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2012  Field Measurements of Tug Waves in the Cagliari Harbor, Italy

2011  Design Wave (Including Scott-Wiegel Wave Spectrum Model)

2011  Influence of JONSWAP Wave Spectra Form on Frequency Spectrum of Suspended Sediment Transport Values

2011  Observations of Landfalling Wave Spectra during Hurricane Ike

2011  Some Engineering Aspects of Wave Spectra

2010  Moments-Based Reduced Spectral Wave Modeling of Frequency-and-Directional Spreading Effects on Wave-Induced Longshore Currents

2010  Wave Damping in Reed: Field Measurements and Mathematical Modeling

2008  Influence of Spectal Width on Wave Height Parameter Estimates in Coastal Environments

2007  Ferry Wake Wash Analysis in San Francisco Bay

2006  Application of Artificial Neural Network Model in Estimation of Wave Spectra

2006  Classifying River Waves by the Saint Venant Equations Decoupled in the Laplacian Frequency Domain

2006  Computation of Setup and Longshore Currents by Directional Spectral Waves

2006  Observed Suspended Sediment Profiles under the Effect of Single and Double Peaked Wave Spectra

2006  Prediction of Long Forcing Waves for Harbor Agitation Studie

2005  Comparison of Wave Spectra from Nautical Radar Images and Scalar Buoy Data

2005  Evaluatoin of Two Numerical Wave Models with Inlet Physical Model

2004  Evaluation of Relative Motions between Closely Spaced Vessels in Bidirectional Irregular Waves

2003  Field Measurement of Ship Waves in Victoria Harbor

2002  Application of Nautical Radar to the Field Observation of Waves and Currents

2002  Application of S-Transforms to the Study of Modulational Interactions of Waves

2002  Breaking in a Spectral Wave Model

2002  Climatic and Maximum Wave Spectra from Long-Term Measurements

2002  DAAT—A New Technique for Wave Directional Analysis

2002  The Determination of Velocity Spectra and Dissipation by Direct and Indirect Means using Second-Order Accurate PIV

2002  Directional Spectra of Short Sea Waves and Comparison with Microwave Backscatter

2002  Directional Spreading in Ocean Swell

2002  Estimation of Directional Wave Spectra from Non-Stationary Wave Sensors

2002  Evaluation of the Swan Wave Model for the Dutch Ijsselmeer Area

2002  Extension and Modification of Discrete Interaction Approximation (DIA) for Computing Nonlinear Energy Transfer of Gravity Wave Spectra

2002  Extension of the Discrete Interaction Approximation for Computing Nonlinear Quadruplet Wave-Wave Interactions in Operational Wave Prediction Models

