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2015  Curing of Asphalt Emulsified Tack Coat Subjected to Malaysian Weather Conditions

2015  Novel Fuzzy Controlled Energy Storage for Low-Voltage Distribution Networks with Photovoltaic Systems under Highly Cloudy Conditions

2015  Optimal Work Pattern for Construction Workers in Hot Weather: A Case Study in Hong Kong

2015  Which Environmental Indicator Is Better Able to Predict the Effects of Heat Stress on Construction Workers?

2014  Analysis of Road Surface Heat Flux Based on Energy Balance Theory

2014  Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Reference Evapotranspiration and Simulation of Daily Weather Data Using SIMETAW

2014  A Benefit-Cost Analysis Toolkit for Road Weather Management Technologies

2014  Cooling Time Estimation of Newly Placed Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement in Different Weather Conditions

2014  Examining the Impact of Adverse Weather on Urban Rail Transit Facilities on the Basis of Fault Tree Analysis and Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation

2014  Fatality Prediction for the 2011 Tornado Season Based on Historical Extreme Weather Data

2014  Framework for Anticipatory Water Management: Testing for Flood Control in the Rijnland Storage Basin

2014  Generating Synthetic Daily Precipitation Realizations for Seasonal Precipitation Forecasts

2014  Procedures to Develop a Standardized Reference Evapotranspiration Zone Map

2014  Sea Level Rise and Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Areas: Case Studies from Greater Boston Area

2013  Analysis of Freeway Visibility Characteristics and Influencing Factors Based on Statistical Analysis Method

2013  The Application Based on Internet of Things in Road Traffic Weather

2013  Design of Rear-End Collision Warning System on Sharp Curved Highway Section under Adverse Weather Conditions

2013  Driving Behavior Test on Roundabout with Road Surface Changes

2013  Effect of the Combined Traffic Load and Weathering on the Skid Resistance of the Aggregates for Road Surface

2013  Epistemic Uncertainty, Rival Models, and Closure

2013  Evaluation of Daily Reference Evapotranspiration Methods as Compared with the ASCE-EWRI Penman-Monteith Equation Using Limited Weather Data in Northeast Louisiana

2013  Hydrologic Analyses of the July 17-18, 1996, Flood in Chicago and the Role of Urbanization

2013  Incorporating Weather Information into Real-Time Speed Estimates: Comparison of Alternative Models

2013  Influencing Factor of Hydrodynamic Pressure on Tire in Wet Weather Based on Fluent

2013  An Investigation of Fog Water Droplet Structure Characteristics Based on Image Definition

2013  Pervasive Sensing for Real-Time Rainfall Quantification

2013  Precipitation Simulation Based on k-Nearest Neighbor Approach Using Gamma Kernel

2013  Research About Using the Retinex-Based Method to Remove the Fog from the Road Traffic Video

2013  Review and Preliminary Evaluation of the Performance of Weather Resistive Barriers Under Seismic Induced Light Frame Wall Deformations

2013  Routes Generating Based on the Navigational Expert System

2013  Sailing Solar-Cell Raft Project and Weather and Marine Conditions in Low-Latitude Pacific Ocean

2013  Slope Instability of High Terrace Deposits under Extreme Weather Conditions

2013  Standard Practice for the Design and Operation of Supercooled Fog Dispersal Projects

2013  Sustainable Watershed Evaluation and Planning Process for Wet Weather Program Alternatives Development

2013  Total Framework and Operation Mechanism Research Based on Internet of Things of Maintaining Traffic Smooth in Bad Weather

2013  Translating Wind-Speed Measurements over Alfalfa Having Varying Height for Use in the ASCE Standardized Reference ET Equation

2013  Using Local Weather Radar Data for Sewer System Modeling: Case Study in Flanders, Belgium

2013  Using the Thermal Work Limit as an Environmental Determinant of Heat Stress for Construction Workers

2013  Vehicle Automatic Recognition of Collision Avoidance and Warning System in Foggy Conditions

2012  Analysis of Weather Impact on Travel Speed and Travel Time Reliability

2012  Automated Ice Inference and Monitoring on the Veterans’ Glass City Skyway Bridge

2012  But it’s Just a Distribution Line!

2012  Cities, Dams, and Extreme Weather

2012  An Efficient Vehicle Queue and Dissipation Detection Algorithm Based on Spatial-Temporal Markov Random Field

2012  Full Bayesian Method for the Development of Speed Models: Applications of GPS Probe Data

2012  Generalized Neurofuzzy Models for Estimating Daily Pan Evaporation Values from Weather Data

2012  Grouting Using PUR in Extreme Geological and Weather Conditions in Iceland

2012  Injury Severity of Multivehicle Crash in Rainy Weather

2012  Problems and Countermeasures of Road Safety in Disaster-Prone Environment

2012  A Regional Pilot Weather Information System for Surface Transportation and Incident Management: Concept of Operations

