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2014  Approach-Span Failure of the Hoan Bridge as a Case Study for Engineering Students and Practicing Engineers

2014  On the Web (

2013  Episodic Change Analysis of the Annual Flood Peak Time Series for a Flood Insurance Study

2013  Redeveloping and Diversifying Port Land in Milwaukee

2013  Sheboygan River Area of Concern Habitat Restoration Projects Sheboygan, Wisconsin

2012  Assessing the Effects of Climate Change on Precipitation and Flood Damage in Wisconsin

2012  Condition Assessment of a Ductile Iron Force Main Using Guided Wave Technology: Case Study of Underwood Creek Force Main, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

2012  High-Capacity Pipe Piles for the Marquette Interchange Reconstruction

2012  Kinnickinnic River Flood Management and Watercourse Rehabilitation: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2012  Phosphorus Loading to Milwaukee Harbor from Rivers, Storm Water, and Wastewater Treatment

2011  Comparing Costs on Driven Pile Projects

2011  Reliability of Bridge Decks in Wisconsin

2010  Adaptive Watershed Management—Development of Phased Watershed Restoration Plans for the Kinnickinnic River and the Menomonee River Watersheds

2010  Advanced Modeling for Efficient Computation of Life-Cycle Performance Prediction and Service-Life Estimation of Bridges

2010  Apple Creek Channel Relocation and Floodplain Lowering

2010  The Challenges of Mitigating Hydrologic Impacts of Development: Lessons Learned in Dane County, Wisconsin

2010  A Comprehensive Solution to Aquatic Habitat Fragmentation in the Milwaukee River Watershed, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

2010  Determining and Mitigating the Impacts of Climate Change on Stormwater Management and Hydrology in Wisconsin

2010  Development of a Safety Performance Function for Signalized Diamond Interchange Ramp Terminals

2010  Evaluating Urban Pollutant Buildup/Wash-Off Models Using a Madison, Wisconsin Catchment

2010  An Honorable Effort

2010  The Impact of Navigation Chevrons in St. Louis Harbor

2010  Impacts of Radar Indicated Rainfall on Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Modeling

2010  Lakefront Renaissance

2010  LID Education and Installation in Mixed Income and Ethnically Diverse Areas of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2010  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Highway Intersection Safety Hardware Improvements

2010  Managing Stormwater Pollutants from a Heavy Manufacturing Site: Monitoring, Modeling, and Design

2010  A Model for Evaluating Stream Temperature Response to Climate Change Scenarios in Wisconsin

2010  Multi-Stakeholder Planning for Stormwater Management in the Lake Wingra Watershed

2010  Municipal Stormwater Permit Compliance in Wisconsin: Calculating Pollutant Loads and Selecting Best Management Practices across Multiple Watersheds Simultaneously

2010  Reuse of Unusable Land for a Stormwater Detention Pond

2010  Submarine Cables Cause Dock Wall Failure at the Port of Milwaukee

2010  Sustainable Stormwater Enhancements in an Industrial Area

2010  Temporal Variations in Nutrient Fluxes in Agricultural Drains and Ditches

2010  Underwood Creek Rehabilitation and Flood Management Phase 1—Final Design and Construction: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2010  Use if BEST In-Highways for Green Highway Construction Rating in Wisconsin

2009  Considering River-Scale Ecological Improvements within Flood Management Planning: The Lower Menomonee River Watercourse Status Report

2009  Field Evaluation of Fly Ash Stabilized Subgrade in US 12 Highway

2009  NewsBriefs: Flexible, Light-Sensitive Material Could Be a Boon to Photography

2009  Soil Nailing Earth Retention on the Park Lafayette Development in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2009  A Tale of Two Cities — Source Water Protection Case Studies for Systems in Rural Settings

2009  Wisconsin Bets on BIM

2008  Dye Trace Study of a New Septic System in Door County, Wisconsin

2008  Hydrodynamic and Transport Model for the Lake Michigan Coast around Milwaukee

2008  Monitoring and Repair of the Milwaukee City Hall Masonry Tower

2008  NewsBriefs: Statewide Mapping Program Planned

2008  Small Footprint, Big Promise

2008  Statistical Determinations of Steady-State, Groundwater Inflow in Rock Tunnels for the Radial Flow Condition

2008  Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute and the Wisconsin Coastal Hazard Team

2008  Wisconsin’s Marquette Interchange Completed Early, Under Budget

2007  Changes in Aquatic Habitat and Geomorphic Response to Urbanization, with Implications for Assessing Habitat Degradation

