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2015  Enabling Successful Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Freshwater Using Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells in Coastal Aquifers

2015  Sprinkling and Well Infiltration in Managed Aquifer Recharge for Drinking Water Quality Improvement in Finland

2014  Hydraulics of Wells, Design, Construction, Testing, and Maintenance of Water Well Systems

2014  Major Utah Groundwater Project Features State’s Deepest Wells

2014  Migration of High-Pressure Air during Gas Well Drilling in the Appalachian Basin

2013  Autogenous Shrinkage of Hardening Cement Paste in Oil Wells

2013  Cryogenic Freezeback of Uncontrolled Artesian Wells in Permafrost

2013  Hydraulics of a Drainage Well Fully Penetrating a Leaky Aquifer through a Multisection Screen

2013  Integrated Modeling of Conjunctive Water Use in a Canal-Well Irrigation District in the Lower Yellow River Basin, China

2013  Many-Objective Design of Engineered Injection and Extraction Sequences for In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

2013  Optimization of Well Field Operation: Case Study of S\xonders\xo Waterworks, Denmark

2013  Strain Design and Experimental Study of Casing in Thermal Recovery Well Based on the Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Model

2012  Engineered Well Injection-Extraction Schemes to Enhance Reaction for Improved In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

2012  Finite Element Analysis on Drilling String Axial Vibration in a Crooked Hole

2012  The Influence of Drilling Parameters on Casing Wear in Ultra-Deep Directional Well

2012  Pipe Curtain Construction Method for Deep Mine Well Roadway Traversing Fault

2011  Environmentally Friendly MEG Drilling Fluid System for Horizontal Well of Daqing Oil Field

2011  Evaluation of Well Heads by Using Different Approaches: Well Package, Multi-Node Well Package, and Analytical Solution

2011  Numerical Model Assessment of Radial-Well Aging

2011  Stop Saltwater Intrusion toward Water Wells Using Scavenger Wells

2011  Study on Correction of Safe Mud Weight Window (SMWW) for Horizontal Well

2011  Study on Residual Collapse Pressure of Casing in Bend Part of Medium/Short Radius Horizontal Wells

2011  Study on the Impacts of Cuttings on Well Deviation in Gas Drilling

2011  Transient Flow into a Partially Penetrating Well during the Constant-Head Test in Unconfined Aquifers

2011  Transient Study and Design of a Deep Injection Well System

2010  Adjoint Model for the Selection of Groundwater Well Locations to Minimize Stream Depletion

2010  Automated Well Permitting via GIS Geoprocessing Tools

2010  Borehole Geophysics and the Interpretation of Subsurface Conditions Contributing to the Design of a Sustainable Geothermal Well

2010  Engineered Well Injection and Extraction to Enhance Mixing in Aquifers

2010  Evaluation of Alluvial Well Depletion Analytical Solutions from a Stream—Aquifer Analysis Test along the North Canadian River in Oklahoma

2010  Hydraulic Transient Modeling and Mitigation for a 100 Well, 146-Million-Gallon-per-Day Aquifer Storage and Recovery System

2010  Hydrogeologic, Geologic, and Sustainable Challenges and Interpretations for the Installation of a Geothermal Well

2010  Modeling the Transient Pumping from Two Aquifers Using MODFLOW

2010  Optimization of Underground Water Pumping

2010  Simple Method for Quick Estimation of Leaky-Aquifer Parameters

2010  Simulation of Radial Collector Well in Shallow Alluvial Riverbed Aquifer Using Analytic Element Method

2010  Structural Evaluation of Storm Damaged Solar Well Connections at the One Technology Center (Formerly WilTel Building) in Tulsa, Oklahoma

2010  Thermal Measurement, Analysis & Interpretation of a Pilot Standing Column Well

2010  Transport Characteristics in a 3D Groundwater Circulation Flow Field by Experimental and Numerical Investigations

2010  Unsteady Solution for Well Recharge in a Low Diffusive Aquifer

2010  Water for All International Manual Well Drilling Method

2010  Water Well Resonance Induced by Preearthquake Signals

2010  The Wells Simulator: Analytical Solutions for Groundwater Flow Using Modified Streamfunction Contouring

2009  Analysis on Drill String Vibration in Deep Wells by ANSYS

2009  Analytical Solutions for Constant-Flux and Constant-Head Tests at a Finite-Diameter Well in a Wedge-Shaped Aquifer

2009  Applicability of Analytical Models to Single-Well Permeability Tests in Deep and Hydraulically Tight Geological Formations

