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2014  Analytical Solution of a Wave Diffraction Problem on a Submerged Cylinder

2014  Effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Performance of U.S. Highway Bridges

2013  Experimental Study of Tsunami Forces on Structures

2012  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a Free-Surface Semicircular Breakwater Exposed to Irregular Waves

2012  Small-Scale Field Experiment on Wave Forces on Upright Breakwaters

2012  Wave- and Wind-Induced Dynamic Response of a Spar-Type Offshore Wind Turbine

2011  Breaking Wave Force Prediction

2011  Experimental Setup for a Large-Scale Bridge Superstructure Model Subjected to Waves

2011  Ocean-Wave Forces on Circular Cylindrical Piles

2010  Benchmark Tests for Harbor Wave Agitation Models

2010  Design of Hurricane Wave Forces for Overwater Structures

2010  Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Impact-Echo Waveforms for T-Beams

2010  Nonlinear Time-Domain Simulation of a Land-Based Oscillating Water Column

2010  Research into the Influence of Cable Local Vibration over Wave Response for Cable-Stayed Bridges

2009  Hydrodynamic Investigation of Coastal Bridge Collapse during Hurricane Katrina

2009  Quasi-Static Response of Fixed Offshore Platforms to Morison-Type Wave Loadings

2008  Experimental Investigation of Tsunami Wave Forces on Buildings with Openings

2008  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Seaside Perforated Semicircular Breakwaters due to Random Waves

2008  Influence of the Initial Wave Shape on Tsunami Wave Runup Characteristics

2008  Mean and Low Frequency Wave Forces on Semi-Submersibles

2007  An Improved Linearization Technique for Frequency Domain Riser Analysis

2007  Uplift Wave Load on the Superstructure of Coastal Bridges

2006  Experimental and Numerical Studies on Wave-Induced Instability in Suction Caisson Foundation Founded in the Seabed

2006  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Pile-Supported Vertical Wall Breakwaters

2006  Improved Analysis Method for Wave-Induced Pipeline Stability on Sandy Seabed

2006  Maximum Fluid Forces in the Tsunami Runup Zone

2006  Method for Calculating Forces Produced by Irregular Waves

2006  Scattering of Linear Water Waves by a Fixed and Infinitely Long Rectangular Structure Parallel to a Vertical Wall in Oblique Seas

2006  Wave Forces: Data Analysis and Engineering Calculation Method

2006  Wave Forcing of Small Floating Bodies

2005  Back Matter

2005  Civil Engineering in the Oceans VI

2005  Front Matter

2005  Nonbreaking Wave Forces on Multiresonant Oscillating Water Column Wave Power Caisson Breakwater

2005  Slamming Forces due to Random Waves on Horizontal Circular Members in Intertidal Zone

2004  Analysis of Wave Transmission Behind Low-Crested Structures Using Neural Networks

2004  Armor Stability Based on Wave Momentum Flux

2004  Dynamic Wave Loads on Coastal Structures: Analysis of Impulsive and Pulsating Wave Loads

2004  Improved Boussinesq Model and its Application to Wave Transformations over Artificial Reef on Sloping Beach

2004  Influence of Parapets and Recurves on Wave Overtopping and Wave Loading of Complex Vertical Walls

2004  New Wave Parameter for Coastal Structure Design

2004  Oblique Wave Transmission Over Low-Crested Structures

2004  Proposal of a Full-Scale Destructive Test Method to Assess Integrity of Natural Armourstone

2004  Rapid Stabilization of the Immersed Tunnel Element

2004  Stochastic Analysis of a Single-Degree-of-Freedom Nonlinear Experimental Moored System using an Independent-Flow-Field Model

