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2015  Bridge Influence Line Estimation for Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System

2014  Determination of Dynamic Amplification Factors Using Site-Specific B-WIM Data

2014  Identification of Vehicular Axle Weights with a Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System Considering Transverse Distribution of Wheel Loads

2014  Impact of Repeat Overweight Truck Traffic on Buried Utility Facilities

2014  Procedure for Statistical Categorization of Overweight Vehicles in a WIM Database

2013  Confidence Interval of Pavement Layer Parameters Estimated from FWD Time Series Data

2013  Development of State-Specific Load and Resistance Factor Rating Method

2013  Evaluation of Temperature-Induced Curling in Concrete Slabs Using Deflection Difference Analysis

2013  Evaluation of Train Running Plan for Passenger-Dedicated Railway Line Based on Optimal Weights Combination Method

2013  Falling Weight Deflectometer Evaluation of Pavement Joint Looseness and Differential Slab Edge Settlements in Jointed Concrete Pavements

2013  Using UV Spectroscopy and Molecular Weight Determinations to Investigate the Effect of Various Water Treatment Processes on NOM Removal: Australian Case Study

2013  Using Weigh-in-Motion Data to Determine Aggressiveness of Traffic for Bridge Loading

2013  Validation of TMG Traffic Data Check Algorithms

2012  Evaluation of a Permit Vehicle Model Using Weigh-in-Motion Truck Records

2012  Incorporating Priority Preferences into Pavement Maintenance Programming

2012  Modeling the Measurement of Emergency Logistics Capability Maturity

2012  Research on the Integrated Weight Model of a Reverse Logistics Network

2012  Responding to Climate Change with Rational Approaches for Managing Seasonal Weight Programs in Manitoba

2011  Application of Ideal Point Method in Rockburst Prediction Based on Weight Back Analysis Method

2011  Comparisons between New and Traditional NDT Devices and Control Methods for Construction Quality of Highway Subgrade

2011  Expert Weight Allocation for Diesel Engine Condition Identification Based on Entropy Theory and Fuzzy Logic

2011  An Improved Weighted Total Least Squares Method with Applications in Linear Fitting and Coordinate Transformation

2011  Weight Management Considerations for Onshore Modularized Petrochemical Facilities

2010  Adaptive Harmony Search Method for Structural Optimization

2010  Analysis of the Tension Leg Stable Platform

2010  Application of Grey Correlation Analysis Based on Entropy Weight for Supplier Selection

2010  Comparative Study of Static and Dynamic Falling Weight Deflectometer Back-Calculations Using Probabilistic Approach

2010  Importance of the Tail in Truck Weight Modeling for Bridge Assessment

2010  Planning for Commercial Vehicle Weight Limit Change: Application and Computer Software

2009  Comprehensive Evaluation Model of Grey Fixed Weight Clustering for Airport Pavement Service Performance

2009  Decision-Making Model of Highway Route Plan Based on Entropy and Entropy Weight Theory

2009  Establishing the Weights of Performance Criteria: Case Studies in Transportation Facility Management

2009  An Evaluation Model Based on Grey Trigonometry Whitening Weight Function for Logistic Center

2009  Evaluation of Road Transportation Developmental Level of Provinces by a New Evaluating Model Based on Rough Set

2009  Fuzzy Comprehensive Assessment for the Degree of Railway Passenger Satisfaction Based on Rough Set

2009  Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Railway Passenger’s Satisfaction Degree Based on Entropy Weight

2009  Implementation of a Long-Term Bridge Weigh-In-Motion System for a Steel Girder Bridge in the Interstate Highway System

2009  Methodology for the Determination of Relative Weights of Highway Asset Management System Goals and of Performance Measures

