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2014  Approximations of the Dispersion Relationship of Water Waves

2014  Nonlinear Semianalytical Finite-Element Algorithm for the Analysis of Internal Resonance Conditions in Complex Waveguides

2013  Dispersion of Love Wave Propagating in Irregular Anisotropic Porous Stratum under Initial Stress

2013  Effect of the Fracture Fill on the Dispersion and Attenuation of Elastic Waves in a Porous Rock with Aligned Fractures

2013  Experimental Results on the Combined Effects of Frequency, Pressure and Pore Fluid on the Dispersion of Elastic Waves in Porous Rock

2013  An Experimental Study of Low-Frequency Wave Dispersion and Attenuation in Water Saturated Sandstones

2013  Experimental Study of the Solute Transport in the Interfacial Exchange Zone (IEZ) of a Gravel Stream Bed

2013  Global Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion Curves Based on Improved Weighted Average Velocity Method

2013  P-wave Propagation in Double-Porosity Materials Saturated with Dual-Fluid

2013  Quantifying the Effect of Squirt Flow Dispersion from Compliant Clay Porosity in Clay-Bearing Sandstones

2013  Wave Attenuation and Dispersion in Patchy Saturated Gas Reservoirs: Influence of Frequency and Saturation on AVO Attributes

2011  Graphical User Interface for Guided Acoustic Waves

2011  Solute Transport along Temporally and Spatially Dependent Flows through Horizontal Semi-Infinite Media: Dispersion Proportional to Square of Velocity

2010  Efficient Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Surface Waves from Deep to Shallow Water

2010  Horizontal Dispersion in Gyres-Internal Wave Flow Field in a Rotating Circular Lake

2006  Comparison of Rayleigh Wave Dispersion Relations from Three Surface Wave Measurements in a Complex-Layered System

2006  Fully Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Surface Waves

2006  Solving Wave Dispersion Equation for Dissipative Media using Homotopy Perturbation Technique

2006  Underwater Surface Wave Measurements Using an Impact Source

2005  Forward Modeling of Steady-State Surface Wave Test

2004  Hydrodynamic Dispersive and Advective Processes in Watershed Responses

2004  Numerical Solution of Fractional Advection-Dispersion Equation

2003  Field Verification of Computer Models Predicting Plume Dispersion in Hong Kong

2002  Analysis of Wave Directional Spreading Using Neural Networks

2002  A Finite Element Method for the 1-Term Weakly Nonlinear Beji-Nadaoka Wave Model

2002  Finite-Volume Models for Unidirectional, Nonlinear, Dispersive Waves

2002  Laser Imagery Technique for Measuring Dispersed Droplets in Water

2002  Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Single-Channel Streams

2002  Nonlinear Amplitude Dispersion Effects in Extreme Deep-Water Random Waves

2002  Nonlinearity of Boussinesq-Type Equations and Its Role on Wave Transformation

2001  Are Our Clients’ Expectations Realistic?

2001  The Dissipation of Waves over a Rippled Bed

2001  Exploring Unknown Foundation Conditions with Dispersive Wave Technology

2001  Improved Performance in Boussinesq-Type Equations

2001  Improvement of Parabolic Nonlinear Dispersive Wave Model

2001  Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Straight Rivers

2001  On the Formation of Rip Currents on a Plane Beach

2001  The Ultimate Boussinesq Formulation for Highly Dispersive and Highly Nonlinear Water Waves

2001  Wave Breaking Simulation for Multi-Directional Nonlinear-Dispersive Waves

2000  New Solution for Directional Wave Analysis in Reflective Wave Fields

1999  Comparing 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-Generation Coastal Wave Modelling

1999  A Comparison of Higher Order Bousinesq and Local Polynomial Approximation Models

1999  Dispersion of Wave Action

1999  A Multi-Level Model for Nonlinear Dispersive Water Waves

1999  A New Formulation of Deterministic and Stochastic Evolution Equations for Three-Wave Interactions Involving Fully Dispersive Waves

