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2015  Vertical Cylinder Density and Toppling Effects on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2014  2D Process-Based Morphodynamic Model for Flooding by Noncohesive Dyke Breach

2014  Articulated Concrete Block Stability Assessment for Embankment-Overtopping Conditions

2014  Enhanced Stone Sizing for Overtopping Flow

2014  Modeling Study of Erosion of HPTRM-Strengthened Levee in Turbulent Overtopping Flow Conditions

2014  New Physical Insights and Design Formulas on Wave Overtopping at Sloping and Vertical Structures

2014  Numerical and Experimental Study of Overtopping and Failure of Rockfill Dams

2014  Numerical Simulation of Two-Dimensional Regular Wave Overtopping Flows over the Crest of a Trapezoidal Smooth Impermeable Sea Dike

2014  Quay Wall Stability Considering Earthquake and Tsunami Overtopping Forces Together in the Active Condition

2014  Stability Monitoring of Articulated Concrete Block Strengthened Levee in Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping Conditions

2014  Turbulence Measurement of Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping of a Full-Scale HPTRM-Strengthened Levee

2013  Computer Simulation of Levee Erosion and Overtopping

2013  Deformation of Reef Breakwaters and Wave Transmission

2013  Depth-Averaged Hydrodynamic Model for Gradual Breaching of Embankment Dams Attributable to Overtopping Considering Suspended Sediment Transport

2013  Effects of Woody Plants on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2013  Erosion Resistance of Earthen Levee Strengthened by HPTRM System under Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping Conditions

2013  Influence of Three Levee-Strengthening Systems on Overtopping Hydraulic Parameters and Hydraulic Equivalency Analysis between Steady and Intermittent Overtopping

2013  Reliability-Based Dam Erodibility Assessment

2013  Simplified Physically Based Model of Earthen Embankment Breaching

2013  Slope Stability Analysis of Three Earthen Levee Strengthening Systems under Hurricane Overtopping Flow Conditions

2013  Wave Runup and Overtopping at Seawalls Built on Land and in Very Shallow Water

2012  Derivation of a New Model for Prediction of Wave Overtopping at Rubble Mound Structures

2012  Earthen Levee Shear Stress Estimates for Combined Wave Overtopping and Surge Overflow

2012  Evaluation of the Structure of Levee Transitions on Wave Run-Up and Overtopping by Physical Modeling

2012  Finite Element Analysis of Rapidly Deployable Armoring System to Mitigate Levee Erosion During Overtopping

2012  Protecting Road Embankments from Overtopping Flow

2012  Shore Protection against Sea Level Rise and Tropical Cyclones in Small Island States

2012  Wave Overtopping at Smooth Impermeable Steep Slopes with Low Crest Freeboards

2011  Continuity of Instantaneous Wave Overtopping Discharge with Application to Stream Power Concepts

2011  Probability of Flood-Induced Overtopping of Barriers in Watershed-Reservoir-Dam Systems

2011  Reducing Erosion of Earthen Levees Using Engineered Flood Wall Surface

2011  Sea Level Rise Impact Assessment and Mitigation Alternatives Development for Balboa Island and Little Balboa Island, City of Newport Beach, California

2011  Temporal Development of Scour Holes around Submerged Stream Deflectors

2011  Wave Overtopping and Overwash of Dunes

2010  Instability of Grass Caused by Wave Overtopping

2010  Overtopping Probability Constrained Optimal Design of Composite Channels Using Swarm Intelligence Technique

2010  Time-Dependent Risk Assessment of Combined Overtopping and Structural Failure for Reinforced Concrete Coastal Structures

2010  Wave Overtopping and Damage Progression of Stone Armor Layer

2009  Two-Dimensional Physical Modeling of the Northern Breakwater of Leixões Harbor, Portugal: Case Study

2009  Variable-Height Bulkhead Design Concept for Storm Flood Protection

2008  Breaching of Sea Dikes and Subsequent Flooding Processes as Prerequisite for Disaster Prevention Measures

2008  Computing the Trajectory of Free Jets

2008  Levee Overtopping Design Guidance: What We Know and What We Need

2007  Conceptual Approach for Prediction of Wave Transmission at Low-Crested Breakwaters

2007  Irregular Wave Seepage and Overtopping of Permeable Slopes

2006  Case Study: Dam Safety during Construction, Lessons of the Overtopping Diversion Works at Aguamilpa Dam

2006  Experimental Analysis and Numerical Simulations of Waves and Current Flows around Low-Crested Rubble-Mound Structures

