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2013  Formula to Predict Transmission for π-Type Floating Breakwaters

2013  Measuring Shear and Compression Wave Velocities in Laboratory Triaxial Tests Using Disk Shaped Composite P/S Piezoelectric Transducer

2012  Anisotropy Evolution and Irrecoverable Deformation in Triaxial Stress Probes

2012  Field Measurements of Tug Waves in the Cagliari Harbor, Italy

2011  3-D Hydraulic Model of Waves Generated by Displacements

2011  Engineers’ Concern with Waves, and Their Measurement

2011  Influence of Poisson’s Ratio on Surface Wave Near-Field Effects

2011  The Measurement of Wave Heights by Means of a Float in an Open-End Pipe

2011  Ocean-Wave Forces on Circular Cylindrical Piles

2011  Parallel Wire Resistance Wave Meter

2011  Wave Measurements along the California Coast

2010  Mechanistic Corrections for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Base Course Materials Based on Elastic Wave Measurements

2009  Different Approaches for Estimating Ground Strains from Pile Driving Vibrations at a Buried Archeological Site

2009  Modeling of the Wave Setup Inshore of an Array of Submerged Breakwaters

2009  Observation and Simulation of Surface Waves in Two Water Supply Reservoirs

2009  Test of Wave Hindcast Model Results Against Measurements During Four Different Meteorological Systems

2008  Influence of Spectal Width on Wave Height Parameter Estimates in Coastal Environments

2008  NewsBriefs: Seismic Waves Measured in the Field

2008  Video Measurements of Large-Scale Flows in a Laboratory Wave Basin

2007  Defining Yield from Bender Element Measurements in Triaxial Stress Probe Experiments

2007  Evaluation of Mean Velocity and Turbulence Measurements with ADCPs

2007  Geometric Study of Monochromatic Wave Breaking on Beaches

2007  Variability of Karstic Limestone Quantified Through Compressional Wave Velocity Measurements

2007  Wave Velocities in Granular Materials under Microgravity

2006  Analytical Modeling of Dune Response Due to Wave Impact and Overwash

2006  Application of Artificial Neural Network Model in Estimation of Wave Spectra

2006  Comparison of Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Relations from Three Surface Wave Measurements in a Complex-Layered System

2006  Comparison of Three Surface Wave Measurements and a Seismic Downhole Measurement in a Complex-Layered System

2006  Determination of Sediment Transport Paths on a Macrotidal Shoreface: Comparison of the ”Gao and Collins” Method with Near-Bed Current Measurements

2006  Distributions of Wave Steepness and Surf Parameter

2006  Measurements of Shallow Water Breaking Wave Rollers

2006  Particle Image Velocity Measurements of Undualr and Hydraulic Jumps

2006  PIV Measurements of Velocities over Full-Scale Ripples in Oscillatory Flow

2006  Underwater Surface Wave Measurements Using an Impact Source

2005  CADET: A Tool for Predicting Underkeel Clearance in Deep-Draft Entrance Channels

2005  Combining Active- and Passive-Source Measurements to Profile Shear Wave Velocities for Seismic Microzonation

2005  Comparison of Wave Spectra from Nautical Radar Images and Scalar Buoy Data

2005  Development of an Online Coastal Wave Prediction System

2005  Evaluatoin of Two Numerical Wave Models with Inlet Physical Model

2005  Measurements and Modeling of Long-Period Wave Generated Currents in Port of Long Beach

2005  Nearshore Dredged Spoil Mounds for Beach Erosion Prevention and Mitigation

2004  Dynamic Wave Loads on Coastal Structures: Analysis of Impulsive and Pulsating Wave Loads

2004  Field and Laboratory Measurement of Wave Impacts

2004  Field Measurements of Hydrodynamics Around a Beach Defence System

2004  Full Scale Wave Overtopping Measurements

2004  Full-Scale Measurement of Wave Overtopping at Ostia-Rome Yacht Harbour Breakwater

2004  Hazards Resulting From Wave Overtopping-Full Scale Measurements

2004  Kinematics of a Focused Wave Group on a Plane Beach: Physical Modeling in the UK Coastal Research Facility

2004  Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry for Low Velocity and Shallow Water Flows

