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2015  Comparative Study of the Dynamic Response of Concrete Gravity Dams Subjected to Underwater and Air Explosions

2015  Modeling of Nonlinear Guided Waves and Applications to Structural Health Monitoring

2015  Velocity Fields in Near-Bottom and Boundary Layer Flows in Prebreaking Zone of a Solitary Wave Propagating over a 1:10 Slope

2014  Effect of Input Source Energy on SASW Evaluation of Cement Concrete Pavement

2014  Modeling Dynamic Site Response Using the Overlay Concept

2014  Prediction of Blast-Induced Vibration Parameters for Soil Sites

2014  Resonance of Free-Surface Waves Provoked by Floodgate Maneuvers

2014  Some Recent and Emerging Topics on Seismic Wave Methods for Geotechnical Site Characterization

2014  Surge Wave Propagation in a Common Tailrace Channel for Two Large Pumped-Storage Plants

2014  Torsional Wave Propagation in a Substratum over a Dry Sandy Gibson Half-Space

2014  Two-Dimensional Stress-Wave Propagation in Finite-Length FG Cylinders with Two-Directional Nonlinear Grading Patterns Using the MLPG Method

2014  Vibration Analysis of a Rigid Circular Disk Embedded in a Transversely Isotropic Solid

2014  Vibration Characteristics of a Tunnel Structure Based on Soil-Structure Interaction

2014  Wave Propagation in a Timoshenko Beam Building Model

2013  Applications of Sonic Tests to Masonry Elements: Influence of Joints on the Propagation Velocity of Elastic Waves

2013  Assessment of Cancellous Bone Microarchitecture from Poroelastic Ultrasound (PEUS) Theory

2013  Biot-Pride Electrokinetic Wave Propagation in Porous Rocks

2013  Biot’s Slow Wave and Effective Hydraulic Conductivity in Random Media

2013  A Boundary Element Formulation for the Wave Propagation in the Unsaturated Soils

2013  Buoyancy Effect on Turbulent Round Jet under Regular Waves

2013  Coda Wave Analysis to Monitor Processes in Soils

2013  A Comparison of Seismic Attenuation Models for Unconsolidated Surficial Sediments: Evidence from Multi-Frequency Sonic Logs

2013  Digital Rock Physics: Poroelastic Signature of Permeability and Tortuosity

2013  Discrete-Element Method Simulations of the Response of Soil-Foundation-Structure Systems to Multidirectional Seismic Motion

2013  Dispersion of Love Wave Propagating in Irregular Anisotropic Porous Stratum under Initial Stress

2013  Dynamic Green’s Functions of an Axisymmetric Thermoelastic Half-Space by a Method of Potentials

2013  Dynamics of a Cylindrical Pile in a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space under Axial Excitations

2013  Effect of Fluid on Wave Propagation in Weakly Anisotropic Porous Media

2013  Effect of Inner Resonators on Acoustics of Rigid Porous Media

2013  Evaluation of Effective Soil Density in Resonant Column Tests

2013  Experimental and Numerical Methods for Detection of Voids in Wood Poles Using Ultrasonic Testing

2013  Experimental Study of Solitary Wave Induced Fluid Motions in a Submerged Cavity

2013  Extended Blockage Detection in Pipes Using the System Frequency Response: Analytical Analysis and Experimental Verification

2013  Frequency Domain Analysis of an Axisymmetric Thermoelastic Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

2013  Higher-Order Homogenization for One-Dimensional Wave Propagation in Poroelastic Composites

2013  Improved Mechanical Properties and Early-Age Shrinkage Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Atomic Polymer Technology

2013  Interaction Between Fracture Zones and Shock-Induced Borehole Waves

2013  A Multiscale Poromicromechanical Approach to Wave Propagation and Attenuation in Bone

2013  On Developing A Continuum Model for Wave Propagation in Ice-Covered Seas

2013  On the Field Variables of the Biot Theory and Modeling of Seismic Wave Propagation

2013  Poromechanics V, Proceedings of the Fifth Biot Conference on Poromechanics

2013  Prediction of Anisotropic Trabecular Orientation and Spatial Distribution of Anabolic Remodeling by Acoustic Wave Propagation

2013  Propagation of a Semi-Infinite Hydraulic Fracture in a Poroelastic Medium

2013  Propagation of Sound Waves in Poroelastic Media with Anisotropic Permeability

2013  P-wave Propagation in Double-Porosity Materials Saturated with Dual-Fluid

2013  Relevance of Poroelastic Theory for Wave Propagation in Rocks - Ultrasonic Experimental Check in the Laboratory

2013  Response of Gas Distribution Pipeline Network to Seismic Wave Propagation in Greater Tehran Area, Iran

2013  Slow Shear Waves in Poroelasticity and the Concept of Dynamic Permeability

2013  Transient Acoustic Wave Propagation in Non-Integer-Dimensional Rigid Porous Media

2013  Two-Phase Dynamic Finite Element Method with One-Dimensional Examples

2013  Use of CO2 as a Fluid in Fundamental Studies of Wave Propagation through Porous Media

2013  Wave Propagation and Attenuation in Rocks from Poroelasticity and Thermoelasticity

2013  Wave Propagation in Residual Saturated Porous Rocks - A Multiscale Approach

2012  Characteristics of Shear Layer and Primary Vortex Induced by Solitary Waves Propagating over Rectangular Structures with Different Aspect Ratios

