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Found 85 Records with the keyword term of "Wire products"

2014  Predicting Residual Tensile Strength of Seven-Wire Strands Using That of Single Wires Exposed to Chloride Environments

2013  Application of Wire Line Coring Technology in Horizontal Borehole Drilling

2013  Design of a New Air Winch Performance Test Platform and Analysis on its Bracket

2013  Experimental Study on Fatigue Strength of Corroded Bridge Wires

2012  Beyond the Wires: A Sustainable Approach to Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Management

2012  The Effect of Broken Wire Loads on EHV Transmission Structure Design

2012  Effect of Wire Breaks on Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP) Reinforced with Steel Liners—A Case Study

2012  Experimental Study on Repair Methods of Corroded Bridge Cables

2012  NewsBriefs: Microscopic Wire May Lead to Powerful Quantum Computers (MSNBC)

2011  Load Transfer and Recovery Length in Parallel Wires of Suspension Bridge Cables

2011  Use of Interwire Ultrasonic Leakage to Quantify Loss of Prestress in Multiwire Tendons

2010  Series Solution of Wire Coating Analysis Involving MHD Johnson-Segalman Fluid

2009  Coupling Behavior of Wire Ropes Subjected to Tensile Impulses

2009  Quality Control of Wire Strand Used in Prestressed and Post Tensioned Structures

2009  Review of Span and Gust Factors for Transmission Line Design

2008  DNN and ANFIS Based Modeling and Control of a Thin SMA Wire

2008  Model for the Force — Displacement Relationship of Wire Rope Springs

2008  Vibrating Wire Strain Gages and Civil Structures

2007  John Roebling’s Development and Use of Wire Rope in Western Pennsylvania

2006  Mechanical Model for Unbonded Seven-Wire Tendon with Single Broken Wire

2004  Ductility Enhancement of High Strength Concrete Columns With Welded Wire Mesh

2002  Structures: Structural Health Monitors Go Wireless

2001  Analysis of Shotcrete Support under Rockburst Conditions

2001  Comparative Evaluation of System Ductility of Mesh and Fibre Reinforced Shotcretes

2001  Cracking and Fracture of Suspension Bridge Wire

2000  Accelerated Corrosion and Embrittlement of High-Strength Bridge Wire

2000  Frictional Dissipation in Axially Loaded Simple Straight Strands

2000  General Thin Rod Model for Preslip Bending Response of Strand

1999  Wired Up

1998  Experimental Determination of Frequencies and Tension for Elastic Cables

1998  Small-Column Compression Tests on Concrete Confined by WWF

1997  Comparative Study of Two Semicontinuous Models for Wire Strand Analysis

1997  Response of Flexible Wire Rope Barriers to Debris-Flow Loading

1997  Statics Experiments on an Elastic Catenary

1997  Strand Jacks: Development as Versatile Tool for Moving Large Structures

1996  Semicontinuous Mathematical Model for Bending of Multilayered Wire Strands

1996  Structural Strength of Bridge Decks Reinforced with Welded Wire Fabric

1995  Analysis of Large Diameter Steel Ropes

1995  Recovery Length in Multilayered Spiral Strands

1995  Rehabilitation of the South Tenth Street Bridge

1994  Bending of Cord Composite Plates

1994  Bond Strength of Welded Wire Fabric in Concrete Bridge Decks

1994  Splicing Strength of Welded Steel Mesh in Concrete Bridge Decks

1994  Using Hydrophones to Monitor Prestressed Concrete Pipe for Reinforcing Wire Failures

1994  Welded Wire Fabric for Bridges. I: Ultimate Strength and Ductility

1994  Welded Wire Fabric for Bridges II.: Fatigue Strength

1993  Application of Shotcrete for Ground Support at Inco Mines

1992  Free-Bending Fatigue Life Estimation of Cables at Points of Fixity

1992  Potential Gains Through Welded-Wire Fabric Reinforcement

1992  Wire Recovery Length in Suspension Bridge Cable

1991  Axial Response of Multilayered Strands with Compliant Layers

1991  Development Length for Single Wire in Suspension Bridge Cable

1991  Forced Vibration of Coupled Extensional-Torsional Systems

1991  Performance of a Welded Wire Wall with Poor Quality Backfills on Soft Clay

1991  Stay-Cable Fatigue Behavior

1990  Bird-Caging in Wire Rope

1989  Effect of Length on Fatigue Life of Long Thin Continuous Components

1989  Upper Bound to Mechanical Power Transmission Losses in Wire Rope

1987  Axial Fatigue Model for Wire Rope Strand

1987  Fatigue Strength of Welded Wire Fabric

1987  Performance of a 50-Foot High Welded Wire Wall

1985  Effective Length of a Fractured Wire in Wire Rope

1984  Frictional Forces Acting on a Fractured Wire in a Wire Rope

1984  Wire Rope with Complex Cross Sections

1983  Post-Buckling Behavior of Guyed Towers

1982  Method for Analysis for Guyed Towers

1982  Simplified Bending Theory for Wire Rope

1981  Post-Buckling Analysis of Guyed Towers

1980  Marine Cable Structures

1980  Static Response of Reduced Rotation Rope

1979  Cable Spring Constants for Guyed Tower Analysis

1979  Lay Effect of Wire Rope

1979  Stability of Guyed Towers

1979  Static Response of Reduced Rotation Rope

1977  Static Behavior of Wire Rope

1977  Torsional Stiffness of Twisted Wire Cables

1976  Effective Modulus of Twisted Wire Cables

1976  Research on Titanium Wire Rope for Marine Use

1974  GFRP Rod and Rope for Structural Guy Applications

1973  Contact Stresses in Twisted Wire Cables

1973  Stability Study of Guyed Tower Under Ice Loads

1972  Dynamics of Guyed Towers

1971  Tower: Design System for Guyed Towers

1964  Flow Management with a Suspension Wire

1960  Secondary Stresses in Parallel Wire Suspension Cables