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2015  Automated Tornado Damage Assessment and Wind Speed Estimation Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2015  Empirically Based Probabilistic Tornado Hazard Analysis of the United States Using 1973-2011 Data

2015  Initial Investigation into the Protection of Manufactured-Home Parks from Hurricanes Using Wind-Deflection Barriers

2015  Sprinkler Distribution Uniformity for Strawberry Cold Protection

2014  Conditional Simulation of Nonstationary Fluctuating Wind Speeds for Long-Span Bridges

2014  Efficacy of Averaging Interval for Nonstationary Winds

2014  Estimation of Hurricane Wind Speed Probabilities: Application to New York City and Other Coastal Locations

2014  Extreme Value Distribution and Peak Factor of Crosswind Response of Flexible Structures with Nonlinear Aeroelastic Effect

2014  Generation of Large Directional Wind Speed Data Sets for Estimation of Wind Effects with Long Return Periods

2014  Quantitative Insight into Rational Tornado Design Wind Speeds for Residential Wood-Frame Structures Using Fragility Approach

2013  Assessment of ASCE 7-10 Standard Methods for Determining Wind Loads

2013  Effect of Wind Directionality on the Vulnerability of Rural Houses due to Cyclonic Wind

2013  Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Inclined Cables under Different Wind Profiles

2013  Translating Wind-Speed Measurements over Alfalfa Having Varying Height for Use in the ASCE Standardized Reference ET Equation

2012  Analysis of Hurricane Andrew Insurance Claim Data for Residential Buildings

2012  Design Wind Speeds in the Caribbean

2012  The Effect of Averaging Duration on Differences Observed between Gust Factors from Tropical and Extratropical Winds

2012  The Effects of Warm Atlantic Ocean Sea Surface Temperatures on the ASCE 7-10 Design Wind Speeds

2012  Failure vs. Flight: An Experimental Study of Wind Speeds Associated with Roof Failures of Houses

2012  Missile Impact Resistance of a Metal Mesh Roofing System

2011  Analytical Methods for Determining Wind Loads (MWFRS)

2011  Back Matter

2011  Comparison of Three Air Transport Models for Safety Applications under Diffusive Conditions Using Full-Scale Experimental Data: EPIcode, ALOHA, and SCIPUFF

2011  Components and Cladding

2011  Development of Large Directional Wind Speed Databases

2011  Evapotranspiration Network Design Study: Ground Sensor Network Design for Wind Speed

2011  Front Matter

2011  General Requirements for Determining Wind Loads

2011  Other Buildings and Structures

2011  Reorganization

2011  Research on the Fitting Effect of General Extreme Value Distribution Based on Wind Speed Data Measured Actually at the Hang-zhou Bay Bridge Site

2011  Significant Changes to the Wind Load Provisions of ASCE 7-10, An Illustrated Guide

2011  Simplified Methods for Determining Wind Loads (MWFRS)

2011  Virtual Wind Speed Sensor for Wind Turbines

2011  Wind Tunnel Test of Aerodynamic Optimization Measures for Flutter Stability of Super Long-span Bridge with Truss Girder

2011  Wind Tunnel Testing

2010  New Reference Wind Speed for Wind Turbines in Typhoon-Prone Areas in the Philippines

2010  Tall Building Response Parameters: Sensitivity Study Based on Orthogonal Factorial Experiment Design Technique

2010  Ultimate Wind Load Design Gust Wind Speeds in the United States for Use in ASCE-7

2009  Adjusting Wind Speed Measured over Variable Height Alfalfa for Use in the ASCE Standardized Penman-Monteith Equation

2009  Design Wind Speed Characteristics

2009  The Enhanced Fujita Scale: Development and Implementation

2009  The Enhanced Fujita Scale: For Use Beyond Tornadoes?

2009  Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration Using Limited Weather Data

