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2015  Analysis of Water Hammer Attenuation in Applications with Varying Valve Closure Times

2015  Neural Network-Based Thickness Determination Model to Improve Backcalculation of Layer Moduli without Coring

2015  Velocity Fields in Near-Bottom and Boundary Layer Flows in Prebreaking Zone of a Solitary Wave Propagating over a 1:10 Slope

2014  Analyst B: Analysis of the UTexas1 Passive Linear Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Analyst E: Shear Wave Velocity Profile Determined from the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset

2014  Development of Model for Shear-Wave Velocity of Municipal Solid Waste

2014  New Analysis Methodology for Dynamic Soil Characterization Using Free-Decay Response in Resonant-Column Testing

2014  Proof-of-Concept Shear Wave Velocity Measurements Using an Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

2014  Recurring Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the Smiths Creek Bioreactor Landfill

2014  Small-Strain Stiffness, Shear-Wave Velocity, and Soil Compressibility

2014  Statistical Soil Type Estimation Using Cross-Plots of S-Wave Velocity and Resistivity in Japanese Levees

2014  Synthesis of the UTexas1 Surface Wave Dataset Blind-Analysis Study: Inter-Analyst Dispersion and Shear Wave Velocity Uncertainty

2014  Wave Impact Simulations by an Improved ISPH Model

2013  Boat-Wake Statistics at Jensen Beach, Florida

2013  Correcting Liquefaction Resistance of Unsaturated Soil Using Wave Velocity

2013  Dispersion of Love Wave Propagating in Irregular Anisotropic Porous Stratum under Initial Stress

2013  Evaluating the In Situ Lateral Stress Coefficient (K0) of Soils via Paired Shear Wave Velocity Modes

2013  Influence of Rock Depth on Seismic Site Classification for Shallow Bedrock Regions

2013  Investigation of Composite Compacted Ground Using Microtremors

2013  Measuring Shear and Compression Wave Velocities in Laboratory Triaxial Tests Using Disk Shaped Composite P/S Piezoelectric Transducer

2013  Model for Frequency-Dependence of Elastic Wave Velocities in Porous Rocks

2013  Peristaltic Flow of Hyperbolic Tangent Fluid in a Diverging Tube with Heat and Mass Transfer

2013  Role of Particle Angularity on the Mechanical Behavior of Granular Mixtures

2013  Shear-Wave Velocity-Based Probabilistic and Deterministic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential

2013  Stiffness and Strength Governing the Static Liquefaction of Tailings

2013  Wave Attenuation and Dispersion in Patchy Saturated Gas Reservoirs: Influence of Frequency and Saturation on AVO Attributes

2013  Wave-Induced Drift of Large Floating Objects in Regular Waves

2012  Characteristics of Shear Layer and Primary Vortex Induced by Solitary Waves Propagating over Rectangular Structures with Different Aspect Ratios

2012  Comparing Frequency and Time Domain Interpretations of Bender Element Shear Wave Velocities

2012  Feasibility and Sensitivity Analysis of At-Rest Lateral Stress Coefficient (Ko) Evaluations Using Paired Shear Wave Velocity Modes

