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2015  Structural Analysis of Persian Historical Brick Masonry Minarets

2014  Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on the U.S. East Coast Hurricane Hazard: Wind and Rain

2014  Assessing the Joint Wind and Temperature Hazard for the United States

2014  Failure Progression Analysis of Observed Residential Structural Damage within a Tornado Wind Field

2014  The Influence of Community-Wide Hurricane Wind Hazard Mitigation Retrofits on Community Resilience

2014  Offshore Wind in the Northeast

2014  Regional Combined Hurricane Wind and Flood Loss Estimation - A FEMA HAZUS-MH Implementation

2014  Study on Wind-Induced Vibration Control of a Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Using TMD-Type Counterweight

2014  A Technical Overview of ASCE/AWEA RP2011: Recommended Practice for Compliance of Large Land-Based Wind Turbine Support Structures

2013  Analysis of Evaporation Data under Roughness-Induced Wind Flow

2013  Microclimate Analyses for the Design of Building-Integrated Wind Turbines

2013  Rain-Wind-Induced In-Plane and Out-of-Plane Vibrations of Stay Cables

2013  Road Domain Near-Surface Wind Movement Characteristics in Sandy Area

2012  Wind Environment Problems in Campus Planning: A Case Study on Tongji University, Jiading Campus

2011  NewsBriefs: Pirates Impede Weather Research Near Somali Coast (Nature)

2010  Dynamic Performance Simulation of Long-Span Bridge under Combined Loads of Stochastic Traffic and Wind

2009  Analysis and Development of a Passive Mechanical Vibration Abatement Device for Traffic Monitoring Cameras

2009  Estimated Particulate Emissions by Wind Erosion from the Indiana Harbor Confined Disposal Facility

2009  From Normal Operation to Evacuation: Single-Vehicle Safety under Adverse Weather, Topographic, and Operational Conditions

2009  House Bill Would Reauthorize Earthquake, Windstorm Programs

2009  Performance of Roof Tiles under Simulated Hurricane Impact

2008  Forced Resonant Oscillations as a Response to Periodic Winds in a Stratified Reservoir

2008  Model for the Force — Displacement Relationship of Wire Rope Springs

2008  Photo and Caption: A ”Wind Dam”...

2008  Predicting Small Wind Turbine Performance Using Remote Wind Data

2007  Analysis of Historic Wind Data for Use in Vessel Mooring Analyses

2007  Distribution of Horizontal Distance Traveled by Saltating Sand Grains in Air

2007  Formulations for Wind-Driven Gas-Liquid Transfer Rate

2007  Increasing Hurricane Winds? Dockside Crane Retrofit Recommendations

2006  Analytical Study of Turbulent Pollutant Dispersion near a Low Hill

2006  Hydrodynamic Characterization and Modeling of the Arabian Gulf

2006  Wind Engineering in Large Scale Urban Design

2005  The Coastal Storms Program: Improved Prediction of Coastal Winds, Waves and Flooding

2005  Earthquake Engineering: Wind Turbine Shaken on World’s First Outdoor Table

2005  Geomorphological and Meteorological Control of Estuarine Processes: A Three-Dimensional Modeling Analysis

2005  Model for Wind-Driven Vertical Mixing in a Shallow Lake with Submersed Macrophytes

2005  Negative Binomial Regression of Electric Power Outages in Hurricanes

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. I: Model Development

2004  Coupled Crop and Solid Set Sprinkler Simulation Model. II: Model Application

2004  Directional Wind-Induced Fatigue of Slender Vertical Structures

2004  Linear Quadratic Gaussian-Alpha Control with Relative Stability and Gain Parameter for the Structural Benchmark Problems

2004  Outdoor Human Comfort and Its Assessment

2004  Short Takes: ASCE Applauds Earthquake and Wind Legislation

2003  Bill Aims to Reduce Wind Hazards

2003  Nondestructive Evaluation of Tuned-Mass-Damper-Type Vibration Absorbers using Vibration Signatures

2003  Vertical Velocity Variance in the Mixed Layer from Radar Wind Profilers

2003  What Are Our Expectations, Objectives, and Performance Requirements for Wood Structures in High Wind Regions?

2002  Advances in Buoy Technology for Wind/Wave Data Collection and Analysis

2002  Analytical Solution of One-Dimensional Bay Forced by Sea Breeze

2002  Case for Enhanced In-Home Protection from Severe Winds

2002  Damage, Shelter, and Other Performance Issues for Buildings in High Wind Regions

2002  Design Guidelines for Community Shelters for Extreme Wind Events

2002  Editor’s Note

2002  Mathematical Model for Design of Mass Dampers for Wind Excited Structures

2002  Wind Sensitivity of Recycled Plastic Soundwalls

2002  Wind-Induced Vibration Monitoring Program for Alpine Pipelines

2001  Adaptive Finite Element Method for Wind Engineering Problems

2001  Complex Terrain Extreme Wind Microzonation

2001  Computation of Flutter Velocities for Bridges Using FEM, CFD and Moving Grids

2001  Design of a Data Center for Earthquake and Extreme Winds

2001  Double-Modal Transformation and Wind Engineering Applications

2001  Dynamic Load Simulator: Development of a Prototype

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  Field-Measured Atmospheric Boundary Layer Characteristics in High Winds

2001  Hazard Mitigation: Aircraft Propeller Creates High-Speed Winds in Structures Experiment

2001  Improving the Wind Stability of Suspension Bridges during Construction

2001  Oil Containment by Boom in Waves and Wind. I: Numerical Model

2001  Oil Containment by Boom in Waves and Wind. II: Waves

2001  Oil Containment by Boom in Waves and Wind. III: Containment Failure

2001  Optimization of Wind Resistance of Photovoltaic Roofing System

2001  Simulation of Wind Flow around a Bridge Using a Stochastic Turbulence-Closure Model

2000  3D Wind-Excited Response of Slender Structures: Closed-Form Solution

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Guest Editorial: Wind Engineering at the Dawn of a New Century

2000  Interaction of Structural Engineers and Wind Engineers on Project 2000

2000  Optimization of Runway Orientation

2000  Wind Hazard Reduction Bill Introduced in House

1999  Adaptive Refinement/Recovery for Analysis of Wind around Structure

1999  ASCE Backs Caucus Aimed at Reducing Damages from Wind-Related Disasters

1999  ASCE Forms Wind Hazard Reduction Caucus

1999  Computational Wind Engineering: Is It Mature for Civil Engineering Applications

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Homogeneity Aspects in Statistical Analysis of Coastal Engineering Data

1999  Large Eddy Simulation of Vortex Shedding from Cubic Obstacle

1999  Wave Setup and Other Tidal Anomalies in Coastal Rivers

1999  Wind Loads on Structures by Claës Dyrbye and Svend O. Hansen

1999  Wind Rotates Glasgow Wing Tower

1998  Building Topples Near Times Square

1998  Comparison of Observed and Forecasted Sea Levels Along the West Florida Coast

1998  Editor’s Note

1998  Editor’s Note: This Month in JSE

1998  Hurricane Costs Billions

1998  Measuring Winds and Waves Using Altimeters

1998  A New Global Wave Forecast System at NCEP

1998  Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamics for Proposed Inlet, East Matagorda Bay, Texas

1998  Open Boundary Conditions for Use in Coastal Models