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2015  Laboratory Study on 3D Flow Structures Induced by Zero-Height Side Weir and Implications for 1D Modeling

2015  One-Dimensional Modeling Techniques for Three-Dimensional Grade Control Structures

2014  Depth-Averaged Specific Energy in Open-Channel Flow and Analytical Solution for Critical Irrotational Flow over Weirs

2014  Discharge Characteristics of a Trapezoidal Labyrinth Side Weir with One and Two Cycles in Subcritical Flow

2014  Discharge Coefficient Analysis for Triangular Sharp-Crested Weirs Using Low-Speed Photographic Technique

2014  Discharge Coefficient of a Trapezoidal Broad-Crested Side Weir for Low Approach Froude Numbers

2014  Discharge Coefficient of Circular-Crested Weirs Based on a Combination of Flow around a Cylinder and Circulation

2014  Flow Patterns and Turbulence Structures in a Scour Hole Downstream of a Submerged Weir

2014  Hydraulics, Air Entrainment, and Energy Dissipation on a Gabion Stepped Weir

2014  New Stage-Discharge Relationship for Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2014  Numerical Simulation of Flow over a Semicylinder Weir

2014  Postoperation Performance of the Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme in Storm Events: 2D Hydraulic Analysis and Field Verification

2014  Stage-Discharge Rating Equation for an Elliptical Sharp-Crested Weir

2014  Submerged Flows over Rectangular Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2013  Analytical and Experimental Investigation of a Side-Weir Detention Basin in Flood-Level Reduction in the Main Channel

2013  Debris-Blocking Sensitivity of Piano Key Weirs under Reservoir-Type Approach Flow

2013  Discharge Characteristics of Weirs of Finite Crest Length with Upstream and Downstream Ramps

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Baffle-Sluice Gates

2013  Flow Resistance of Vegetated Weirlike Obstacles during High Water Stages

2013  Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Labyrinth Weirs. I: Discharge Relationships

2013  Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Labyrinth Weirs. II: Nappe Aeration, Instability, and Vibration

2013  Novel Approach for Side Weirs in Supercritical Flow

2013  Novel Diversion Structure for Supercritical Flow

2013  Parapet Wall Effect on Piano Key Weir Efficiency

2013  Piano Key Weir Hydraulics and Labyrinth Weir Comparison

2013  Potential Flow Solution for Open-Channel Flows and Weir-Crest Overflow

2013  Staged Labyrinth Weir Hydraulics

2013  V-Shaped Multislit Weirs

2013  Water Surface Profiles along a Rectangular Side Weir in a U-Shaped Channel (Analytical Findings)

2012  Applicability of the De Marchi Hypothesis for Side Weir Flow in the Case of Movable Beds

2012  Arced Labyrinth Weirs

2012  Characteristics of Flow over Rectangular Sharp-Crested Side Weirs

2012  Comparison of Piano Key and Rectangular Labyrinth Weir Hydraulics

2012  Design and Testing of a Flow Measurement System for an Urban Sewage Drain

2012  Discharge Efficiency of Reservoir-Application-Specific Labyrinth Weirs

2012  Equilibrium Scour Downstream of Three-Dimensional Grade-Control Structures

2012  Experimental Investigation of the Outflow Process over a Triangular Labyrinth-Weir

2012  Experimental Studies on Flow over Labyrinth Weir

2012  Field Calibration of Weirs Using Partial Volumetric Flow Measurements

2012  Free-Surface Profiles, Velocity and Pressure Distributions on a Broad-Crested Weir: A Physical Study

2012  Head-Discharge Equation for Sharp-Crested Weir with Piecewise-Linear Sides

2012  Hydraulic Performance of Asymmetric Labyrinth Side Weirs Located on a Straight Channel

2012  Labyrinth Weirs: Nappe Interference and Local Submergence

2012  New Solution Method for Water Surface Profile along a Side Weir in a Circular Channel

2012  New Theoretical Solution of the Stage-Discharge Relationship for Sharp-Crested and Broad Weirs

2012  Piano Key Weir: Reservoir versus Channel Application

2012  Piano Key Weir Submergence in Channel Applications

2012  Subcritical Side-Weir Flow at High Lateral Discharge

2012  Validation and Guidance for Submerged Lateral Flow Weir Design

2012  Water Level Variation along a Submerged Lateral Weir

2011  Behavior of Submerged Ogee Crest Weir Discharge Coefficients

2011  Calibration and Verification of a 2D Hydrodynamic Model for Simulating Flow around Emergent Bendway Weir Structures

