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2014  Modeling Slip in Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges: Comparison of Two Finite-Element-Method Approaches and Test Values

2014  Pedestrian Bridge Collapse and Failure Analysis in Giles County, Virginia

2014  Rapid Decay of a Timber Footbridge and Changes in Its Modal Frequencies Derived from Multiannual Lateral Deflection Measurements

2013  Deterioration Prediction of Timber Bridge Elements Using the Markov Chain

2013  Evaluating Fire-Damaged Components of Timber Bridges and Structures

2013  Stress-Laminated Timber Decks Subjected to Eccentric Loads in the Ultimate Limit State

2012  Bridge Timber Piles Load Rating under Eccentric Loading Conditions

2012  Full-Scale Ultimate-Load Test of a Stress-Laminated-Timber Bridge Deck

2012  The Howe Truss: From Timber to Iron

2012  Wood-Based Prefabricated Composite-Acting Bridge Deck

2011  American Swing Bridges 1797 to 1907

2011  Development of Live-Load Distribution Factors for Glued-Laminated Timber Girder Bridges

2011  Experimental Validation of a 10-m-Span Composite UHPFRC–Carbon Fibers–Timber Bridge Concept

2011  Slip between Glue-Laminated Beams in Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges: Finite-Element Model and Full-Scale Destructive Test

2010  Design and Construction of Modern Bamboo Bridges

2010  Experimental and Analytical Forensic Investigation of Bridge Timber Piles under Eccentric Loads

2010  Performance Evaluation of a FRP-Wrapped Balsa Wood Bridge Deck System

2009  Collapse of the Wimer Covered Timber Bridge

2009  Performance of Stress-Laminated Timber Highway Bridges in Cold Climates

2009  Rehabilitating a Historic Wooden Covered Bridge to Carry Modern Truck Loads with No Visual Impacts to the Structure

2009  Timothy Palmer and the Permanent Bridge

2008  Behavior of Split Timber Stringers Reinforced with External GFRP Sheets

2008  Composite Effect of Bolt-Laminated Sweetgum and Mixed Hardwood Billets

2008  Designing Timber Bridge Superstructures: A Comparison of US and Canadian Bridge Codes

2008  Fatigue Behavior of Composite-Reinforced Glulam Bridge Girders

2008  Feasibility of Rehabilitating Timber Bridges Using Mechanically Fastened FRP Strips

2008  Field Experiments and Numerical Models for the Condition Assessment of Historic Timber Bridges: Case Study

2008  Repair of Full-Scale Timber Bridge Chord Members by Shear Spiking

2008  Sioux Narrows Bridge — Context Sensitive Replacement of a Heritage Timber Truss Bridge

2008  Use of Wireless Sensors for Timber Trestle Railroad Bridges Health Monitoring Assessment

2007  Designing Timber Highway Bridge Superstructures Using AASHTO-LRFD Specifications

2007  Fatigue Evaluation of Structural Composite Lumber (SCL) T-Beam Bridge Girders

2007  Minimizing Corrosive Action in Timber Bridges Treated with Waterborne Preservatives

2006  Covered Wooden Bridges: A Modern Analysis at the System and Component Levels

2006  Load Rating of Wood Bridges Using LRFD and ASD

2006  Time-Dependent Behavior of Posttensioned Wood Howe Bridges

2005  Comparing ASD and LRFD for Load Rating of Timber Bridges

2005  Covered Bridges — Engineering Judgment and the Practical Approach

2005  Load and Resistance Factor Calibration for Wood Bridges

2005  NIR-Monitoring of In-Service Wood Structures

2005  Nondestructive Assessment of Timber Bridges Using a Vibration-Based Method

2005  Orthotropic Deck Rehabilitation at the Throgs Neck Bridge

2005  Strengthening Timber Bridge Beams Using Carbon Fiber

2005  Use of Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tendons for Stress-Laminating Timber Bridge Decks

2004  Creep Effect in Structural Composite Lumber for Bridge Applications

2004  Effect of Lamina Thickness on Parallel-to-Grain Strength in Small Douglas-Fir Samples

2004  Field Performance of Stress-Laminated Highway Bridges Constructed with Glued Laminated Timber

2004  Historic Preservation: Student’s Drawings Help to Resurrect Covered Bridge

2004  In Situ Repair Technique for Decayed Timber Piles

2004  Structural Analyses of Two Historic Covered Wooden Bridges

2003  Application of Dynamic System Identification to Timber Bridges

2003  An Overview of the Development of Stress Laminated Cellular Timber Bridge Decks for Short to Medium Span Applications in Australia

2001  Advanced FRP-Wood Composites in Bridge Applications

2001  Composites Enhance Timber Bridges

2001  Preservative Effect on Stress-Laminated Southern Pine Bridge Decks

2001  Response of Timber Bridge to Traffic Loading

2001  Restoration of Historic Wooden Bridges

2000  Durability of Wood-FRP Composite Bridges

2000  FRP-Wood-Concrete Composite Bridge Girders

2000  SCL Technologies for Stressed Tee Timber Bridges

1999  Field Performance of Three Stress-Laminated Southern Pine Timber Bridges

1999  Northern Red Oak Glued-Laminated Timber Bridge

1999  Timber Bridge Contest Aims High

1998  A Look Back at Research Needs in Wood Engineering

1998  Structural Design Forum

1997  Canada Puts the Squeeze on Its Trees

1997  Case Histories — Fiber Reinforced Glulam Bridges

1997  GRP Prestressing of Wood Decks

1997  Hardwood Glued-Laminated Timber Bridges

1997  Historic American Covered Bridges

1997  Life-Cycle Cost Considerations for Timber Bridges

1997  Monitoring of Timber Bridge Superstructures in Alabama

1997  Timber Bridges in Southern Iowa

1996  Dynamic Behavior of Glued Laminated Timber Girder Bridges

1996  Performance Monitoring of Three Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges in Leon County

1996  Structural Forum

1996  Three Year Evaluation of a Metal-Plate Connected Wood Truss Bridge

1995  Causes of Camber-Loss in Stress-Laminated Wood Bridges

1995  Covered Bridge Research

1995  Design of Timber Bridge Stringers with High Strength Fiber Reinforcing

1995  Dynamic Evaluation of Wood Bridges

1995  Evaluation of Timber Bridges Using Stress Wave Technology

1995  Experiments on Stressed Beams for Timber Bridges (Engineered Construction of Recyclable Bridges for Sustainable Development)

1995  Factors Influencing Timber Bridge Performance

1995  Inspection and Repair of a Timber Truss Bridge

1995  Maintenance Practices for Wood Bridges

1995  New Applications of Structural Composite Lumber in Timber Bridges

1995  Recent Heavy Timber Construction in New England

1995  Rehabilitation of Slab Span Timber Bridges

1995  Task Force Suggests Ways to Protect Covered Bridges From Arson

1995  Using Lightweight MPC Wood Trusses in Bridges

1995  Wood Bridges in New England

1994  Aesthetic Issues in Timber Bridges

1994  Bulb-T and Glulam-FRP Beams for Timber Bridges

1994  Design and Field Performance of a Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Bridge

1994  Development of Hardwood Glulam Timber Bridge Standards

1994  Guardrail in Posttensioned Timber-Bridge Specimen

1994  Innovations in Glulam Timber Bridge Design

1994  Inspection and Repair of a Timber Truss Bridge - An Application of Nondestructive Testing

1994  LRFD Provisions for Wood Bridges