2006  Numerical Simulation of Wave Overtopping Using an Incompressible SPH Method

2005  Earth Dam Overtopping and Breach Outflow

2004  Extreme Statistics Analysis of Wave Overtopping Rate by a Stochastic Typhoon Model

2004  Full Scale Wave Overtopping Measurements

2004  Full-Scale Measurement of Wave Overtopping at Ostia-Rome Yacht Harbour Breakwater

2004  Hazards Resulting From Wave Overtopping-Full Scale Measurements

2004  Influence of Parapets and Recurves on Wave Overtopping and Wave Loading of Complex Vertical Walls

2004  Large Scale Wave Run-up Tests on a Rubble Mound Breakwater

2004  Liquefaction of Loosely Deposited Sandbed Behind a Breakwater due to Wave Overtopping

2004  Numerical and Experimental Predictions of Overtopping Volumes for Violent Overtopping Events

2004  Numerical Study for Small Negative Freeboard Wave Overtopping and Overflow of Sloping Sea Wall

2004  Physical Model Studies of Wave-Induced Loading on Exposed Jetties: Towards New Prediction Formulae

2004  Riprap Stability on the Inner Slopes of Medium-Height Breakwaters

2004  Violent Overtopping of Vertical Seawalls Under Oblique Wave Conditions

2004  Violent Wave Overtopping - Extension of Prediction Method to Broken Waves

2004  Violent Wave Overtopping: CLASH Field Measurements at Samphire Hoe

2004  Wave and Current Flows Around Low-Crested Structures

2004  Wave Overtopping at Seadikes

2004  Wave Overtopping Database As the Starting Point for a Neural Network Prediction Method

2004  Wave Overtopping on Chicago Shoreline Revetment

2004  Wave Run-up and Wave Overtopping on a Rubble Mound Breakwater-Comparison of Prototype and Laboratory Investigations

2004  Wave Transmission Behind Low-Crested Structures

2003  Performance of Coastal Structures against Sequences of Hurricanes

2003  Statistical Modeling of Overtopping for Extreme Waves on Fixed Deck

2002  Berm for Reducing Wave Overtopping at Commercial Port Road, Guam

2002  Coastal Flooding Initiated by Wave Overtopping at Sea Defences

2002  Effects of Natural Sea States on Wave Overtopping of Seadikes

2002  On the Validity of the Shallow Water Equations for Violent Wave Overtopping

2002  Overtopping Breaching of Noncohesive Homogeneous Embankments

2002  Prediction of Wave Overtopping at Steep Seawalls—Variabilities and Uncertainties

2002  Stability of Armor Units for a Leeward Mound of Composite Breakwaters

2002  Time-Dependent Sediment Suspension and Transport under Irregular Breaking Waves

2002  Using a Lagrangian Particle Method for Deck Overtopping

2002  Violent Wave Overtopping: Discharge Throw Velocities, Trajectories and Resulting Crown Deck Loading

2002  Wave Run-Up and Overtopping of Sea Dikes: Results from New Model Studies

2001  Dune Profile Evolution due to Overwash

2001  Effect of Wave Groups and Wind Speed to Wave Overtopping

2001  Effects of Bi-Modal Waves on Overtopping: Application of UK and Dutch Prediction Methods

2001  Gridless Numerical Analysis of Wave Breaking and Overtopping at Upright Seawall

2001  Numerically Simulating Seawall Overtopping

2001  Splash-Up and Overtopping of Shoreline Structures

2001  Statistical Characteristics of Sea Walls Damaged by Storm Waves

2001  Study on Practical Application of a Non-Wave Overtopping Type Seawall

2001  Wave Transmission: Spectral Changes and Its Effects on Run-Up and Overtopping

2000  Breach Morphology Observations of Embankment Overtopping Tests

2000  Challenges in Implementing a Multi-Objective Water Resources Project: Pogues Run Flood Control/CSO Reduction Project

2000  Stability of Rounded Riprap in Overtopping Flow

1999  Alternatives for Overtopping Protection of Dams by ASCE Hydraulics Division Task Committee on Overtopping Protection

1999  Application of Mathematical Modeling in Optimizing Layout of a Large Industrial Fishery Harbour

1999  Application of Overtopping Models to Vertical Walls against Storm Surges

1999  Berm Breakwaters—Influence of Stone Graduation, Permeability and Armouring

1999  Design of Revetments in the Øjresund Link. Reclaimed Artificial Island and Peninsula

1999  Directional Wave Overtopping Estimation Model and Experimental Verification