2002  Improved Estimates of Swell from Moored Buoys

2002  The Influence Evaluation of the Noise for the Directional Wave Spectrum Estimated from HF Radar Received Signal

2002  Modeling of the 2nd Order Low Frequency Wave Spectrum in a Shallow Water Region

2002  Near-Shore Doppler Current Meter Wave Spectra

2002  A New Method for Directional Wave Analysis Based on Wavelets

2002  Second Order Wave Spectra and Heave/Slope Wave Measurements

2002  Space-Time Imaging of Shoaling Waves and Surf

2002  Spectral Evolution of Swell across the Continental Shelf

2002  Spectral Wave Transformation Model with Wave Diffraction Effect

2002  Theory of Significant Wave Period Based on Spectral Integrals

2002  Transformation of Wave Spectra from Deep to Shallow Water

2002  Wave Damping and Spectral Evolution at Artificial Reefs

2002  A Wave Spectra Study of the Typhoon Across Taiwan

2001  Application of Standardized Bimodal Directional Spectra to Field and Laboratory Data

2001  The Application of Third-Generation Models in Coastal Engineering Studies

2001  Characterization of Wave Sequencing in Surface Elevation Time Series

2001  A Combined PDF of 3-D Irregular Wave Amplitudes and Their Directions of Propagation

2001  Directional Wavenumber Spectra of Ocean Surface Waves

2001  Equilibrium Range Spectra of Wind Waves on Currents

2001  Estimating Infragravity Wave Properties from Pressure-Current Meter Array Observations

2001  Estimation of Directional Spectra from HF/VHF Radar Surface Backscatter

2001  Improvement of Parabolic Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Model

2001  Influence of Ageing and Wide Wave Spectra on Stability of Placed Block Revetments

2001  Modelling of Non-Linear Quadruplet Wave-Wave Interactions in Operational Wave Models

2001  A Saturation-Dependent Dissipation Source Term for Wind-Wave Modelling Applications: Fetch-Limited Case

2001  Second-Order Superharmonic Wave Loading on Jack-Up Platforms

2001  Swell and Whitecapping—A Numerical Experiment

2001  Transient Evolution of the Wave Bimodal Directional Distribution

2001  Wave Transmission: Spectral Changes and Its Effects on Run-Up and Overtopping

2001  Wavelet Spectrum of Freak Waves in the Ocean

2000  Influence of Currents on Equilibrium Range Spectra of Wind Waves

2000  New Solution for Directional Wave Analysis in Reflective Wave Fields

1999  Beach Recharge Design and Bi-Modal Wave Spectra

1999  Generation of Double Peak Directional Wave by Dual Mode Snake-Type Wave Maker

1999  Random Wave Measurements in Front of Reflective Structures

1999  Random Waves on a Vertically-Sheared Current

1999  Sensitivity of Wind Wave Simulation to Coupling with a Tide/Surge Model with Application to the Southern North Sea

1999  Stochastic Modelling of Nonlinear Waves in Shallow Water

1999  Variations in Nonlinearly Evolved Nearshore Spectra and Their Significance in the Estimation of Wave Foreces

1998  A 3-D Random Breaking Model for Directional Spectral Waves

1998  An Analysis of Diffraction in Spectral Wave Models

1998  Characteristics of Giant Freak Waves Observed in the Sea of Japan

1998  Characteristics of Wave Reflection Spectra

1998  Comparison of 3G (WAM) and 2G (WISWAVE) Wave Models in Deep Water

1998  Comparison of Directional Wave Spectrum Between Buoy Data and SAR Image Data

1998  Comparison of ERS-1 SAR and Altimeter Wave Heights

1998  Diffraction in a Spectral Wave Model

1998  Directional Distributions in Wave Spectra

1998  Effects on Wave Transformation at a Tidal Inlet

1998  Estimating the Directional Spectrum of Waves Near a Reflector

1998  Focussed Wave Groups on Deep and Shallow Water

1998  Global Comparison of ERS-1 SAR with WAM Model Spectra

1998  A Hand-Deployable Wave Buoy Utilizing Triaxial Accelerometer, Angular Rate, and Magnetometer Sensors

1998  The Harvest Project Phase 1–HarvEx

1998  Inter-Calibration of Satellite and Buoy Wave Data

1998  Laboratory Observations and Numerical Simulations of Shoaling Surface Gravity Waves

1998  New Wave Direction and Spectrum Measurement Technique

1998  Numerical and Physical Tests on Wave Group Characteristics

1998  Numerical Forecasting of Infra-Gravity Waves Near Harbour Entrances

1998  The Orbital Criterion of Defining Discrete Waves and Its Relationship with Sea Wave Periods

1998  Oscillating Tidal Barriers and Random Waves

1998  Probability Distribution of 3-D Irregular Wave Directions

1998  A Proposed Method for Minimizing the Number of Bits Needed to Encode Nondirectional Wave Spectra for Satellite Transmissions

1998  SMART-800: A GPS Based Directional Wave Buoy

1998  Surface Wave Recovery from Subsurface Pressure Records on the Basis of Weakly Nonlinear Directional Wave Theory

1998  Transformation of Double Peak Spectral Waves

1998  Use of Transient Waves in Wave Barrier Model Testing

1998  Variability in Wave Spectra Measured by HF Radar

1998  WAM4 Model/Data Comparison in the NW Gulf of Mexico

1998  WaMoS II: An Operational Wave Monitoring System