2011  Conditional Assessment of Flow Measurement Accuracy

2011  Effect of Weir Face Angles on Circular-Crested Weir Flow

2011  Influence of Lateral Water Withdrawal on Bed Form Geometry in a Channel

2011  Laboratory Investigation of Sedimentation Effects on V-Notch Weirs

2011  One-Dimensional Modeling Techniques for Energy Dissipation in U-Weir Grade-Control Structures

2010  Critical Depth Relationships in Developing Open-Channel Flow

2010  Experiments Identifying Scour-Inducing Flow Patterns at a Gated Weir Stilling Basin

2010  Experiments Identifying Worst Case Scour Conditions of Gated Weir Stilling Basins

2010  Fish Movement and Weir Drown-Out

2010  Flow over Gabion Weirs

2010  Hydraulic Relations for Clinging Flow of Sharp-Crested Weir

2010  New Approach for Predicting Flow Bifurcation at Right-Angled Open-Channel Junction

2010  Reexamination of Creep Theory in the Foundation of Weirs by Model Experiments and Elasto-Plastic FEM

2010  Soft-Rock Scouring Processes Downstream of Weirs

2009  Bernoulli Theorem, Minimum Specific Energy, and Water Wave Celerity in Open-Channel Flow

2009  Combined Flow over Weir and under Gate

2009  Discharge Characteristics of Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2009  Effects of Vanes and W-Weir on Sediment Transport in Meandering Channels

2009  An Elegant Solution: The Lake Brazos Labyrinth Weir

2009  Evaluation of Preaeration with V-Notch Weir and Cascade Structures in Clarifiers

2009  Experiments on Discharge Equations of Compound Broad-Crested Weirs

2009  Fish Passage and Abundance around Grade Control Structures on Incised Streams

2009  Hydraulics of Broad-Crested Weirs with Varying Side Slopes

2009  Low-Head Weirs for Enhancing Infiltration: Central Pennsylvania Case Study

2009  Numerical Analysis of the Performance of Rock Weirs: Effects of Structure Configuration on Local Hydraulics

2009  Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport and Morphological Change of JiJi Weir Reservoir

2009  Quantitative Evaluation of Rock Weir Field Performance

2008  Critical Flow over Circular Crested Weirs

2008  Free Surface Simulations for a Removable Spillway Weir

2008  Head-Discharge Equation for Sharp-Crested Polynomial Weir

2008  Hydraulic Characteristics of Gabion-Stepped Weirs

2008  Hydraulic Design of a Tilting Weir Allowing for Periodic Fish Migration

2008  Method of Solution of Nonuniform Flow with the Presence of Rectangular Side Weir

2008  Status of the Lower Sacramento Valley Flood-Control System within the Context of Its Natural Geomorphic Setting

2008  A Study on Reservoir Operation for Desilting in the Chi-Chi Weir

2008  Use of Brink Depth in Discharge Measurement

2008  Use of CFD Modeling for Creating Recreational Opportunities at the Calgary Bow River Weir

2007  Head-Discharge Relationships for Submerged Labyrinth Weirs

2007  Hydraulic Evaluation of W-Weir for River Restoration

2007  Laboratory Measurements of Flow through Culverts

2007  Multislit Weir Characteristics

2006  Broad-Crested Weirs with Rectangular Compound Cross Sections

2006  Fish Passage over Weirs in Midwestern Streams

2006  Flow Around Submerged Barbs in the Raccoon River Iowa

2006  Minimum Specific Energy and Critical Flow Conditions in Open Channels

2006  Nonlinear PLS Method for Side Weir Flows

2006  Performance of Slit Weir

2005  Computer-Assisted Design of Diversion Weirs