2009  Ground Damage Assessment from Tornado-Borne Projectiles

2009  Investigation of Wind Energy Density in the Southern and Southwestern Region of Turkey

2009  U.S. Hurricane Wind Speed Risk and Uncertainty

2008  Monitoring of Hurricane Wind Pressures and Wind Speeds on a Residential Home Roof with Wireless Instrumentation

2008  Near-Surface Wind-Induced Mixing in a Mine Lake

2008  Numerical Study on the Existence of the Venturi Effect in Passages between Perpendicular Buildings

2008  Suction Removal of Sediment from between Armor Blocks. II: Waves

2008  Wind Environmental Conditions in Passages between Two Long Narrow Perpendicular Buildings

2008  Wind Speed Analysis of Greensburg, KS Tornado

2007  Characteristic Wind Speed Distributions and Reliability of the Logarithmic Wind Profile

2007  Development of Lifetime Statistical Distributions of Wind Speed for Fatigue-Based Design

2007  Multivariate Distributions with Specified Marginals: Applications to Wind Engineeringi

2007  Relation between Saffir — Simpson Hurricane Scale Wind Speeds and Peak 3-s Gust Speeds over Open Terrain

2007  Speed Regulation of Passenger Car Based on Side Wind Speed and Direction

2007  Synthetic Hurricane Wind Speed Records: Development of a Database for Hazard Analyses and Risk Studies

2006  Catastrophe-Induced Destruction and Reconstruction

2006  CFD in Urban Aerodynamics: Wind Speed Conditions in Passages between Parallel Buildings

2006  A Review of Wind-Resource-Assessment Technology

2006  Wind Speeds for the Estimation of World Trade Center Towers’ Response

2005  Hurricane Ivan: Storm Impacts to Beach Nourishment Projects – Gulf Shores, AL to Pensacola Beach, FL

2005  Prediction of Hurricane Landfall Wind Speeds along the Florida Coast with Application to 2004 Hurricanes

2005  Probabilistic Descriptions of Wind Effects and Wind-Load Factors for Database-Assisted Design

2005  Wind Tunnel Testing and the Sector-by-Sector Approach to Wind Directionality Effects

2004  Characterizing Nonstationary Wind Speed using Empirical Mode Decomposition

2004  Reliable Design Loads for Natural Phenomena: Illustration with Wind Speeds

2004  Wind Energy in India: Shifting Paradigms and Challenges Ahead

2003  Aspects of Technological Development of Wind Turbines

2003  Design Wind Speed Prediction

2003  Estimating Uncertainty in the Extreme Value Analysis of Data Generated by a Hurricane Simulation Model

2003  Exaggeration of Wind Conditions in Hurricane Floyd and Other Tropical Cyclones

2003  Wind Speeds in ASCE 7 Standard Peak-Gust Map: Assessment

2002  Analysis of Characteristics of Wind and Wave Near Centers of Typhoons Using Data Observed by Satellites

2002  Definition of Wind Profiles in ASCE 7

2002  The Estimation and Application of Extremes

2002  Ocean Wave Effects on Global Altimeter Wind Climate Retrieval

2001  Effect of Wave Groups and Wind Speed to Wave Overtopping

2001  Estimating Wave Height Distributions from Wind Speed Distributions

2001  Impact Codes and Standards

2001  An Integrated Model for Optimizing Orientation of Two-Runway Configurations

2001  A Probabilistic Generation Model of Parametric Low Pressure Systems and its Application to the Estimation of Extremes of Winds and Waves

2001  Rain Catch under Wind and Vegetal Cover Effects

2001  Suppression of Bridge Flutter by Active Deck-Flaps Control System

2001  Suspension Bridge Flutter for Girders with Separated Control Flaps

2000  Effect of Wind on Precipitation Intercepted by Steep Mountain Slopes

2000  Hurricane Wind Field Model for Use in Hurricane Simulations

2000  Optimization of Runway Orientation

2000  Shaping Tall Buildings to Reduce Aerodynamic Excitation and Response

2000  Simulation of Hurricane Risk in the U.S. Using Empirical Track Model

1999  Assessment of Pedestrian Thermal Comfort

1999  Assessment of the Wind Environment around Buildings

1999  Classical Extreme Value Model and Prediction of Extreme Winds

1999  Design Considerations for Effects of Complex Topography on Wind Characteristics

1999  Design Wind Loads on Structures during Construction

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Estimates of Skew Wind Speeds for Bridge Flutter

1999  Maximum Daily Wind Gusts Related to Mean Daily Wind Speed