1999  Recent Extensions to Local Polynomial Approximation Models

1998  Estimating the Directional Spectrum of Waves Near a Reflector

1998  High-Gradient Modeling for Love Wave Propagation in Geological Materials

1998  Inspecting the Unknown (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)

1998  Short-Wave Behavior of Long-Wave Equations

1998  Wave Propagation in Circular Jettied Channels

1997  Bottom Friction Dissipation in the Belgian Coastal Regions

1997  Boussinesq Equations with Improved Doppler Shift and Dispersion for Wave/Current Interaction

1997  Boussinesq Type Equations with High Accuracy in Dispersion and Nonlinearity

1997  Experiments on a Non-Wave Overtopping Type Seawall

1997  Field Investigations on Wave-Dissipating Concrete Blocks Covering Vertical Wall Breakwater

1997  A Fourth Order Boussinesq-Type Wave Model

1997  Fundamental Characteristics of Wave Transformation Around Artificial Reefs

1997  New Stability Formula for Wave-Dissipating Concrete Blocks Covering Horizontally Composite Breakwaters

1997  A New Type Breaker Forming a Giant Jet and Its Decaying Properties

1997  Nonlinear Refraction-Diffraction of Surface Waves over Arbitrary Depths

1997  Nonlinear Wave Transformation Due to a Submerged Breakwater

1997  Potential Uses for the Rapidly Installed Breakwater System

1997  Prediction of Wave Reflection from Rock Structures: An Integration of Field & Laboratory Data

1997  Structure of Frequency Domain Models for Random Wave Breaking

1997  The “Swan” Wave Model for Shallow Water

1997  A Uniform Mild-Slope Model for Waves over Varying Bottom

1996  Numerical Simulation of 1993 Southwest Hokkaido Earthquake Tsunami around Okushiri Island

1996  Wave Overtopping and Pressure Dependent on Crest Elevation

1996  Wind Wave Simulation in Coastal Zone

1995  Vibrations of One-Dimensional Structure with Arbitrary Constraints

1994  Anomalous Dispersion Paradox in Shallow Water Gravity Waves Shoaling Over Slopping Bottom

1994  Axisymmetric Time-Domain Transmitting Boundaries

1994  Experimental Study of Three-Dimensional Wave Breaking

1994  Ground-Motion and Soil-Response Analyses for Leninakan, 1988 Armenia Earthquake

1994  On Some Hydrodynamic Effects Found in Large Scale Experiments

1994  A Second-Generation Wave Model for Coastal Wave Prediction

1993  Wave Energy Dissipation on and in Rubble Mound Structures

1991  Creation of Calm Sea Area by Large-Scale Offshore Breakwater and Planning Method for Use of the Created Area

1991  Development of High Performance Floating Breakwater

1991  Laboratory Study of Wave-Current Interactions

1991  Stability of Nearly Breaking Long Waves

1991  Wave Propagation in Jettied Entrance Channels. I: Models

1991  Wave Propagation in Jettied Entrance Channels. II: Observations

1989  Groupiness Factor and Wave Height Distribution

1989  Interaction of Finite Amplitude Waves with Platforms or Docks

1989  A Numerical Model of Wave Deformation in Surf Zone

1989  Seismic Response of Strip Footings on Zoned Viscoelastic Soils

1989  Transformation of Shallow Water Wave Spectra

1988  Interaction of Periodic Waves with Inclined Portable Barrier

1987  Grouping Waves and Their Expression on Asymptotic Envelope Soliton Modes

1983  Characteristics Method Using Time-Line Interpolations

1982  Analogous Dispension Properties of Surf Zone and Electromagnetic Waves

1982  Initial Conditions and Korteweg-de Vries Solitons

1979  Design of a Small Craft Harbor

1979  Direct Solution of Wave Dispersion Equation

1978  Anomalous Dispersion of Fourier Components of Surface Gravity Waves in the Near Shore Area

1977  An Effective Method for Increasing Dispersion Rates in Residential Canals in the Coastal Zones

1977  Nonlinear Wave Forces on Large Offshore Structures

1977  Numerical Modeling of Dispersion in Stratified Waters