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2015  Cyclic Testing of Welded HSS-to-HSS Moment Connections for Seismic Applications

2015  Fatigue Testing and Performance of Welded Single-Support Bar Modular Bridge Joints

2015  Prying Models for Strength in Thick-Flange Built-Up T-Stubs with Complete Joint Penetration and Fillet Welds

2014  Advanced Fracture Control Procedures for Deepwater Platforms and Compliant Towers

2014  Deformable Stiffener Welded to an Elastic Plate

2014  Design of Conical Steel Wind Turbine Towers Manufactured with Automated Spiral Welding

2014  Prediction of Fracture of Welded Moment Connection under Varying Amplitude Cyclic Loading

2014  Pullout Behavior of Welded Grid Reinforcements Embedded in Coarse Granular Backfill

2014  Reliability-Based Fatigue Assessment and Inspection Protocols for Sign Support Structures

2014  Static Strength of Axially Loaded Elliptical Hollow Section X Joints with Braces Welded to Wide Sides of Chord. II: Parametric Study and Strength Equations

2014  Tests to Determine Stress Concentration Factors for Square Bird-Beak SHS Joints under Chord and Brace Axial Forces

2014  Thin-Walled, Cold-Formed, Steel-Welded Tube Design in a Long Span Dome

2013  Effect of Torch Angle on Arc Properties and Weld Pool Shape in Stationary GTAW

2013  Experimental Fatigue Evaluation of Welded Connections in Cantilevered Steel Sign Structures

2013  Fatigue Behavior of Welded T-Joints with a CHS Brace and CFCHS Chord under Axial Loading in the Brace

2013  Fillet Weld Groups Loaded with Out-of-Plane Eccentricity: Simulations and New Model for Strength Characterization

2013  Friction Stir Welding APM Vehicle Body Structures: INNOVIA APM 300 Case Study

2013  In Service Welding and Hot Tapping and Plugging Enable Operational Safety of High-Pressure Natural Gas Transmission Line River Crossings in Bolivia and Mexico

2013  Joint Completion Method for Welded Steel Pipe: The Success of Weld-After-Backfill on the Southern Delivery System

2013  Stress-Concentration Factors in Circular Hollow Section and Square Hollow Section T-Connections: Experiments, Finite-Element Analysis, and Formulas

2013  Structural Performance of Precast/Prestressed Bridge Double-Tee Girders Made of High-Strength Concrete, Welded Wire Reinforcement, and 18-mm-Diameter Strands

2013  Thermodynamic Characteristics Investigation of the In-Situ Gas Pipelines Welding Process

2013  Weld After Backfill for Single Lap Welding and Weld After Backfill Demonstration for the Southern Delivery System Project

2012  Development and Validation of "Forged Rings" for Base Plate Material Use

2012  Fatigue Crack Growth and Control of 14MnNbq Welding Plates Used for Bridges

2012  Fatigue Enhancement of Welded Details in Steel Bridges Using CFRP Overlay Elements

2012  Fatigue Testing and Analysis of Aluminum Welds under In-Service Highway Bridge Loading Conditions

2012  Fatigue Testing and Finite Element Analysis of Bridge Welds Retrofitted by Peening under Load

2012  Fatigue Testing and Finite Element Analysis of Bridge Welds Retrofitted by Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

2012  Reversed Cyclic Flexural Behavior of Spiral DSAW and Single Seam ERW Steel Pipe Piles

2012  Shear Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Transverse Connections

2012  Steel Cylinder Reinforcement (SCR) for Pipeline Repair or Upgrades

2012  Structural Investigation of the Sherman Minton Bridge Closure

2012  Tangent Outlet Design for Welded Steel Pipe

2012  Theoretical Development of Lower Bound S- N Fatigue Curves

2011  Calculation and Study of Longitudinal Forces of Continuous Welded Rail Track on Deck Arch Bridge

2011  Design for Block Shear of Coped Beams with a Welded End Connection

2011  Designing and Detailing Welded Skewed T-Joints

2011  Effect of Induction Bending on 360 MPa Spiral Submerged-Arc Weld Pipe

2011  Fatigue Evaluation of Rib-to-Deck Welded Joints of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck

2011  Field Performance of Coatings and Linings for Welded Steel Pipe in the Water Industry

2011  Finite Element Analysis of Complex, Welded Tubular Joints

2011  Flexural Testing of Precast Bridge Deck Panel Connections

2011  Generic Finite Element Model for Mechanically Consistent Scaling of Composite Beam-Column Joint with Welded Connection

2011  Influence of the Layout of Fixed Bearing of Continuous Beam Bridge on the Longitudinal Force and Displacement of the Welded Turnout

2011  "Insulating" Welded Lap Joints for Steel Pipelines—The End to Internal Coating Repairs?

