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2015  Effect of Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences on Woodframe Building Damage Fragilities

2015  Effects of Load Sharing in Wood Tongue-and-Groove Plank Decking under Concentrated Loads

2015  Effects of Roof Pitch and Gypsum Ceilings on the Behavior of Wood Roof Diaphragms

2015  Experimental Investigation and Numerical Modeling of Tongue-and-Groove Plank Wood Decking under the Effects of Concentrated Loads

2015  Experimental Study and Numerical Investigation of Blockhaus Shear Walls Subjected to In-Plane Seismic Loads

2015  Field Testing of Flexible Timber Diaphragms in an Existing Vintage URM Building

2015  Lateral Loading Behaviors of Lightweight Wood-Frame Shear Walls with Ply-Bamboo Sheathing Panels

2015  Load Distribution in Light-Frame Wood Buildings under Experimentally Simulated Tsunami Loads

2015  Seismic Laboratory Testing of Energy-Efficient, Staggered-Stud, Wood-Frame Shear Walls

2015  Wood-Damaging Fungi in Truss Structures of Baroque Churches

2014  Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves during Hurricane Ike

2014  Deck and Porch Floor Lateral Loading by Occupants

2014  Design and Fabrication of a Timber Trellis with Complex Geometry

2014  Distributed Knee-Braced (DKB) System as a Complete or Supplemental Retrofit of Soft-story Wood-frame Buildings

2014  Effects of Earthquake Ground Motion Selection and Scaling Method on Performance-Based Engineering of Wood-Frame Structures

2014  Experimental Investigation on Lateral Performance of Timber-Steel Hybrid Shear Wall Systems

2014  Financial Seismic Risk Analysis of Building Portfolios

2014  Floor Vibration Serviceability Problems in Wood Light-Frame Buildings

2014  Genetic Optimization for Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings Using FEMA P-807 Methodology

2014  Gravity and Wind Load Path Analysis of a Light-Frame and a Traditional Timber Frame Building

2014  The Hamptons at MetroWest, a Case Study of Structural Repairs to Rot-Damaged Wood Condominium Buildings

2014  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Roof Structures

2014  Inspection of I-Joists in Residential Construction

2014  Inspection of Metal Plate-Connected Wood Trusses in Residential Construction

2014  Laboratory Testing of Energy-Efficient Wood-Framed Shear Walls

2014  Lateral Load Path and Capacity of Exterior Decks

2014  Load Distribution in Timber Structures Consisting of Multiple Lateral Load Resisting Elements with Different Stiffnesses

2014  Moment Connection for Quick Assembly of Timber Portal Frame Buildings: Theory and Validation

2014  Nonlinear In-Plane Deformation Mechanics of Timber Floor Diaphragms in Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

2014  Numerical Retrofit Study of Light-Frame Wood Buildings Using Shape Memory Alloy Devices as Seismic Response Modification Devices

2014  Overview of the NEES-Soft Experimental Program for Seismic Risk Reduction of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings

2014  Performance Evaluation of Portal Frame System in Low-Rise Light-Frame Wood Structures

2014  Practical Modeling for Wind Load Paths in a Realistic Light-Frame Wood House

2014  Predicting the Fundamental Period of Light-Frame Wood Buildings

2014  Quantitative Insight into Rational Tornado Design Wind Speeds for Residential Wood-Frame Structures Using Fragility Approach

2014  Seismic Loss Estimation of Residential Wood-Frame Buildings in Southwestern British Columbia Considering Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences

2014  Seismic Performance of a Hybrid Building System Consisting of a Light Wood Frame Structure and a Reinforced Masonry Core

2014  Seismic Reliability Analysis of Wood Shear Walls Using Different Methods

2014  Seismic Response of Midrise Light Wood-Frame Buildings with Portal Frames

2014  State of the Art: Seismic Behavior of Wood-Frame Residential Structures

2014  State-of-the-Art Review of Approaches for the Design of Timber Beams with Notches

2014  Tall Cross-Laminated Timber Building: Design and Performance Session WW300 Experimental and Modeling Studies on Wood Frame Buildings

