Munz Ago I Cudn’t Spel Injuneer Now I Are One!

1990  Winning the Word War

1989  ATC-22: Development of a Handbook for ATC-14

1988  Word Processing in Introductory Engineering Courses

1988  Writing Effectively for Professional Journals

1987  Communications Course for Engineering Students

1986  Controlling Floods

1986  Specification Writing for “Small Hydro-Generators”

1985  The Engineering Student’s Portfolio

1985  Three Essays Earn Awards of Merit

1983  Upgrading Written Communication: Your Firm’s and Your Own

1982  Announcing Civil Engineering Magazine’s 1982 Essay Contest: Do You Plan to Enter?

1980  Journal-Paper Review Statistics

1978  Evaluation of Contractor Comments on the Quality of Specifications

1977  Education of Civil Engineers

1975  And One Critic

1975  Improving Your Writing

1975  Improving Your Writing — Part II

1975  Right on for ”Writing”

1975  Right on for ”Writing”

1975  ”Writing” Advice

1975  Writing Bouquet

1973  Impact Statements—Present and Potential