2007  Comparison of Two Techniques to Measure Sediment Erodibility in the Fox River, Wisconsin

2007  Design Solutions for Steel Bridges in Milwaukee’s Marquette Interchange

2007  Hydrology, Hydrodynamics, and Sediment Transport Investigation in a Small Wetland: Upper Dorn Creek Wetland, Wisconsin

2007  Public Policy Shields Engineer and Contractor from Tort Liability for Pipeline Failure

2007  Restoring an Urban River Corridor to Reduce Flood Risk: The Western Milwaukee Project

2007  Short Takes: Badgers Paddle into First Place for Fifth Straight Year

2007  Short Takes: Badgers Win International Concrete Canoe Competition

2007  Urban Runoff as a Public Health Concern in the Greater Milwaukee Area

2006  Comprehensive Watercourse Management for the Menomonee River, WI: Milwaukee County Grounds Floodwater Facility

2006  Counterpoint

2006  Court Decisions: Rejected Bidder Cannot Recover Lost Profits

2006  Court Decisions: Setback Restrictions for Highways are Legal

2006  Evaluation of Bacteria Impacts on Beaches in Milwaukee: The Bacteria Source, Transport, and Fate Study

2006  Milwaukee Case Study in Example Evolution of Sewer Controls

2006  Short Takes: Badgers Triumph in Concrete Canoe Contest — Again!

2006  Underwood Creek Rehabilitation and Flood Management, Menomonee River Watercourse, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2006  Using Long-Term Simulation for Improving a Sewer System Overflow Control Strategy

2006  WisTransPortal: A Wisconsin Traffic Operations Data Hub

2005  Analysis of the Relations between Climatic Variability and Groundwater Level Variations in Wisconsin, USA

2005  Ecosystem-Based Restoration of the Illinois River: System Objectives, Vision, and Restoration Goals and Alternatives

2005  Frequency Characteristics of Long-Duration Rainfall Events

2005  Getting to Zero Waste — Wisconsin’s Efforts to Minimize Global Climate Change

2005  Investigation of Cryptosporidium and Giardia Concentrations in Combined Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Runoff

2005  Lake Michigan Bluff Drainage Evaluation Fox Point and Oak Creek, Wisconsin

2005  Metadata Development for a Multi-State Karst Feature Database

2005  A Milwaukee Model for LID Hydrologic Analysis

2005  People: DePue to Cochair Cost Savings and Leverage Subcommittee

2005  Short Takes: Badgers Take First Place in Concrete Canoe Contest for Third Straight Year

2005  SITE Demonstration of Minergy Glass Furnace Treatment of PCBs, PCDDs/Fs, and Metals in River Sediment

2005  St. Luke’s Medical Center Cardiac Center and Patient Tower, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Case Study – Construction Issues

2005  Stormwater Management Criteria and Design to Address Downstream Flooding Concerns on Lake Mendota, Dane County, Wisconsin

2005  Stormwater Runoff Supplied to Subsurface Infiltration Areas for Groundwater Recharge, Dane County, Wisconsin

2005  Synchronicity

2005  The Use of In-Situ Testing to Optimize Retaining Wall Design in the Marquette Interchange Project

2005  Vibration Study for the New Addition at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2004  Case Study of Subgrade Stabilization Using Fly Ash: State Highway 32, Port Washington, Wisconsin

2004  Design of the Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Gateway: A Multi-Modal Traveler Information System

2004  Evaluation of Resilient Modulus of Typical Wisconsin Soils

2004  Field Performance of Stress-Laminated Highway Bridges Constructed with Glued Laminated Timber

2004  Highways: Interchange Reconstruction Begins in Downtown Milwaukee

2004  Milwaukee’s Integrated Approach: A Watershed Moment

2004  A Real-Time Control Strategy for Operating the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Conveyance and Storage System

2003  Application of the NRC Framework for Evaluation of Remedial Actions at a PCB Contaminated Sediment Site

2003  Attempts to Develop Beneficial Uses for Milwaukee Harbor and Green Bay Harbor Dredged Material

2003  Detroit District Perspective on CDF Performance

2003  Miller Park Pivot Bearing Replacement or “It May Not Be Able to Be Done—Let Us Think About It”

2003  Milwaukee Art Museum Addition Win 2003 OCEA Award

2003  Site Characterization in Support of the Ruck Pond Sediment Removal Action

2003  Storm-Water Management: Milwaukee Pursues Nonstructural Approach to Flood Control