2011  Numerical Investigation on the Behavior of Circumferentially Butt-Welded Steel Circular Hollow Section Flexural Members

2011  Optimization Method for Curve Adjusting Calculation of Continuously Welded Rail Track Based on Coordinate Measurement

2011  Patch Extrusion Welding of an Evaporation Pond As a Geomembrane Failure Mechanism—A Case History

2011  Research on Partly Freezing Sealing Technology for Large Diameter Natural Gas Pipeline

2011  Seismic-Induced Fire Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beam-to-Column Joints: Welded Solutions

2011  Stochastic Fatigue Assessment for Berthing Monopiles in Inland Waterways

2011  Welded Sleeve Connection Design of Cantilevered Steel Sign Structures

2010  Compression Performance of Steel Pipelines with Welded Slip Joints

2010  Direct Tension Performance of Steel Pipelines with Welded Slip Joints

2010  Ductility of Welded Steel Pile to Steel Cap Beam Connections

2010  Effect of Welding on the Slip Damping of Layered and Jointed Structures

2010  Externally Reinforced Welded I-Beam-to-Box-Column Seismic Connection

2010  Fatigue Testing of Stiffened Traffic Signal Structures

2010  Improvement of a Welding Workshop Logistics System Based on Lean Thinking

2010  Investigation of Large Web Fractures of Welded Steel Plate Girder Bridge

2010  Mechanical Property Changes in Steel during the Pipe Making Process

2010  Parallel Axial-Flexural Hinge Model for Nonlinear Dynamic Progressive Collapse Analysis of Welded Steel Moment Frames

2010  Plastic Behavior of Shear Tabs Welded to Flexible Wall Support

2010  Seismic Design of Ring Girders (1 of 2)

2010  Seismic Design of Ring Girders Example (2 of 2)

2009  Comparative Study of Bolted versus Welded SCBF Connections

2009  Compressive Behavior of Steel Pipelines with Welded Slip Joints

2009  Do the Math-Spiral Welded Steel Pipe is a Good Bet

2009  Effects of Welding Methods on Corrosion Resistance of Welding Joint of X65 Pipeline Steel

2009  Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Method for Poor Penetration Crack in Welded Piping Branch Junction

2009  Fatigue Analysis of Peened Bridge Welds under Realistic Service Loading Conditions Including Periodic Overload Events

2009  Fatigue Resistance of HPS-485 W (70 W) Welded Butt-Splice Connections Using Narrow Gap Improved Electroslag Welding

2009  Hyperbaric Welding Maintenance Techniques of Subsea Pipeline

2009  Internal Corrosion Behaviors of API X80 Welding Pipeline

2009  Prediction of Fatigue Life of Welded Beam-to-Column Connections under Earthquake Loading

2009  The Study of Integration about Fatigue Life Prediction of Weld Joint Base on Foreign Standard and Weld Process Implement

2009  Tensile Behavior of Steel Pipelines with Welded Slip Joints

2009  Welded Steel Pipe Lap Joints—An Evolution

2008  Assessment of Subzero Fracture of Welded Tubular K-Joint

2008  Assessment of the Fatigue Threshold of Welded Details Subjected to Post-Weld Ultrasonic Impact Treatment

2008  Axial Joint Design for Welded Buried Steel Pipe

2008  Cable-Stayed Facade Structure with Welded Borosilicate Glass Tubes

2008  End Connection Effects on Vortex Shedding Susceptibility of Welded Aluminum Truss Tubular Web Members

2008  Fabrication of Welded Steel Wye Branches

2008  Fatigue Analysis of Needle Peened Welds under Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions

2008  Fatigue Enhancement of Welded Coverplates Using Carbon-Fiber Composites

2008  Fatigue Reliability in Welded Joints of Offshore Structures

2008  Fatigue Resistance Enhancement and Residual Stress Modification of Welded Steel Structures by Various Post-Weld Treatments

2008  Seismic Performance of Pre-Northridge Welded Steel Moment Connections to Built-Up Box Columns

2008  Welding Considerations for Stainless Steel Pipe

2007  Affects of Geometry on Weld Toe Stress Concentration of Socket Connection Details

2007  Axial Compression Capacity of Welded-Slip Pipeline Joints

2007  A Basis for Using Single-Welded or Double-Welded Lap-Joints for Steel Water Pipe

2007  Cast Modular Panel Zone Node for Steel Special Moment Frames. I: Analytical Development

2007  Cast Modular Panel Zone Node for Steel Special Moment Frames. II: Experimental Verification and System Evaluation

2007  Corrosion Protection of Large Diameter Welded Steel Pipelines with Cement Mortar Coatings

2007  Finite Element Analysis of Welded HSS Overlap Connections

2007  Large Scale Tests and Micromechanics-Based Models to Characterize Ultra Low Cycle Fatigue in Welded Structural Details

2007  Parametric Study of Hot Spot Stresses around Tubular Joints with Doubler Plates