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2015  Analysis of Multimode Coupled Buffeting Response of Long-Span Bridges to Nonstationary Winds with Force Parameters from Stationary Wind

2015  Experimental Validation of Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers for Enhanced Dynamic Performance of High-Rise Buildings

2014  Buffeting Analysis of a Cable-Stayed Bridge Using Three-Dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics

2014  Direct and Indirect Cost-and-Benefit Assessment of Climate Adaptation Strategies for Housing for Extreme Wind Events in Queensland

2014  Engineering Investigations of Hurricane Damage, Wind versus Water

2014  In Situ Nail Withdrawal Strengths in Wood Roof Structures

2014  Misconceptions and Generalizations of the Den Hartog Galloping Criterion

2013  Analysis and Characterization of Hurricane Winds

2013  Automatic Landing System Design Using Multiobjective Robust Control

2013  Collapse of a Masonry Wall in an Industrial Building: Diagnosis by Numerical Modeling

2013  Design and Fabrication of a New Open Jet Electric-Fan Wall of Wind Facility for Coastal Research

2013  Ground-Level Turbulence Characteristics of Hurricane Wind Measured from Mobile Towers

2013  Mitigating the Effects of Wind on Suspension Bridge Catwalks

2012  The Analysis of Wind Vibration Coefficient of Long-Span Dome Structures with Different Thickness

2012  Engineering-Based Hurricane Risk Estimates and Comparison to Perceived Risks in Storm-Prone Areas

2012  Evaluation of Wind-Induced Structural Attenuation Based on Full-Scale Monitoring

2012  Extreme Wind Risk Assessment of the Miami Marlins’ New Ballpark in Miami, Florida

2012  Flutter, Galloping, and Vortex-Induced Vibrations of H-Section Hangers

2012  A Framework for Performance-Based Wind Engineering

2012  Integrated Building Information Model to Identify Possible Crane Instability Caused by Strong Winds

2012  Interactions among Wind Mitigation Features in Benefit/Cost Analysis

2012  Investigation of the Effect of Wind on Nettings

2012  Joint Distributions of Hurricane Wind and Storm Surge for the City of Charleston in South Carolina

2012  Large Eddy Simulations of Wind-Driven Rain on Tall Building Facades

2012  Loss Analysis for Combined Wind and Surge in Hurricanes

2012  A Parametric Representation of Wind-Driven Rain in Experimental Setups

2012  Performance and Cost Evaluation of a Smart Tuned Mass Damper for Suppressing Wind-Induced Lateral-Torsional Motion of Tall Structures

2012  Performance-Based Evaluation of an Existing Building Subjected to Wind Forces

2012  Post-Event Forensic Investigation of Damaged Structures from Strong Wind Events

2012  Probabilistic Performance Based Risk Assessment Considering the Interaction of Wind and Windborne Debris Hazards

2012  The Relationship between the Wind Damage Sustained by a Residential Building and Its Floor Area

2012  Residential Fenestration Vulnerability to Windborne Debris

2012  Structural Wind Engineering of High-Rise Towers in Hurricane-Prone Regions

2012  Study on the Wind Erosion Resistance Ability and Slope Stability of a Wind-Eroded Desert Roadbed

2012  Synthetic Storm Simulation for Wind Risk Assessment

2012  Tropical Cyclone Marine Surface Wind Modeling: The Shape of the Radial Wind Profile Matters

2012  Wave- and Wind-Induced Dynamic Response of a Spar-Type Offshore Wind Turbine

2012  Wind Profile and Spectra in Typhoon-Prone Regions in South China

2012  Wind Tunnel Testing for Buildings and Other Structures

2012  Wind Uplift Capacity of Foam-Retrofitted Roof Sheathing Subjected to Water Leaks

2012  Wind Uplift Performance of Composite Metal Roof Assemblies

2012  Wind-Induced Force and Torque on a Sign Measured in Full Scale in the Field

2011  Aerodynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Trains under Complex Terrains in Strong Wind Regions

2011  The curved, tapering form of a hotel and residential tower planned for Wuhan, China, is designed to help the structure resist strong wind forces even as it rises to become one of the tallest buildings in the country and the world...

