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2015  Bridge Monitoring with Wavelet Principal Component and Spectrum Analysis Based on GPS Measurements: Case Study of the Mansoura Bridge in Egypt

2015  Medium-Term Urban Water Demand Forecasting with Limited Data Using an Ensemble Wavelet-Bootstrap Machine-Learning Approach

2015  Theoretical Basis for Optical Granulometry by Wavelet Transformation

2014  Application of a Combination Model Based on Wavelet Transform and KPLS-ARMA for Urban Annual Water Demand Forecasting

2014  Automated Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Comparison of Wavelet-Based ANN and Regression Models for Reservoir Inflow Forecasting

2014  Data Compression of Structural Seismic Responses via Principled Independent Component Analysis

2014  Decentralized Modal Identification of a Pony Truss Pedestrian Bridge Using Wireless Sensors

2014  Imaging-Based Rating for Corrosion States of Weathering Steel Using Wavelet Transform and PSO-SVM Techniques

2014  Modeling and Simulation of Nonstationary Processes Utilizing Wavelet and Hilbert Transforms

2014  Size Distribution of Coarse-Grained Soil by Sedimaging

2014  Soil Fabric Characterization by Wavelet Transformation of Images

2014  Stationary Wavelet Transform Method for Distributed Detection of Damage by Fiber-Optic Sensors

2014  Wavelet-Based Evolutionary Response of Multispan Structures Including Wave-Passage and Site-Response Effects

2014  Wavelet-Based Rainfall-Stream Flow Models for the Southeast Murray Darling Basin

2013  Active Debonding Detection for Large Rectangular CFSTs Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum with Piezoceramics

2013  Application of Wavelet Theory in Subway Vibration Analysis

2013  Boat-Wake Statistics at Jensen Beach, Florida

2013  Effect of Color Space, Color Channels, and Sub-Image Block Size on the Performance of Wavelet-Based Texture Analysis Algorithms: An Application to Corrosion Detection on Steel Structures

2013  Forecast Modeling of Monthly Runoff with Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System and Wavelet Analysis

2013  Forecasting the Short-Term Traffic Flow Based on Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Regression

2013  Identification of Hysteretic Dynamic Systems by Using Hybrid Extended Kalman Filter and Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis with Limited Observation

2013  Nongrouted Ratio Evaluation of Rock Bolts by Reflection of Guided Ultrasonic Waves

2013  Seismic Frequency Spectrum Character Analysis Based on Wavelet Method

2013  Testing Stationarity with Wavelet-Based Surrogates

2013  Use of Continuous-Wavelet Transmissibility for Structural Operational Modal Analysis

2012  Detection of Local Wall Stiffness Drop in Steel-Lined Pressure Tunnels and Shafts of Hydroelectric Power Plants Using Steep Pressure Wave Excitation and Wavelet Decomposition

2012  Estimation of Daily Suspended Sediment Load by Using Wavelet Conjunction Models

2012  Hybrid Wavelet–Genetic Programming Approach to Optimize ANN Modeling of Rainfall–Runoff Process

2012  An Improved Cross-Correlation Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and Energy Feature Extraction for Pipeline Leak Detection

2012  In-Service Condition Assessment of Bridge Deck Using Long-Term Monitoring Data of Strain Response

2012  Substructural Time-Varying Parameter Identification Using Wavelet Multiresolution Approximation

2012  Thermal Stress Analysis of Ceramic-Coated Diesel Engine Pistons Based on the Wavelet Finite-Element Method

2011  The Application of Adaptive Wavelet Neural Network in Ship Pipeline Leakage Detection

2011  Applications of Lifting Wavelet Packet Transform Based on a Novel Threshold Method in MFL Signal Processing

2011  Investigating the Multifractal Properties of Significant Wave Height Time Series Using a Wavelet-Based Approach

2011  New Method for the Evaluation of Material Damping Using the Wavelet Transform

2011  Prediction of Gathering Pipeline Internal Corrosion Rate Based on Improved Wavelet Neural Network Model

2011  Regionalization of Runoff Variability of Alberta, Canada, by Wavelet, Independent Component, Empirical Orthogonal Function, and Geographical Information System Analyses

2011  Response Spectral Matching of Two Horizontal Ground-Motion Components

2011  River Suspended Sediment Load Prediction: Application of ANN and Wavelet Conjunction Model

2011  Scaling Characteristics of Precipitation Data over Texas

2011  Simulation of Gas Pipeline Leak Detection Based on Acoustic Emission and Wavelet Packet Analysis

2011  Traffic Incident Detection Algorithm Based on Wavelet Support Vector Machine

2011  Use of Wavelet Analysis and Filtration on Impulse Response for SASW Measurement in PCC Slab of Pavement Structure

2011  Virtual Wind Speed Sensor for Wind Turbines

2010  Analysis of Frequency Nonstationarity via Continuous Wavelet Transform in the Response of Primary-Secondary Systems

