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2010  New Methodology for Laboratory Generation of Solitary Waves

2007  Change in Longitudinal Profile Using Sand of Mixed Grain Size in Large Wave Tank and its Numerical Simulation

2007  Current Effects on Nonlinear Wave-Body Interactions by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank

2007  Subelement Division Scheme in a Numerica Wave Tank That Uses Higher-Order Boundary Element Method

2005  Pneumatic Effect of Nonlinear Waves and a Freely Floating Body Simulation by a 2D Fully Nonlinear Numerical Wave Tank (NWT)

2005  An SPH Numerical Wave Tank

2003  Numerical Modeling of Wave Absorbers for Physical Wave Tanks

2002  Fully Nonlinear Waves and Their Kinematics: NWT Simulation Vs. Experiment

2002  Implementation and Validation of a Breaker Model in a Fully Nonlinear Wave Propagation Model

2002  Laboratory Investigation of Nonlinear Irregular Wave Kinematics

2002  Landslide Tsunami Amplitude Prediction in a Numerical Wave Tank

2002  A Low-Cost Wave-Sediment-Towing Tank

2002  Three-Dimensional Numerical Model for Fully Nonlinear Waves Over Arbitrary Bottom

2002  Three-Dimensional Wave Focusing in Fully Nonlinear Wave Models

2001  Numerical Modeling of Fully Nonlinear 3D Overturning Waves over Arbitrary Bottom

2001  Study on Practical Application of a Non-Wave Overtopping Type Seawall

2000  Nonlinear Wave Group Evolution in Shallow Water

1999  The Circulation over a Longshore Bar with Rip Channels

1999  El Niño Storms and the Morphodynamic Response of Two Cobble Beaches

1999  Experiments on Nonlinear Wave Groups Shoaling in a Tank

1999  Influence of Tidal Water Surface Fluctuations on Beach Profile Evolution

1999  Measurement of Shear Stress on a Moveable Bed

1999  Modulation of Bichromatic Wave Train in a Wave Tank

1999  Some Design Aspects of an Absorbing 3D Wavemaker

1998  Experiments on Nonlinear Wave Groups in Intermediate Water Depth

1998  Nonlinear Force Calculations by Numerical Wave Tank Simulations

1998  A Numerical Wave Tank for Nonlinear Wave Simulations

1998  A Solution to Signal Interference Between Multiple Capacitance Wave Gages in a Small Laboratory Wave Tank

1998  Turbulence Measurement in a Towing Tank Using Hot-Film Anemometry

1998  Wave Height Transformation Over Nearshore Berms

1997  Effect of Submerged Breakwater on Profile Development

1997  Experiments on a Non-Wave Overtopping Type Seawall

1997  Fully Nonlinear Properties of Periodic Waves Shoaling over Slopes

1997  Mechanism and Calculation of Sand Dune Erosion by Storms

1997  New Optimization Method for Paddle Motion of Multi-Directional Wavemaker

1997  Numerical Modeling of Nearshore Morphological Changes under a Current-Wave Field

1997  Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamics on a Barred Beach

1997  Wave Boundary Layer Flows and Pore Pressures in Permeable Beds

1996  Model of Beach Profile Change Under Random Waves

1996  Modeling Time- and Depth-Varying Currents at Supertank

1996  Wave Reflection and Overwash of Dunes

1995  Application of Turbulence Theory to a Laboratory Surf Zone

1995  Effects of Controlled Water Table on Beach Profile Dynamics

1995  Non-Reflective Multi-Directional Wave Generation by Source Method

1995  The Response of Gravel Beaches in the Presence of Control Structures

1995  Second-Order Wave Interaction with Arrays of Vertical Cylinders of Arbitrary Cross Section

1995  Swash Zone Wave Characteristics From Supertank

1995  Three Dimensional Morphology in a Narrow Wave Tank: Measurements and Theory

1995  Waves in an Annular Entrance Channel

1994  Breaking Wave Measurement by a Void Fraction Technique

1994  Comparison of Wave Reflection Equations with Wave-Tank Data

1994  Decay of Random Waves on Non-Monotonic Profiles

1994  Estimating Laboratory Wave Reflection Using Laser Doppler

1994  Experimental Study of Undertow and Turbulence Intensity Under Irregular Waves in the Surf Zone

1994  Wave Runup on and Wave Reflection from Coastal Structures

1993  Directional Nearshore Wave Propagation Over a Rip Channel: An Experiment

1993  Mass Transport in Wave Tank

1993  Modeling the Transformation of Nonlienar Waves Passing Over a Submerged Dike

1992  Laboratory Simulations of Directionally Spread Shoaling Waves

1992  Wave Exciting Forces on a Platform Fixed in Nonlinear Shallow Water Waves

1991  Correlation of Fractional Foam Coverage with Gas Transport Rates

1991  Laboratory Study of Wave-Breaking Over Bars and Artificial Reefs

1991  Reactivation of the Oil and Hazardous Materials Simulated Environmental Test Tank (OHMSETT) Facility

1990  Generation of Long Waves in Laboratory

1989  Dune Stabilization With a Sand/Gel Composite System

1989  Entrainment due to Mean Flow in Two-Layered Fluid

1989  Laboratory Experiments on the Influence of Wind on Nearshore Wave Breaking

1989  Perched Beach Profile Response to Wave Action

1989  Towards Modelling Coastal Sediment Transport

1988  Waterline Oscillation and Riprap Movement

1987  Characteristics of Mechanically-Generated Waves

1987  Concrete Armor Mats: Large-Scale Wave Tank Tests Wave Stability Tests

1987  Evaluation of Wave-Induced Pore Pressure in Saturated Sand Bed

1987  Random Wave Forces on Cylinder Near a Boundary

1987  Scour About a Single, Cylindrical Pile Due to Combined Random Waves and a Current

1987  Vortex Formation in Plunging Breaker

1987  Wave Basin Experiments on Bottom Friction Due to Current and Waves

1986  Polar Analysis of Short-Crested Model Waves

1985  Drag of Oscillatory Waves on Spheres in a Permeable Bottom

1985  Inverted Shear Modulus from Wave-Induced Soil Motion

1984  Experiments on Internal Solitary Waves

1984  Wave Force Tests on Vertical and Inclined Cylinders

1982  Absorbing Wave-Makers and Wide Tanks

1982  Measuring Directional Spectra with the MLM

1982  Transverse Forces on Vertical Tube Array in Waves

1982  Wave Force Coefficients for Vertical Cylinders

1981  Design Curves for Hinged Wavemakers: Experiments

1981  Design Curves for Hinged Wavemakers: Theory

1980  Dynamic Behavior of Floating Storage Vessel

1980  The Generation of Long Waves in the Laboratory

1980  Inline Forces on Fixed Vertical Cylinder in Waves

1980  Laboratory Generated Waves and Wave Theories

1980  Mass Transport in Progressive Waves of Permanent Type

1980  Surging in the Shark River Boat Basin

1980  A Survey of “Random” Wave Generation Techniques

1980  Transverse Motion of Articulated Tower

1980  Wave Tank Use In Small Boat Harbor Design, Newport News, Virginia

1979  Effects of Surface Roughness on Drag Coefficients

1977  Beach Sand Transport: Distribution and Total Drift

1977  Random Wave Simulation in a Laboratory Wave Tank