2011  Cyclone Damage Risks Caused by Enhanced Greenhouse Conditions and Economic Viability of Strengthened Residential Construction

2011  Design and Analysis of a Wind-Driven Spherical Robot with Multiple Shapes for Environment Exploration

2011  The Development and Application of Analysis System of Wind Characteristics Observation for Bridge in the West Inland

2011  Diffraction of Wind Generated Water Waves

2011  Dynamic Effects of Wind on Offshore Structures

2011  Hurricane Wind Damage Mitigation: Research and Outlook

2011  Impacts of Wind and Current on Geometrical Ship-Bridge Collision Frequency

2011  Is Roof Eave Blocking Required to Transmit Wind/Seismic Forces?

2011  Post-2004 Hurricane Field Survey of Residential Building Performance

2011  Quantitative Risk Analysis of Damage to Structures during Windstorms: Random Field and System Reliability Aspects

2011  Research on Probability of Ship Collision with Bridge in Different Wind and Drift

2011  Surface Seiche Formation on a Shallow Reservoir in Complex Terrain

2011  TWAVE Modeling Package for Simulation of Coastal Inundation in Island Regions

2011  The Use of Aerodynamic and Wind Climatological Databases for High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structure Design

2011  Wind-Excited Flutter Analysis of Asymmetric, Double Lanyard, and Single King-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge

2011  Wind-Generated Wave Diffraction by Breakwater Gap

2010  3D Flow Characterization of Simulated Hurricane Wind Flow around a 1/3-Scale Light-Framed Wood Structure Using a 4-Hole Pressure Probe Sensor

2010  Aerodynamic Damping in the Along-Wind Response of Tall Buildings

2010  Buffeting Response of Vincent Thomas Bridge under Conditionally Simulated Wind

2010  Cruise Vessel Wind Coefficients for Mooring Analysis

2010  Development of Wind and Current Coefficients for Multiple U.S. Navy Vessel Analysis Using OPTIMOOR

2010  Fault Tolerant Control of a Building Structure with AMD

2010  Imagery-Based Wind Damage Functions

2010  Methodology for Wind-Driven Rainwater Intrusion Fragilities for Light-Frame Wood Roof Systems

2010  Optimal Wind Resistant Performance-Based Design of Tall Buildings

2010  A Review of Benchmark Study on Response Control of Wind-Excited Tall Buildings

2010  Study on Galloping Critical Wind Velocity of High-Rise Structure

2010  Wave-Induced Failure of Soft Cliff and Its Evaluation

2010  Wind Effects on Low-Rise Metal Buildings: Database-Assisted Design versus ASCE 7-05 Standard Estimates

2010  Wind Induced Fatigue of Metal Roof Cladding during Severe Tropical Cyclones

2009  An Investigation of Building Damage Caused by Thunderstorm Winds

2009  Stiffness Optimization for Wind-Induced Dynamic Serviceability Design of Tall Buildings

2009  Structural Evaluation Procedures and Case Studies of Damage Related to Wind Storms, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes

2009  Tests of Adhesives to Augment Nails in Wind Uplift Resistance of Roofs

2008  Assessment of ASCE 7 Standard Wind Load Factors for Tall Building Response Estimates

2008  Effect of Cross-Wind on High-Speed Vehicle Dynamic Derailment

2008  Effect of Local Errors of Tipping-Bucket Rain Gauges on Rainfall-Runoff Simulations

2008  Effects of Geometry on the Wind Response of Super-Tall Towers

2008  Full-Scale Destructive Testing of Houses to Hurricane-Force Wind and Rain

2008  Impact of Fastener-Deck Attachment on the Wind Uplift Resistance of Mechanically Attached Roofing Systems

2008  Investigation of Thunderstorm Winds on an Instrumented Building

2008  Loading and Response of Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures: Prediction with Comparison to Measured Data

2008  Modeling and Prediction of Failure of Transmission Lines Due to High Intensity Winds

2008  Numerical Modeling of Adhesive Applied Roofing Systems for Wind Uplift Resistance Evaluation — A Pilot Study

2008  Performance-Based Design of Wood Frame Structures for Wind

2008  A Rational Benefit/Cost Approach to Evaluating Structural Mitigation for Wind Damage: Learning ”the Hard Way” and Looking Forward

2008  Roof Vent Harnesses Wind to Prevent Uplift

2008  Smart TMD Control of Random High-Rise Building under Wind

2008  Stochastic Event-Based Approach to Generate Concurrent Hourly Mean Sea Level Pressure and Wind Sequences for Estuarine Flood Risk Assessment

2008  Wind Driven Rain Forces on Buildings and Structures

2007  Damage Assessment of Homes and Buildings-Distinguishing between Storm Surge and Wind

2007  Design and Wind Tunnel Performance Testing of a New Omnidirectional Roof Vent

2007  Design of Low-Rise Buildings for Extreme Wind Events

2007  Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridge to Typhoon and Trains. I: Field Measurement Results

2007  Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridge to Typhoon and Trains. II: Numerical Results

2007  Experimental Analysis of Soil Stabilizers Used for Contamination Control at Hanford’s Burial Grounds