2010  Integrating Wavelet Empirical Orthogonal Functions and Statistical Disaggregation for Predicting Weekly Runoff for the Upper Kafue Basin in Zambia, Africa

2010  Laboratory Study of Unidirectional Focusing Waves in Intermediate Depth Water

2010  Multiscale Wavelet-LQR Controller for Linear Time Varying Systems

2010  Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Wavelet Analysis and Artificial Neural Network

2010  Using Wavelet Technology for Pavement Crack Detection

2010  Wavelet Analysis of Steady State Groundwater Flow in a Bounded Domain

2009  Application Research of the Correlation Detection in Ship Pipeline Leakage Detecting

2009  Automatic Pavement Surface Cracking Recognition Using Wavelet Transforms Technology

2009  A Combined Model for Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Wavelet Analysis

2009  Expressway Data De-Noised Approach Based on Wavelet Analysis

2009  Fast Leak Detection and Location of Water Pipelines Based Using Orthogonal Wavelet Transform

2009  Multi-Layers Wavelet Kohonen Neural Network Model for Underground Pipeline Coating Detection with Galvanostatic Transient Technique

2009  Neural Networks and Wavelet Conjunction Model for Intermittent Streamflow Forecasting

2009  The Research of Freeway Incident Detection System Based on Wavelet and Neural Network

2009  Traffic Incident Acoustic Recognition Based on Wavelet Decomposition and SVM

2009  Traffic Incident Detection Based on Wavelet and Neural Network

2008  Conduit Prevalence in the Woodville Karst Plain

2008  Empirical and Analytical Investigation of Traffic Flow Regimes and Transitions in Signalized Arterials

2006  Analysis of Ground Motion: A Comparison of Some Available Methods

2006  Application of Wavelet Time Series Analysis in Short-Term Traffic Volume Prediction

2006  Developing a Conjunctive Nonlinear Model for Inflow Prediction Using Wavelet Transforms and Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study of Dez Reservoir Dam, Iran

2006  High Accuracy GPS Deformation Monitoring via Errors Cancelling by ANC and Wavelet Analysis

2006  A Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Downhole Seismogram Inversion: Theory and Applications

2006  Soil Image Processing: Single Grains to Particle Assemblies

2005  Dynamic Signatures of Cavities and Buried Objects Obtained from Surface Wave Testing

2005  Dynamic Wavelet Neural Network Model for Traffic Flow Forecasting

2005  Growth Model for Sand Wavelets

2005  Identification of Principal Directions of Anisotropy in Porous Media

2005  Ultrasonic Characterization and Inspection of Open Cell Foams

2005  Wavelet Analysis and Interpretation of Road Roughness

2005  Wavelet Transforms in Surface Wave Analysis

2005  Wavelet-Hybrid Feedback Linear Mean Squared Algorithm for Robust Control of Cable-Stayed Bridges

2004  Application of Imaging Techniques to Geometry Analysis of Aggregate Particles

2004  Application of the Piezoelectric Materials for Health Monitoring in Civil Engineering: An Overview

2004  Application of Wavelet Approach for ASCE Structural Health Monitoring Benchmark Studies

2004  Application of Wavelet Transform Analysis for Pavement Roughness Studies

2004  Automated Quality Assessment of Stone Aggregates Based on Laser Imaging and a Neural Network

2004  Development of an Automated Accident Detection System at Intersections

2004  Evolutionary Spectra Estimation Using Wavelets

2004  Finite-Element Model for Modified Boussinesq Equations. II: Applications to Nonlinear Harbor Oscillations

2004  Statistical Wavelet-Based Method for Structural Health Monitoring

2004  Wavelet Analysis of Soil Mass Images for Particle Size Determination

2004  Wavelet-Hybrid Feedback-Least Mean Square Algorithm for Robust Control of Structures

2003  Closed-Conduit Bed-Form Initiation and Development

2003  Damage Detection in Concrete by Fourier and Wavelet Analyses

2003  Detection of Wind-Induced Response by Wavelet Transformed GPS Solutions

2003  Fast Automatic Incident Detection on Urban and Rural Freeways using Wavelet Energy Algorithm

2003  First- and Higher-Order Correlation Detection using Wavelet Transforms

2003  Nonlinear Model for Drought Forecasting Based on a Conjunction of Wavelet Transforms and Neural Networks

2003  Wavelet-Galerkin Method for Free Vibrations of Elastic Cable

2002  An Application of Wavelet Transform Analysis to Landslide-Generated Impulse Waves

2002  Design of Distributed Interactive Online Geographic Information System Viewer using Wavelets

2002  Incident Detection Algorithm using Wavelet Energy Representation of Traffic Patterns