2003  Tentative New Formula for Maximum Horizontal Wave Forces Acting on Perforated Caisson

2002  Wave Control on Reef Morphology and Coral Distribution: Molokai, Hawaii

2001  Acceleration and Pressure Measurements during Wave-Structure Interactions

2001  Bed Friction in Combined Wave-Current Flows

2001  Bottom Sediment Suspension due to Wave-Current Effects at the Mouth of the Columbia River, USA

2001  Breaking Wave Impact on a Slender Cylinder

2001  Calculation of Wave-Driven Currents in a 3D Mean Flow Model

2001  Calculation of Wave-Induced Longshore Current in Surf Zone by using Boussinesq Equations

2001  Design of Jetty Decks for Extreme Vertical Wave Loads

2001  Effect of Directional Occurrence Distribution of Extreme Waves on Composite Breakwater Reliability in Sliding Failure

2001  Effect of Random Multidirectional Wave Fields on Wave Loads on Vertical and Composite Breakwaters

2001  Horizontal Coherence of Wave Forces on Vertical Wall Breakwaters

2001  How Safe are Blockwork Breakwaters and Seawalls against Wave Attack?

2001  A Hybrid Method for Accurate Estimation of Harbor Resonant Amplifications

2001  Pressure Distribution at the Front Face and the Bottom of a Vertical Breakwater in Multidirectional Seas

2001  Resonance of a Harbour under Edge Waves Forcing

2001  Sand Transport by Waves and Currents: Predictions of Research and Engineering Models

2001  Scale Effects on Scale Tests of Crown Walls

2001  Second-Order Superharmonic Wave Loading on Jack-Up Platforms

2001  Stability of Armour Units on Breakwater Heads under Multidirectional Waves

2001  A Three-Dimensional Model for Wind and Wave-Induced Coastal Currents, and Its Verification by ADCP Observations in the Nearshore Zone

2001  Time Variations of Suspended Sediment Concentration under Irregular Waves

2001  Vertical Sorting of Graded Sediments by Waves and Currents

2001  Vortex Formation behind a Vertical Slender Plate and Wave Force

2001  Wave Loads on Perforated Caisson Breakwaters

2001  Wave Scour Around Piles

2001  Wave-Induced Vortices around a Submerged Breakwater by FLDV and PIV

2000  Application of a Barotropic Hydrodynamic Model to Nearshore Wave-Induced Circulation

2000  Numerical Simulation of Impact of Bores against Inclined Walls

2000  Reconstruction of Subarctic Lake Levels over Past Centuries Using Tree Rings

2000  Response of Inhomogeneous Seabed around Buried Pipeline under Ocean Waves

2000  Wave Impact on Wall Using Pressure-Impulse Theory. I. Trapped Air

2000  Wave Impact on Wall Using Pressure-Impulse Theory. II. Porous Berm

2000  Wave Interactions with Perforated Breakwater

1999  2DH Non-Linear Dispersive Wave Modelling and Sediment Transport in the Nearshore Zone

1999  Analytical Model for Wave-Related Transport

1999  Behavior of Breakaway Walls under Wave Action

1999  Boundary-Layer Theory for Anisotropic Seabed Response to Sea Waves

1999  Breaking Wave Forces on Tripod Concrete Structure on Shoal

1999  Characteristics of Suspended Sediment Transport in the Surf Zone of Irregular Waves and their Reproduction by a Cross-Shore Beach Deformation Model

1999  Depth of Closure: Improving Understanding and Prediction

1999  Design and Construction of Seawater Exchange Breakwaters

1999  Design of Alternative Revetments

1999  Development of Two-Dimensional Numerical Wave Flume for Wave Interaction with Rubble Mound Breakwaters

1999  Double Walled, Low Reflection Wave Barriers

1999  Field Observation of Erosion and Accretion Waves on Shizuoka and Shimizu Coasts in Suruga Bay in Japan

1999  Impact Loadings on Vertical Walls in Directional Seas

1999  Inner-Bank Erosion at Jetty-Shoreline Intersection

1999  Internal Wave-Maker for Navier-Stokes Equations Models

1999  Laboratory Evaluation of Instrumentation Used in Field Studies of Wave-Sediment Interactions

1999  Large-Scale Shoreline Response to Storms and Fair Weather

1999  Longshore Patterns of the Sea Bottom Morphology

1999  Motions of Pebbles on Pebble Beach

1999  Neural Network Modelling of Forces on Vertical Structures

1999  Nonlinear Wave Forces on a Rubble Covered Pipeline