2014  Timber Tower Research: Concrete Jointed Timber Frame

2014  Wood Block Tear-Out Resistance and Failure Modes of Timber Rivet Connections: A Stiffness-Based Approach

2013  Bending Properties of Wood I-Sections Fabricated with Screws and Polyurethane Adhesive

2013  Comparison of Seismic Experiments on Traditional Chinese Wood Structures and Light Wood-Framed Structures

2013  Compression Behavior and Material Parameters of Radiata Pine at Different Orientations to the Grain

2013  Cyclic Performance of Glued Laminated Guadua Bamboo-Sheathed Shear Walls

2013  Direct Displacement Design of Vertically and Horizontally Irregular Woodframe Buildings

2013  Evaluation of Remediation Techniques for Circular Holes in the Webs of Wood I-Joists

2013  Evaluation of Tsunami Loads on Wood-Frame Walls at Full Scale

2013  Full-Scale Shaking-Table Tests of XLam Panel Systems and Numerical Verification: Specimen 1

2013  Low Cost Shape Memory Alloy Devices for Seismic Response Modification of Light-Frame Wood Buildings

2013  Performance-Based Seismic Design of Midrise Woodframe Buildings

2013  Probabilistic Models for Structural Performance of Rounded Dovetail Joints

2013  Raising the Height Limit of Wood-Framed Apartment Buildings

2013  Seismic Performance of Low-Rise Wood-Framed and Reinforced Masonry Buildings with Clay Masonry Veneer

2013  Seismic Performance of Mid-Rise Hybrid Light Wood Frame Buildings and Influence of Diaphragm Flexibility

2013  Wind-Loading Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Timber Residential Buildings

2012  Analysis of the Nonlinear Behavior of Timber-Concrete Connections

2012  Analysis of Wood-Framed Roof Failures under Realistic Hurricane Wind Loads

2012  BIM Standardization and Wood Structures

2012  Case Study: Failure and Repair of Historic Wood Trusses at St. John the Baptist Church, Hoboken, NJ

2012  Closing the Gap between Wood NDT Technologies and Repair Methodologies

2012  Collapse Testing and Analysis of a Light-Frame Wood Garage Wall

2012  Compressive Behavior of Longitudinally Cracked Timber Columns Retrofitted Using FRP Sheets

2012  Considerations for Design of Rafters in Timber Buildings

2012  Damage Assessment of a Full-Scale Six-Story Wood-Frame Building Following Triaxial Shake Table Tests

2012  Deterioration of Wood Structures—Basic Forensic Considerations

2012  Effect of Plan Configuration on Seismic Performance of Single-Story Wood-Frame Dwellings

2012  Effects of Pressure Equalization on the Performance of Residential Wall Systems under Extreme Wind Loads

2012  Experimental Evaluation of Load Paths in Light-Frame Wood Structure

2012  Experimental Research on Mechanical Properties of Timber in Ancient Tibetan Building

2012  High-Performance Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Wood-Framed Buildings Using Energy Dissipation Systems

2012  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Residential Roofs

2012  Informing a Retrofit Ordinance: A Soft-Story Case Study

2012  In-Plane Monotonic and Cyclic Racking Load Testing of Structural Insulated Panels

2012  LifeCycle Tower—High-Rise Buildings in Timber

2012  Loss Analysis for Wood Frame Buildings during Hurricanes. I: Structure and Hazard Modeling

2012  Loss Analysis for Wood Frame Buildings during Hurricanes. II: Loss Estimation

2012  Midply Truss Wall System: High-Performance Shear Wall for Midrise Wood-Frame Buildings

2012  Modeling Hysteretic Behavior of Wood Shear Walls with a Protocol-Independent Nail Connection Algorithm

2012  Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Soft-Story Light-Frame Wood Buildings

2012  Performance of Metal-Plated Wood Joints Exposed to Periods of Soaking Moisture

2012  Prediction of Bending Strength in Oak Beams on the Basis of Elasticity, Density, and Wood Defects

2012  Prefabricated Wood Truss Roof Failure under Wind Induced Loads

2012  Risk-Based Strategies for Upgrading Existing Nonconforming Wooden Houses and Risk Information for Promoting Upgrading

2012  Stability Analysis of Metal-Plate-Connected Wood Truss Assemblies

2012  Structural Evaluation and Repair of Formosan Termite Damage in Wood Structures: Lessons Learned and Two Case Studies

2012  Substantial Impairment vs. Imminent Collapse of Wood Structures

2012  Uplift Capacity of Polyurea-Coated Light-Frame Rafter to Top Plate Connections

2011  Analysis of Mechanically Laminated Timber Beams Using Shear Keys

2011  Connection System of Massive Timber Elements Used in Horizontal Slabs of Hybrid Tall Buildings

2011  Contextualizing the Load Duration-Dependent Strength of Wood Members

2011  Creep Deflection in Design of Metal Plate–Connected Wood Trusses

2011  Damage Modeling and Damage Limit State Criterion for Wood-Frame Buildings Subjected to Seismic Loads

2011  Development of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Roof-to-Wall Connection

2011  Earthquake Damage Assessment of Residential Wood-Frame Structures

2011  Estimation of the Probability Distribution of Wave Velocity in Wood Poles

2011  Flume Analysis of Engineered Large Wood Structures for Scour Development and Habitat