2004  Predictions of Missing Wave Data by Recurrent Neuronets

2004  Statistics of Wave Crests in Storms

2004  Validation of Numerical Models Against Laboratory Measurements of Waves and Currents Around Low-Crested Structures

2004  Violent Wave Overtopping: CLASH Field Measurements at Samphire Hoe

2003  Field Measurement of Ship Waves in Victoria Harbor

2003  Validation of a Three-Dimensional Numerical Code in the Simulation of Pseudo-Natural Meandering Flows

2002  ADCP Water Velocity Measurements in a Hydropower Tailwater Impoundment: A Case Study

2002  Boat Wave Measurements on a High Velocity River

2002  Measurement of Hydroturbine Draft Tube Turbulence with Acoustic-Doppler Velocimeters

2002  A Novel Free-Surface Velocity Measurement Method Using Spatio-Temporal Images

2002  Particle Image Velocimetry Errors due to Refractive Index Fluctuations

2002  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements in a Physical Model Using Photoluminescent Tracers

2002  Simultaneous Image Measurements of Velocity Field and Water-Surface Wave in Open-Channel Flows

2002  Three-Dimensional Voronoï Imaging Methods for the Simultaneous Measurement of Velocities and Concentrations in Dense Particulate Flows

2002  Use of Acoustic Doppler Instruments for Measuring Discharge in Streams with Appreciable Sediment Transport

2001  The 1974 Storms Revisited: 25 Years Experience in Ocean Wave Measurement along the South-East Australian Coast

2001  Assessing the Quality of Directional Wave Measurement by a Differential GPS Buoy

2001  Characterization of Wave Sequencing in Surface Elevation Time Series

2001  A Comparison of Experimental Measurements and Theoretical Predictions for Three-Dimensional Wave-Current Interactions

2001  Determination of Internal Characteristics of Breaker Deformation using a PIV Technique that Satisfies the Mass Conservation Law

2001  Field Measurements of Swash on Gravel Beaches

2001  Interactive Numerical Modelling of the Hydrodynamics of Combined Waves and Tides in the Coastal Zone

2001  Measurement of the Initiation and Growth of Surface Water Waves under the Action of a Laminar Air Flow

2001  Modeling Waves at Willapa Bay, Washington

2001  Modelling Inner Surf Zone Hydrodynamics at Egmond (NL)

2001  Modelling of Rip Currents during RDEX

2001  Multi-Fraction Net Sediment Transports by Irregular Waves and a Current

2001  Numerical Modeling of Waves at Ponce de Leon Inlet, Florida

2001  Reflection and Transmission of Waves over Submerged Breakwaters

2001  Regular, Bichromatic and Random Waves on Co-Linear Currents

2001  Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics on Complex Coastlines—The Coast3D Project

2001  A Study of Plunging Breaker Mechanics by PIV Measurements and a Navier-Stokes Solver

2001  Turbulence Measurements over Vortex Ripples

2001  Water Wave Measurement with Lidar from a Fixed Platform

2001  Wave Crest Kinematics of Deep Water Breaking Waves

2001  Wave Transformations on Coral Reefs

2001  Wavelet Spectrum of Freak Waves in the Ocean

2000  Coastal Wave Measurement and Forecast System: Preliminary Results and Model Selection

2000  New Directions in Concrete Health Monitoring Technology

1999  Generation of Double Peak Directional Wave by Dual Mode Snake-Type Wave Maker

1999  Influence of False Waves on Wave Records Statistics

1999  A Long Term Wave Hindcast System Using ECMWF Winds

1999  Random Wave Measurements in Front of Reflective Structures

1999  Stabilisation of the Tidal Entrance at Hornafjordur, Iceland

1999  Wave Propagation Modeling for Pusan New Harbor

1998  Breakwater Effects in Piraeus Port Wave Climate

1998  Coastal Wave Data Dissemination Via the Internet

1998  Comparison of Intermediate-Water Directional Wave Data Measured from PUV Gages and Ocean Buoys

1998  CRF Study of Wave Kinematics in Front of Coastal Structures

1998  Design Wave Heights Estimated from Long-Term Measurements

1998  Deterministic Analysis of 3D Waves Near Structures