2012  Electromagnetic Wave Signals’ Propagation, Particularity in Horizontal Directional Drilling Stratum

2012  Estimating Rotational Components of Ground Motion Using Data Recorded at a Single Station

2012  Flood Wave Modeling Based on a Two-Dimensional Modified Wave Propagation Algorithm Coupled to a Full-Pipe Network Solver

2012  Forward Calculation of Subgrade Modulus Using Falling Weight Deflectometer Time Histories and Wave Propagation Theory

2012  Fully Nonlinear Model for Water Wave Propagation from Deep to Shallow Waters

2012  Heat Wave Driven by Nanoscale Mechanical Impact between C60 and Graphene

2012  Influence of River Discharge and Dredging on Tidal Wave Propagation: Modaomen Estuary Case

2012  Mechanism of Collapse of Tall Steel Moment-Frame Buildings under Earthquake Excitation

2012  Optimal Design of Bundled Layered Elastic Stress Wave Attenuators

2012  Prediction and Mitigation of Building Floor Vibrations Using a Blocking Floor

2011  Analytical Solution of Wave Propagation in Large-Diameter Piles for Low Strain Integrity Testing

2011  DEM Simulations of Wave Propagation in Dry Granular Soils

2011  Estimation of the Probability Distribution of Wave Velocity in Wood Poles

2011  Finite-Dynamic Model for Infinite Media: Corrected Solution of Viscous Boundary Efficiency

2011  Flow Dynamics and Bed Resistance of Wave Propagation over Bed Ripples

2011  Modeling Seismic Wave Propagation and Amplification in 1D/2D/3D Linear and Nonlinear Unbounded Media

2011  Nonhydrostatic Model for Surf Zone Simulation

2011  Nonreflective Boundary Design via Remote Sensing and Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control Valve

2011  Propagation of Pressure Waves in Two-Component Bubbly Flow in Horizontal Pipes

2011  Rock-Joint Micromechanics: Relationship of Roughness to Closure and Wave Propagation

2011  Swash Zone Dynamics due to Impulsive Waves

2011  Testing of Cementitious Materials under High-Strain-Rate Tensile Loading Using Elastic Strain Energy

2011  Wave Propagation in a Pipe Pile for Low-Strain Integrity Testing

2010  1-D Wave Propagation Techniques in Foundation Engineering

2010  Analytical Solution for Biot Flow–Induced Damping in Saturated Soil during Shear Wave Excitations

2010  Celerity and Amplification of Supercritical Surface Waves

2010  Complex Frequencies in Elastodynamics, with Application to the Damping-Solvent Extraction Method

2010  Effect of Fine Particle Migration on the Small-Strain Stiffness of Unsaturated Soils

2010  Effects of the Source on Wave Propagation in Pile Integrity Testing

2010  Extended Boussinesq Equations for Water-Wave Propagation in Porous Media

2010  Forced Vertical Vibration of Rigid Circular Disc on a Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

2010  Numerical Analysis of Wave Propagation in Two-Phase Soil Medium

2010  Numerical Simulation for Wave Propagation in Pile Integrity Test

2010  One-Dimensional Study on Propagation of Tsunami Wave in River Channels

2010  Quantitative Structural Health Monitoring by Ultrasonic Guided Waves

2010  Unsteady Turbulence in Tidal Bores: Effects of Bed Roughness

2010  Variation in Wave Propagation in Lunar Percussive Drilling Instrument Due to Presence of a Joint

2010  Wave-Breaking Model for Boussinesq-Type Equations Including Roller Effects in the Mass Conservation Equation

2009  Analytical Solutions for Open-Channel Temperature Response to Unsteady Thermal Discharge and Boundary Heating

2009  Effect of Soil Locking on the Cylindrical Shock Wave’s Peak Pressure Attenuation

2009  Finite-Element Analysis of Lamb Wave Propagation in a Thin Aluminum Plate

2009  Monitoring Corrosion of Rebar Embedded in Mortar Using High-Frequency Guided Ultrasonic Waves

2009  New Perspectives on the Damage Estimation for Buried Pipeline Systems Due to Seismic Wave Propagation

2009  Nonlinear Viscoelastic Wave Propagation: An Extension of Nearly Constant Attenuation Models

2009  Strain in Pipe Elbows Due to Wave Propagation Hazards

2009  Surface Roller Model for the Numerical Simulation of Spilling Wave Breaking over Constant Slope Beach