2011  Building of Road Weather Monitoring and Warning System Based on Jingshen Expressway

2011  Development of a Standard Framework for Road Weather Information System in China

2011  Emergency Public Transit Theory under the Condition of Bad Weather

2011  Microscopic Simulation Evaluation on Speed Control Strategies under Inclement Weather

2011  Operational Hazard Weather Forecast in East and South Asia on 5–15 Day Time Scale

2011  Pilot-Scale Simulation of Landfill Bioreactor and Controlled Dumping of Fresh and Partially Stabilized Municipal Solid Waste in a Tropical Developing Country

2011  Skylink Modification Mitigates Station Water Intrusion

2011  Studies Review of the Technology for Snow and Ice Control for Winter Road Maintenance

2011  Study on the Assessment of Highway Traffic Risk in Hail Storm Weather

2011  Synthetic Weather Generator SYNTOR: Implementing Improvements in Precipitation Generation

2011  Tropospheric Modeling and Fixed Stations Constraints in Precise GPS Computations: Case Study

2011  Value of Probabilistic Weather Forecasts: Assessment by Real-Time Optimization of Irrigation Scheduling

2011  Warning Grading Method for Highway Network Traffic Conditions under Foggy Weather

2011  Winter Road Safety: Effects of Weather, Maintenance Operations, and Road Characteristics

2011  Winter Road Weather Monitoring and Warning Service System

2010  Analysis of Adverse Weather for Excusable Delays

2010  Development of a Road Weather Information System for Mountain Expressways

2010  The Evaluation of the Road Network Reliability under the Rainfall Weather

2010  Generalized Visibility of Freeway in Adverse Weather Conditions

2010  Integrated Framework for Quantifying and Predicting Weather-Related Highway Construction Delays

2010  Prediction of Heavy Rainfall in the 0-6 Hour Time Range: Current and Evolving Approaches Utilizing Radar and Numerical Weather Prediction Forecasts

2010  Quality Control of Soil Water Data in Applied Climate Information System—Case Study in Nebraska

2010  Reliability Assessment for Operational Wave Forecasting System in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2009  Additional Load Considerations

2009  Agricultural Risk Decision Support System for Resource-Poor Farmers in Burkina Faso, West Africa

2009  Analysis of City Transportation Networks’ Travel Time Reliability during Adverse Weather

2009  The Analysis of Traffic Flow State on Foggy Expressway Based on Fuzzy Clustering

2009  Capacity Reliability of Road Network under Adverse Weather Conditions Based on Fuzzy Theory

2009  Conversion of Wind Speed Averaging Time

2009  Definitions, Notations, and SI Conversion Factors

2009  The Driving Safety Evaluation on Road under Fog Based on Transportation Simulation

2009  Equations for Gust Response Factors

2009  Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration Using Limited Weather Data

2009  Examples

2009  From Grey to Green: Strategies and Concepts for Implementing Green CSO and Wet Weather Solutions

2009  From Normal Operation to Evacuation: Single-Vehicle Safety under Adverse Weather, Topographic, and Operational Conditions

2009  Front Matter

2009  Fundamental Principles of Weather Mitigation

2009  Guidelines for Electrical Transmission Line Structural Loading

2009  Highway Construction Data Collection and Treatment in Preparation for Statistical Regression Analysis

2009  Impact of a Tree on a Residential Building on Expansive Soils: A Numerical Approach

2009  Impact of Wet-Weather Peak Flow Blending on Disinfection Performance

2009  Index

2009  Investigation of Transmission Line Failures

2009  Irrigation Scheduling—Role of Weather Forecasting and Farmers’ Behavior

2009  Limitations of Reliability-Based Design

2009  Novice Driver Speed Adjustment to Wet Weather

2009  Numerical Constant, Q

2009  Overview of Load Criteria

2009  Probabilistic Duration Estimation Model for High-Rise Structural Work