2009  Composite Analysis of Test-Well and Observation-Well Data during Constant-Head Test

2009  Construction Technology of Horizontal Directional Well of Soil Environmental Remediation

2009  Desalination of Brackish Groundwater and Deep Well Injection of Concentrate in El Paso, Texas

2009  Drawdown due to Pumping a Partially Penetrating Large-Diameter Well Using MODFLOW

2009  Effective Procedure for Determination of Aquifer Parameters from Late Time-Drawdown Data

2009  Evaluation of Casing-Cement-Mantle Coupling Failure for the CNG Storage Well

2009  Groundwater Mixing Using Pulsed Dipole Injection/Extraction Wells

2009  Kernel Method for Transient Rate and Volume of Well Discharge under Constant Drawdown

2009  Selection and Prioritization of Best Management Practices for Potential Sources of Contamination in a Wellhead Protection Area

2009  Specific Problems Related to Partially Penetrating Wells in Confined Aquifers

2009  Stream Depletion in a Two-Layer Leaky Aquifer System

2009  Tool for Estimation of Additional Drawdown Due to Partially Penetrating Wells in Confined and Semi-Confined Aquifers

2009  Wellbore Stability Research to the Level Section of Horizontal Directional Drilling

2008  Approximate Solutions for Forchheimer Flow to a Well

2008  Approximation of M Function for Partially Penetrating Wells

2008  Approximation of Well Function and Identification of Leaky Aquifer Parameters

2008  Aquifer Parameters from Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells: Unsteady Pumping

2008  Arrangement and Performance of Permeable Reactive Well (PRW) through Modeling

2008  Confined Aquifer Parameters Evaluation by Slope-Matching Method

2008  Design and Installation Challenges of Large and Deep Production Wells in South Florida

2008  Distribution of Discharge Intensity along Small-Diameter Collector Well Laterals in a Model Riverbed Filtration

2008  Domestic-Well Water-Quality Data and Reports for the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network: USGS and CDC Collaboration

2008  Drinking Water Production from Well Water with High Sulfur and Sulfur Bacteria Content

2008  Estimating Aquifer Parameters from Early Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells

2008  Experimental Evidence of the Applicability of Colebrook and Borda Carnot-Type Head Loss Formulas in Transient Slug Test Analysis

2008  Hierarchical Patch Dynamics Modeling of Near-Well Dynamics in Complex Regional Groundwater Systems

2008  Karst Characterization of the Marshall Space Flight Center: Two Years Later

2008  Managing Risk to Groundwater Wells during Pump Station and Pipeline Construction — The Walnut Lake Project

2008  Mapping Long Term Mean Groundwater Level Using Existing Water Well Data

2008  NewsBriefs: Closed Water Loop to Generate Energy in Germany (

2008  Permitting of Natural Gas Wells in the Floodplain

2008  Potential Well Locations in In Situ Bioremediation Design Using Neural Network Embedded Monte Carlo Approach

2008  Practical Remedial Design Optimization for Large Complex Plumes

2008  PWM Control of SMA Actuated Blowout Preventer Using PLC

2008  Simulating the Well Function for Large-Diameter Wells Using MODFLOW

2008  Stream Depletion for Streams and Aquifers with Finite Widths

2007  Approximation of Well Function for Large Diameter Wells

2007  Arsenic Tragedy Began with Deep Wells

2007  Consideration for Unsaturated Flow beneath a Streambed during Alluvial Well Depletion

2007  Design and Deployment of an Integrated Instrumentation System in a Monitoring Well at the Penn West CO2-EOR Pilot, Alberta, Canada

2007  Estimating Storage Coefficient and Transmissivity from Slug Test Data

2007  Flow to a Well in a Two-Aquifer System

2007  Hydraulic Simulation and Variable Speed Pump Selection of a Dual-Function Pumping Station: Pumping Treated Water to a Reclaimed Water System or Deep Injection Well System

2007  New Methods for Aquifer Parameters from Slug Test Data

2007  Numerical Model for Analyzing Slug Tests in Vertical Cutoff Walls

2007  Operation and Performance of Horizontal Wells for Leachate Control in a Waste Landfill

2007  Optimization of Well Placement in Groundwater Long Term Monitoring Networks

2007  Optimizing Aquifer Parameters from Drawdowns in Large Diameter Wells

2007  Partial Abandonment of Groundwater Wells: A Non-Treatment Method to Mitigate for High Arsenic Levels

2007  Semianalytical Model for Drawdown due to Pumping a Partially Penetrating Large Diameter Well

2007  Simple Approximation of Well Function for Constant Drawdown Variable Discharge Artesian Wells

2007  Simple Equations for Aquifer Parameters from Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells

2007  TCE Remediation in Groundwater Using Recirculating Wells Coupled with Permanganate Injection

2006  Angled Pressure Relief Wells Improve Stability at Spinney Mountain Dam