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2014  Analytical Solution of a Wave Diffraction Problem on a Submerged Cylinder

2011  Diffraction of Water Waves by a Semisubmerged Structure in a Channel

2011  Diffraction of Waves by Semi-Infinite Breakwater

2011  Diffraction of Wind Generated Water Waves

2011  Wind-Generated Wave Diffraction by Breakwater Gap

2010  Quantitative Structural Health Monitoring by Ultrasonic Guided Waves

2009  Scaled Boundary FEM Model for Interaction of Short-Crested Waves with a Concentric Porous Cylindrical Structure

2006  Development and Validation of a Quasi-Three-Dimensional Coastal Area Morphological Model

2006  Scattering of Linear Water Waves by a Fixed and Infinitely Long Rectangular Structure Parallel to a Vertical Wall in Oblique Seas

2005  Diffraction of Water Waves by a Segmented Permeable Breakwater

2003  Numerical Model for Wave Refraction-Diffraction near Pearl River Estuary, China

2002  Diffraction by a Gap in an Infinite Permeable Breakwater

2002  Linear Refraction-Diffraction Model for Steep Island Bathymetry

2002  Maximizing Value of Available Southern California Wave Gage Data

2002  Measurement of Physical Model Wave Diffraction Patterns Using Video

2002  Spectral Wave Transformation Model with Wave Diffraction Effect

2002  Wave Diffraction by a Vertical Cylinder with a Porous Ring Plate

2002  Wave Transformation at Grays Harbor, WA with Strong Currents and Large Tide Range

2000  Solitary Wave Interaction with Porous Breakwaters

1999  Analysis of Sediment Transport Processes at Westport, Massachusetts

1999  Antiplane Diffraction from Canyon above Subsurface Unlined Tunnel

1999  Application of Computer Modeling for Harbor Resonance Studies of Long Beach & Los Angeles Harbor Basins

1999  Distribution of Extreme Waves Behind a Shoal

1999  Green-Function Analysis of a Wave Field over Arbitrary Bathymetry

1999  Numerical Model of Fully-Nonlinear Wave Refraction and Diffraction

1999  On the Accuracy of Parabolic Wave Models

1999  On the Reflection of Short-Crested Waves in Numerical Models

1999  A Refraction–Diffraction Model for Irregular Waves

1999  Sand Size and Fill Geometry Effects on Longshore Transport at a Nourished Beach

1999  Second Order Wave Interaction with a Large Structure

1998  An Analysis of Diffraction in Spectral Wave Models

1998  Diffraction and Refraction of Multi-Directional Waves

1998  Diffraction in a Spectral Wave Model

1998  Nonlinear Force Calculations by Numerical Wave Tank Simulations

1998  A Numerical Wave Tank for Nonlinear Wave Simulations

1998  On the Radiation Boundary Conditions for Time-Dependent Parabolic Wave Calculations

1998  Surface Motion Above an Arbitrarily Shaped Tunnel Due to Elastic SH Waves

1998  A Wave Transformation Model for Harbor Planning

1997  Combined Diffraction and Transmission of Water Waves Around a Porous Breakwater Gap

1997  Experimental Study of Breaking Waves over a Shoal

1997  Nonlinear Refraction-Diffraction of Surface Waves over Arbitrary Depths

1997  Oblique Wave Diffraction by Parallel Thin Vertical Barriers with Gaps

1997  Resonant Reflection and Refraction-Diffraction of Surface Waves due to Porous Submerged Breakwaters

1997  Two-Dimensional Analysis of Wave Transformation by Rational-Approximation-Based, Time-Dependent Mild-Slope Equation for Random Waves

1997  Water Wave Fluctuations Induced by Irregular Bathymetry

1997  Wave Overtopping and Stability of Armor Units under Multidirectional Waves

1996  Combined Refraction-Diffraction - Wave-Current Interaction Over a Complex Nearshore Bathymetry

1996  Evaluation and Validation of the Mild Slope Evolution Equation Model Using Field Data

1996  Longshore Nonuniformities of Nearshore Currents

1996  Multiple-Pit Breakwaters

1996  Wave Scattering by Submerged Elliptical Disk

1995  A Generalized Green-Function Method for Wave Field Analysis

1995  Hydrodynamic Interactions of Cnoidal Waves with Cylinder Arrays

1995  The Indirect Boundary Element Method for Dynamic Elasticity

1995  Oblique-Wave Diffraction by Noncollinear Segmented Offshore Breakwaters

1995  Responses of Articulated Loading Platform in Irregular Waves

1995  Steep Wave Diffraction by a Submerged Cylinder

1995  Time-Dependent Mild-Slope Equations for Random Waves

1995  Wave Diffraction Around Breakwater

1995  Waves in an Annular Entrance Channel

1994  ASA.WAVES: An Interactive PC-based Wave Forecasting Tool

1994  An Experimental and Analytical Study of the Shoreline Response to Non-Parallel Breakwaters in Oblique Waves

1994  An Offshore Island Wave Sheltering Model

1994  Propagation of Linear Gravity Waves Over Slowly Varying Depth and Currents

1994  Wave Interaction with Semiporous Cylindrical Breakwater

1993  Analysis of Wave Scattering by Submerged Circular Disk

1993  Diffraction of Solitary Waves by Breakwaters

1993  Evaluation of Numerical Models on Wave-Current Interactions

1993  Mean Drift Loads on Array of Vertical Cylinders in Narrow Tank

1993  Time-Dependent Mild Slope Equation for Random Waves

1993  Wave Diffraction by Array of Thin-Screen Breakwaters

1993  Wave Diffraction Patterns Behind Detached Breakwaters

1993  Wave Diffraction Through Submerged Breakwaters

1992  Effects of Bottom Friction on Wave Breaking Using RCPWAVE Model

1992  Nonlinear Diffraction of Random Waves by a Vertical Cylinder

1992  Screen Breakwaters

1992  Time-Domain Second-Order Wave Diffraction in Three Dimensions

1992  TLP Fatigue Due to Second-Order Springing

1991  Application of a Numerical Model to Develop Marina Concepts

1991  Flexible Floating Breakwater

1991  A Numerical Method of Solitary Wave Forces Acting on a Large Vertical Cylinder

1990  Diffraction of Long Waves by Rectangular Pit

1990  Time-Domain Solution for Second-Order Wave Diffraction

1990  Wave Diffraction Through Offshore Breakwaters

1989  Nonlinear Diffraction by a Vertical Cylinder

1989  Nonlinear Diffraction Effects on Tension-Leg Platforms

1989  Nonlinear Effects pm Focussed Water Waves

1989  Nonlinear Wave Forces on Vertical Cylinders of Arbitrary Cross Section

1989  Observation of Directional Wave Spectra and Reflection Coefficient of Breakwater in a Harbor

1989  Refraction-Diffraction of Irregular Waves Over a Mound

1989  A Steady-State Wave Model for Coastal Applications

1989  Transformation of Water Waves in Monterey Bay

1989  Verification of Numerical Wave Propagation Models in Tidal Inlets

1989  Water Wave Scattering by Rows of Circular Cylinders

1989  Wave Field Behind the Permeable Detached Breakwater

1989  Wave Grouping Effect on Irregular Wave Agitation in Harbors

1988  Diffraction of Waves in Caustics

1988  Second-Order Diffraction Loads on Truncated Cylinders

1987  Breakwater Gap Wave Diffraction: An Experimental and Numerical Study

1987  Coastal Hydrodynamics