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2014  Gender and Other Factors Influencing the Outcome of a Test to Assess Quality of Education in Civil Engineering in Colombia

2014  Predictive Models for Work-Life Balance and Organizational Commitment of Women in the U.S. Construction Industry

2013  Attracting Girls to Civil Engineering through Hands-On Activities That Reveal the Communal Goals and Values of the Profession

2013  History and Status of Female Faculty in Civil Engineering

2013  Relationship between Personal Protective Equipment, Self-Efficacy, and Job Satisfaction of Women in the Building Trades

2013  State of Women in Civil Engineering in the United States and the Role of ASCE

2013  Work-Life Balance and Organizational Commitment of Women in the U.S. Construction Industry

2012  Do Professional Women and Tradeswomen in the South African Construction Industry Share Common Employment Barriers despite Progressive Government Legislation?

2011  Participation of Women in Architectural Engineering: What Causes It?

2011  The Retention of Women in the Architectural Engineering Workforce

2011  Women Leaders Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Singapore’s Construction Industry

2010  Breaking into the Men’s Room: Five Traits of Women Engineers with a Boardroom Seat

2010  Closing the Gender Gap

2010  Gap in Gender or Salaries?

2010  History and Status of Women in Civil Engineering Academia

2010  "If These Women Can Do It, I Can Do It, Too": Building Women Engineering Leaders through Graduate Peer Mentoring

2010  Perspectives on Leadership from Female Engineering Deans

2010  Special Issue on Women in Civil Engineering

2010  Successful Leadership Development for Women STEM Faculty

2010  Walking in Beauty on an Ever-Changing Path: A Leadership Perspective from a Native American Woman Engineer

2010  Washington State’s I-405 Project: Women in Industry Leadership

2010  Women Hispanic Civil Engineers’ Experience

2009  Career Advice and Concerns

2009  Gender Disparity in Engineering as a Function of Physics Enrollment and Its Implications for Civil Engineering

2009  Historical Perspectives

2009  Looking Ahead

2009  Managerial Competencies of Female and Male Construction Managers

2009  Pioneers and Trailblazers

2009  Social and Cultural Issues

2009  Women in Engineering, Pioneers and Trailblazers

2009  Women in Engineering, Professional Life

2008  Becoming Leaders, A Practical Handbook for Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology

2008  Diversity by Design, Guide to Fostering Diversity in the Civil Engineering Workforce

2008  Diversity in Engineering Education: An African American Female Professor’s Perspective

2008  Job Satisfaction of Women in Construction Trades

2008  NewsBriefs: New Study Combats Stereotypes

2008  People: Brazil Honored by Girls Incorporated

2008  Pit Stops and Scenic Routes: How to Aid Women to Stay on Track in Their Careers

2007  Fostering Development of Women Faculty in Geotechnical Engineering

2007  Geo-Diversity: Improving the Retention of Women in the Workforce

2007  NewsBriefs: Number of Female Engineering Students Breaks Record (Princeton University)

2007  Using International Water Studies to Attract Women to Science and Engineering Studies

2007  Women in Construction — Tapping the Untapped Resource to Meet Future Demands

2006  Changing Our World, True Stories of Women Engineers

2006  Commentary: Women in Geotech...We can and Must do Better

2006  GeoCurmudgeon

2006  Geotechnical Engineering...What’s in it for Me?

2006  Indirect Discrimination in Construction Organizations and the Impact on Women’s Careers

2006  People: Galloway Celebrated as a Key Woman in Energy Sector

2006  Short Takes: Book Advances Extraordinary Women Engineers Project

2006  Short Takes: Changing Our World Garners Design Award

2006  What Girls Want from Their Profession

2006  Women Geo-Leaders: Thoughts and Lessons Learned

2005  EWEP Report Recommends Portraying Engineering Profession in a More Appealing Light

2005  In the Field: Awards Boost Extraordinary Women Engineers Project

2005  NewsBriefs: Princeton Universtiy, Smith College Exchange Engineers (Princeton University)

2005  People: Bechtel Boosts Women Engineers Project with $250,000 Donation

2004  Emily, Amelia, et al: Who Are These Women and Why Should You Care?

2004  First Lady Laura Bush to Serve as Honorary Chair of Advisory Committee for Extraordinary Women Engineers Project

2004  Innovation-Engineering a Better Engineer for Today’s Workforce

2004  NewsBriefs: First All-Female Class of Engineers Graduates (Smith College)

2004  People: Students’ Small Plastic Bridge is Big Success Story

2004  People: Susan E. Powers Named Distinguished Teaching Scholar

2004  Professional Women and Career Impediments in the Construction Industry in Nigeria

2003  Implementing an Inclusive Curriculum for Women in Engineering Education

2003  Miss Hard Hat Builds Students’ Interest in Engineering and Construction

2002  ASCE Advances Diversity Commitment

2002  The Compensation Problem

2002  Diversification of the U.K. Construction Industry: A Framework for Change

2002  Engineering a Warmer Welcome for Female Students

2002  Gender and Evacuation: A Closer Look at Why Women are More Likely to Evacuate for Hurricanes

2002  Managing Diversity: One Firm’s Perspective

2002  Program Retains Women in Engineering Majors

2002  A Promise Deferred

2001  Celebrating Diversity

2001  Diversity by the Numbers

2001  Florida West Coast Branch Elects All-Female Officers

2001  Forum

2001  The Inherent Personality of Women as an Asset to the Engineering Workplace

2001  Land of Plenty: Diversity as America’s Competitive Edge in Science, Engineering, and Technology

2001  Mentoring

2001  Mystery of the Missing Women Engineers: A Solution

2001  A New Day for ASCE

2001  Retention of Nontraditional Engineering and Construction Professionals

2000  ASCE Hosts Workshop for Women on the Move

2000  Comparison of Men’s and Women’s Careers in U.K. Construction Industry

2000  Q. Where Does ASCE Stand on Diversity? A. Society Is Headed in the Right Direction.

1999  NSF Study Explains Gender-Based Salary Gap

1999  Where Do We Go from Here?: Comments on Equal Opportunity and Equality in Environmental Engineering

1998  Engineers Use Internet to Help Close Gender Gap

1998  Harris Poll Shows Engineering Remains ‘Stealth Profession’ Among Women and Minorities

1998  Trip Linkage Patterns for Workers

1997  The Connective Edge: Leading an Interdependent World by Jean Lipman-Blumen

1997  Engineering Educator Gets Top Teaching Award

1997  Engineering Information Foundation

1997  JNEI Grows 1,383%

1997  More Women Entering Engineering Field

1997  Ms. Leading

1997  Women in Engineering: Toward Barrier-Free Work Environment

1996  Commentary on MBE and FBE Participation in the Construction Industry