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Found 26 Records with the keyword term of "Weapons"

2012  Critical Review on Chemical Stabilization of Metal Contaminants in Shooting Range Soils

2011  Practical Assessment of Real-Time Impact Point Estimators for Smart Weapons

2010  Passive Reactive Berm to Provide Low Maintenance Lead Containment at Small Arms Firing Ranges

2010  Treatment of Metals-Contaminated Soil by the Application of Lime and Grasses

2006  Environmental Remediation: Nuclear Weapons Facility Dismantled, Decontaminated

2005  Cold Regions: Engineers Brave Subarctic Weather to Install Missile Silos in Alaska

1999  Vulnerability of Buildings and Infrastructure to Chemical and Biological Attack: an Overview

1998  All Purpose Remote Transport System (ARTS) for Active Range Clearance, Force Protection, and Remediation

1998  Investigating Author Biases

1998  Remote Area Disassembly Vehicle (RADV) System

1998  Strategic Defense Initiative

1997  Advanced Composite Materials (ACM) and Structural Hardening

1997  Army Fights TNT Contaminants

1997  ASCE Board Adopts Four New Policies

1997  EPA Restricts Military Operations in Massachusetts

1997  Net Results

1997  The Right Tooele for the Job

1996  A Paradox at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Colorado: Benefits of Applied Research

1995  Naval Weapons Station Trestle Replacement Features Unique Elements, Colts Neck, NJ

1994  Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Dredging

1988  Assessing the West

1905  Ammunition for Cannon

1905  The Art of Designing and Constructing Mobile Artillery

1905  The Art of Designing and Constructing Small Arms

1905  Gun Construction In the United States

1905  Seacoast Gun-Carriage Design and Construction