2012  Frozen and Unfrozen Shear Wave Velocity Seismic Site Classification of Fairbanks, Alaska

2012  Fully Nonlinear Model for Water Wave Propagation from Deep to Shallow Waters

2012  Liquefaction Potential Assessment of Pleistocene Beach Sands near Charleston, South Carolina

2012  Shear Wave Velocity of Weakly Cemented Silty Sand During Drained and Undrained Triaxial Compression

2012  Shear Wave Velocity Profiling with Surface Wave Methods

2012  Shear Wave Velocity via Inversion of Full Waveforms

2012  Soil Characterization in Centrifuge Models through Measurement of Shear Wave Velocities Using Bender Elements

2011  Comparison of Predicted Cyclic Resistance Ratios from CPT, DMT, and Shear Wave Velocity Tests in Griffin, Indiana

2011  Depth Inversion in the Surf Zone with Inclusion of Wave Nonlinearity Using Video-Derived Celerity

2011  Estimation of the Probability Distribution of Wave Velocity in Wood Poles

2011  Evaluating the Compaction Quality of Backfills by Stress Wave Velocities

2011  Influence Study of Site Conditions on Buried Pipeline’s Seismic Performance

2011  Mathematical Modeling of Lake Tap Flows

2011  Microbial Carbonate Precipitation: Correlation of S-Wave Velocity with Calcite Precipitation

2011  Propagation of Pressure Waves in Two-Component Bubbly Flow in Horizontal Pipes

2011  Scour at Vertical Piles in Sand-Clay Mixtures under Waves

2011  Shear Wave Velocity Testing Using a Seismic Cone Penetrometer in Bentonite Backfilled Boreholes in Hawaii

2011  Strength of Weakly Cemented Sands from Drained Multistage Triaxial Tests

2011  Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Surface Jet

2010  Comparison of Underwater MASW, Seismic CPT, and Downhole Methods: Offshore Croatia

2010  Efficient Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Surface Waves from Deep to Shallow Water

2010  Estimation of Shear-Wave Velocity Profiles: Inversion of Spatial Autocorrelation Coefficients

2010  Evaluating Shear Wave Velocity of In-Place Compacted Backfill

2010  Nonlinear Time-Domain Simulation of a Land-Based Oscillating Water Column

2010  Quantifying Biomediated Ground Improvement by Ureolysis: Large-Scale Biogrout Experiment

2010  Relationships between Compression Wave Velocity and Unconfined Compression Strength for Weathered Florida Limestone

2010  Relevance Vector Machine for Evaluating Seismic Liquefaction Potential Using Shear Wave Velocity

2010  Seismic Site Classification Using Boreholes and Shear Wave Velocity: Assessing the Suitable Method for Shallow Engineering Rock Region

2010  Shear-Wave Velocity Correlations for Puyallup River Alluvium

2010  Suspension P-S Logging for Geophysical Investigation of Deep Soil and Bedrock

2009  Correcting Liquefaction Resistance for Aged Sands Using Measured to Estimated Velocity Ratio

2009  Detailing of a Systematic Protocol for Surface Wave Inversion

2009  Global Monitoring of Large Concrete Structures Using Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic Techniques: Case Study

2008  A Comparison of Shear Wave Velocity Profiles from SASW, MASW, and ReMi Techniques

2008  Deep Shear Wave Velocity Profiling of Poorly Characterized Soils Using the NEES Low-Frequency Vibrator

2008  Determination of the Material Damping Ratio with the Bender Element Test

2008  Development and Applications of In-Hole Seismic Method to Measure Shear Wave Velocity of Subsurface Materials

2008  Effective Soil Density for Propagation of Small Strain Shear Waves in Saturated Soil

2008  Fast Stacking and Phase Corrections of Shear Wave Signals in a Noisy Environment

2008  Use of Shear Wave Velocity to Estimate Settlement Potential in Mine Spoils

2008  Vibration and Shear Wave Velocity Measurements at the I-10 Blackwater River Bridge

2008  Video Measurements of Large-Scale Flows in a Laboratory Wave Basin

2008  Wave Equations for Regular and Irregular Water Wave Propagation

2007  Case Studies: A Rapid Technique to Determine Allowable Bearing Pressure

2007  Current Effects on Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

2007  Effect of a Shallow Water Obstruction on Long Wave Runup and Overland Flow Velocity

2007  Forward-Backward Cylindrical Beamformer and Geometric Spreading Weighting for Seismic Surface Wave Parameter Estimation

2007  Improving the Uniqueness of Surface Wave Inversion Using Multiple-Mode Dispersion Data

2007  Irregular Breaking Wave Transmission over Submerged Porous Breakwater

2007  Laboratory Investigation on Assessing Liquefaction Resistance of Sandy Soils by Shear Wave Velocity

2007  Nondestructive Sample Quality Assessment of a Soft Clay Using Shear Wave Velocity

2007  Simulation of a 3D Numerical Viscous Wave Tank

2007  S-Wave Velocity-Stress Power Relationship: Packing and Contact Behavior of Sand Specimens

2007  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Nondestructive Evaluation of Low Quality and Damaged Concrete and Masonry Construction

2007  Variability of Karstic Limestone Quantified Through Compressional Wave Velocity Measurements

2007  Wave Velocities in Granular Materials under Microgravity

2006  Comparison of Three Surface Wave Measurements and a Seismic Downhole Measurement in a Complex-Layered System

2006  Control of Scour at Vertical Circular Piles under Waves and Current

2006  Correlation between Cyclic Resistance Ratios of Intact and Reconstituted Offshore Saturated Sands and Silts with the Same Shear Wave Velocity

2006  Electromagnetic Wave Surface Velocimetry

2006  A Global Statistical Correlation between Shear Wave Velocity and Cone Penetration Data

2006  Influence of Nonplastic Fines on Shear Wave Velocity-Based Assessment of Liquefaction

2006  Investigation of False Positives in Database of Liquefaction Assessment Procedure based on Shear Wave Velocity

2006  Methodologies to Assess SASW Shear Wave Velocity Uncertainty

2006  Model-Based Uncertainty in Surface Wave Inversion

2006  Nonlinear Effects in the Wave Propagation

2006  Underwater Surface Wave Measurements Using an Impact Source

2005  2-D Shear-Wave Velocity Profile Along Test Segment of Interstate I-70, St. Louis, Missouri

2005  Calculation of Wave Run-up on Slopes

2005  Combining Active- and Passive-Source Measurements to Profile Shear Wave Velocities for Seismic Microzonation