2009  New Method for Outlier Diagnostics in Linear Regression

2009  An Objective Evaluation Approach of Traffic Safety Situation in Beijing

2009  Optimum Choice for the Construction Management Plan Based on Entropy Weight

2009  Optimum Index System of Bridge Maintenance Decision Based on Variable Weighting Theory

2009  Port Market Segmentation Based on Wilson Model

2009  Study on Different Residual and Weight Coefficient in Model Updating of Bridge Structure

2009  Warning Model for Debt Risk of Toll Highway Based on Efficacy Coefficient Method

2009  Weights Comparison of Pavement Surface Distress Indexes in China and the US

2008  Exact Solution for Buckling of Columns Including Self-Weight

2008  Impact of Commercial Vehicle Weight Change on Highway Bridge Infrastructure

2008  Landing Gear Factors for Pavements with FAA Ratings

2008  Maximum Weighted Log-Likelihood Estimation for Parameterization Selection Uncertainty

2008  Penetration Resistance of Offshore Skirted Foundations and Anchors in Dense Sand

2008  Research on Optimal Weight of Rail Express Train under Random Freight Flow

2008  Temperature Effects on Falling Weight Deflectometer Measurement

2008  Using Decision Trees for Determining Attribute Weights in a Case-Based Model of Early Cost Prediction

2008  Weighting of Field Monitoring Data with Probability Distributions of Daily Rainfall

2007  Characteristics of Ground Vibrations in STSP Deduced from Falling Weight Tests

2007  Characteristics of Trip Generation and Attraction Based on Complex Network Theory

2007  Deterioration Analysis of Flexible Pavements under Overweight Vehicles

2007  Effect of Weigh-in-Motion System Measurement Errors on Load-Pavement Impact Estimation

2007  Evaluation of Mass Transit Transfer hub Based on Improved Gray Cluster Evaluation

2007  Forward-Backward Cylindrical Beamformer and Geometric Spreading Weighting for Seismic Surface Wave Parameter Estimation

2007  A Kind of Model and Algorithm with Elastic Weight for Combined Assignment

2007  The Method of Restricted Searching Area Optimal Route Guidance Based on Parallel Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network

2007  Nonhomogeneous Spectral Element for Wave Motion in Multilayer Systems

2007  Performance of Hybrid-Fiber ECC Blast/Shelter Panels Subjected to Drop Weight Impact

2007  Relating Axle Load Spectra to Truck Gross Vehicle Weights and Volumes

2007  The Signal Processing Method of Strip Piezoelectric Sensor of Weigh-In-Motion on Highway

2007  A Simulation Model for Strategies of Vehicle Weight Regulation Using System Dynamics

2007  Study on Management of the Overload Transportation without Car Stopping

2006  Multivariate Simulation and Multimodal Dependence Modeling of Vehicle Axle Weights with Copulas

2006  Structural Weight Optimization of Frames Using Tabu Search. I: Optimization Procedure

2006  Structural Weight Optimization of Frames Using Tabu Search. II: Evaluation and Seismic Performance

2006  Structural Weight Optimization with Tabu Search

2006  Unit Weight of Municipal Solid Waste

2005  Approximate Solution for the Shape of Submerged Funicular Arches with Self-weight

2005  Laboratory Evaluation of the Geogauge and Light Falling Weight Deflectometer as Construction Control Tools

2005  Seismic Performance of Concentrically Braced Steel Frames in Multistory Buildings with Mass Irregularity

2004  Detecting Semantic Anomalies in Truck Weigh-in-Motion Traffic Data using Data Mining

2004  Geogrid Reinforcement to Reduce Pavement Section Thickness: A Case Study

2003  Evaluation of FWD Data for Determination of Layer Moduli of Pavements

2003  Falling Weight Deflectometer for Estimating Subgrade Elastic Moduli

2003  Predicting Truck Load Spectra under Weight Limit Changes and its Application to Steel Bridge Fatigue Assessment

2003  Simple, Practical Method for Determining Station Weights Using Thiessen Polygons and Isohyetal Maps

2003  Weighted-Climate Parametric Hydrologist Forecasting

2002  Efficient Dynamic Analysis of Multilayered System during Falling Weight Deflectometer Experiments

2002  Field and Laboratory Determination of Granular Subgrade Moduli

2002  The Research Thought and Signal Analysis on the Automobile Weight-in-Motion (WIM) Device

2002  Utilization of Falling Weight Deflectometer for Project Sectionalization

2001  Absorption of Aramid Prestressing Rods in Aggressive Solutions

2001  Evaluation of Measurement Specialties, Inc. Piezoelectric Weigh-In-Motion Sensors

2001  Evaluation of Thermocoax Piezoelectric Weight-in-Motion Sensors

2001  Helmert Method as Equivalent of Iterated Almost Unbiased Estimation

2001  Regularization in Moving Force Identification

2001  Stability of Armour Units on Breakwater Heads under Multidirectional Waves

2000  Development of Truck Weight Regulations Using Bridge Reliability Model

2000  Effect of Changing Truck Weight Regulations on U.S. Bridge Network

2000  GIS-Based Automated Oversize/Overweight Permit Processing

2000  Phosphate Inhibitors and Red Water in Stagnant Iron Pipes

2000  Soluble Microbial Products in ABR Treating Low-Strength Wastewater

2000  Super Bar Theory and BP System in Super Span Flat Space Frames