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2014  Wave-Energy Dissipation and Wave Setup Caused by Entrained Air Bubbles in Plunging Wave Breaking

2013  Distributions of Wave Heights in Time Domain in Stationary Sea States

2013  Numerical Modeling of Hurricane-Induced Extreme Wave Heights in Pensacola Bay

2012  Field Measurements of Tug Waves in the Cagliari Harbor, Italy

2011  An Analysis of Data from Wave Recorders on the Pacific Coast of the United States

2011  Investigating the Multifractal Properties of Significant Wave Height Time Series Using a Wavelet-Based Approach

2011  The Measurement of Wave Heights by Means of a Float in an Open-End Pipe

2011  Numerical Simulations of Wave Setup over Barred Beach Profiles: Implications for Predictability

2011  Swash Zone Dynamics due to Impulsive Waves

2010  Channel Bed Slope Effect on the Height of Gravity Waves Produced by a Sudden Downstream Discharge Stoppage

2009  Nonlinear High Wave Groups in Bimodal Sea States

2008  An Estimation Method for Potential Maximum Storm Surge Heights Using a New Tropical Cyclone Initialization Scheme and a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave Model

2008  Increasing Wave Heights along the Shores of the United States: Climate Controls and Hazards

2008  Influence of Spectal Width on Wave Height Parameter Estimates in Coastal Environments

2008  Run-Up Heights of Tsunamis around Circular Islands

2007  Generalized Shallow Water Wave Growth from Lake George

2007  Gulf of Mexico Rare Wave Return Periods

2005  Growth Model for Sand Wavelets

2005  Slamming Forces due to Random Waves on Horizontal Circular Members in Intertidal Zone

2005  Spatial Significant Wave Height Variation Assessment and Its Estimation

2005  Wave Propagation over Irregular Topography Using Green Function

2004  Spread Parameter of Extreme Wave Height Distribution for Performance-Based Design of Maritime Structures

2004  Wave Field Computation Around Artificial Reefs with Gradational Breaker Model

2004  Wave Height, Pressure and Velocity CDF’s around Rubble Mound Protections for Submarine Outfalls

2003  Revisiting Wilson’s Formulas for Simplified Wind-Wave Prediction

2002  Analysis of Characteristics of Wind and Wave Near Centers of Typhoons Using Data Observed by Satellites

2002  Case Study on the Statistical Characteristics of Large Wave Heights in Storm

2002  Climatic and Maximum Wave Spectra from Long-Term Measurements

2002  Comparison of Methods for Recovering Surface Waves from Pressure Transducers

2002  Comparisons of Wave Measurements from the Eurorose Fedje Experiment

2002  Depth-Limited Wave Breaking for the Design of Nearshore Structures

2002  Effect of Wave Height on Cross-Shore Solute Mixing

2002  Effects of Frequency-Directional Spreading on the Longshore Current

2002  Fitting the Long Term Bivariate Distribution of Wave Heights and Periods to a Theoretical Model

2002  Improved Estimates of Swell from Moored Buoys

2002  Laboratory Investigation of Nonlinear Irregular Wave Kinematics

2002  Modelling Wind and Wave Remote Sensing Data

2002  Rayleigh Law and Stokes Correction for High Waves in Heavy Seas

2002  Video Observation of Laboratory Waves

2002  Wave and Turbulence Characteristics in Narrow-Band Irregular Breaking Waves

2002  Wave Pressure Gauge Analysis with Current

2001  Abnormal High Tides Induced by Surf-Beats

2001  Artificial Reefs for Coastal Protection — Transient Viscous Computation and Experimental Evaluation

2001  Beach Oscillation, Rotation and the Southern Oscillation, Narrabeen Beach, Australia

2001  Beach Volume Changes on a Meso-Tidal Sandy Coast

2001  Bedform Migration on a Sheltered Sandy Beach in Southwestern Australia

2001  Bivariate Statistical Analysis of Wave Climates

2001  Cross-Shore Sediment Transport Indices

2001  Estimating Wave Height Distributions from Wind Speed Distributions

2001  Experiments with Groups of Breaking Waves. Part I: Short Wave Motion

2001  Extreme Significant Wave Heights from Combined Satellite Altimeter Data

2001  Field Wave and Current Model Testing for Pipelines

2001  Free Surface Statistics and Probabilities in Surf Zones on Beaches

2001  Horizontal Coherence of Wave Forces on Vertical Wall Breakwaters

2001  Hydrodynamic Validation of Delft3D with Field Measurements at Egmond

2001  Joint Distributions of Wave Height and Wave Steepness Parameters

2001  Mach Reflection of Random Waves

2001  Modeling Wave Transformation in the Surf Zone

2001  Modeling Waves at Willapa Bay, Washington

2001  Nonlinear Interaction of Nearshore Morphology

2001  Observation of Wave Set-Up Height in a River Mouth

2001  Population Distribution of Extreme Wave Heights Estimated through Regional Analysis

2001  Regional Frequency Analysis of Extreme Wave Heights: Trading Space for Time

2001  Ship Waves in a Shallow and Narrow Channel

2001  Solitary Wave Runup on Plane Slopes

2001  Statistical Distribution of Wave Heights in Finite Water Depth

2001  Swell and Whitecapping—A Numerical Experiment

2001  Time-Averaged Distributions of Velocity and Sediment-Concentration under Irregular Waves and Currents

2001  Verification of a Cross-Shore Profile Model Using Field Data

2001  Wave Reflection Analysis at a Barred Beach

2001  Wave Setup in River Entrances

2001  Wave Transformation on the Foreshore of Coastal Structures

2001  Wave Transformations on Coral Reefs

2000  Dam-Break Surges with Floating Debris

2000  Joint Distribution of Wave Heights and Periods in Waters of Any Depth

1999  Application of an Undertow Model to Irregular Waves on Barred Beaches

1999  A Boussinesq Model for Breaking Waves: Comparisons with Experiments

1999  Breaker Bar Formation and Migration

1999  Damage Progression on Breakwaters

1999  Depth Inversion for Nonlinear Waves Shoaling over a Barred-Beach

1999  Distribution of Extreme Waves Behind a Shoal

1999  Encounter Probability of Individual Wave Height

1999  Energy Dissipation Model for Irregular Breaking Waves

1999  Generation of Double Peak Directional Wave by Dual Mode Snake-Type Wave Maker

1999  Homogeneity Aspects in Statistical Analysis of Coastal Engineering Data

1999  Increase of Wave Height in the North Pacific Ocean

1999  Influence of False Waves on Wave Records Statistics

1999  Influence of Steep Seabed Slopes on Breaking Waves for Structure Design

1999  Integrated Approach on the Safety of Dikes along the Great Dutch Lakes

1999  Long Waves in Flume Experiments

1999  Long-Period Wave Responses in a Harbor with Narrow Mouth

1999  Nonlinear Time-Averaged Model in Surf and Swash Zones

1999  Observation and Simulation of Low-Frequency Waves on Two Natural Beaches

1999  On the Accuracy of Parabolic Wave Models

1999  On the Statistical Variability of Wave Height and Period Parameters

1999  Probability Distribution of Wave Height in Finite Water Depth

1999  Random Wave Measurements in Front of Reflective Structures

1999  Sea Breeze Climatology and Nearshore Processes along the Perth Metropolitan Coastline, Western Australia

1999  Stability of Mound Breakwaters: Dependence on Wave Relfection

1999  Statistical Wave Forecasting through Kalman Filtering Combined with Principal Component Analysis