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2015  Erosion of a Seaward Dike Slope by Wave Action

2013  Deformation of Reef Breakwaters and Wave Transmission

2013  Field Monitoring of Ship Wave Action on Environmentally Friendly Bank Protection in a Confined Waterway

2012  A Case Study of the Impact of Wind and Wave Action on Floating Dock Anchorage Systems on Lake Brownwood, Texas

2012  Hydrodynamic Forces on a Large Pipeline and a Small Pipeline in Piggyback Configuration under Wave Action

2011  Case Study of Concrete Bridge Subjected to Hurricane Storm Surge and Wave Action

2011  Development and Validation of a Wave-Action Model for Simulating Wave Attenuation Due to Vegetation

2011  Effect of Sea Conditions on Emulsification Profile of Oils in Coastal Waters after Major Spills

2011  Wave Passage and Ground Motion Incoherency Effects on Seismic Response of an Extended Bridge

2008  Coupling of Hydrodynamic and Wave Models: Case Study for Hurricane Floyd (1999) Hindcast

2007  Equilibrium Beach Profile Concept for Delaware Beaches

2006  The Effect of Wave Action on Gravity Currents

2005  Evaluatoin of Two Numerical Wave Models with Inlet Physical Model

2005  Influence of Loss Model on Design Discharge of Homogeneous Plane

2005  Performance of Submerged Floating Breakwater Supported by Perforated Plates under Wave Action and Its Dynamics

2004  Floating Breakwater Response to Waves Action Using a Boussinesq Model Coupled with a 2DV Elliptic Solver

2003  Cutter Suction Dredge Productivities in Semi-Protected Harbors

2002  Modes of Failure of Coastal Slopes as a Result of Wave Action

2001  Analysis of SWAN Model with In-Situ and Remotely Sensed Data from SandyDuck ’97

2001  Beach Profile Evolution due to Oblique Wave Attack

2001  The Half-loc: Optimized Middle Armor Block

2001  The Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Coastal Erosion

2001  Stresses and Deformation of Buried Pipeline under Wave Loading

2001  A Study on Suitable Mooring System for Large and Small Ships under Waves and Wind

2001  Time Domain Simulation of Long Period Oscillations in Harbors

2001  The Void Porosity of Rock Armour in Coastal Structures with Reference to Measurement and Payment Issues

2001  Wave Kinematics and Wave Bottom Pressures in the Surf Zone

2000  Analysis of Scour around a Group of Vertical Piles in the Field

2000  Numerical Solution for Trapped Modes around Inclined Venice Gates

2000  Shoreline Changes behind Detached Breakwater

2000  Short-Crested Wave-Induced Liquefaction in Porous Seabed

1999  Characteristic Velocities for Higher-Order Stokes Waves in Deep Water

1999  Design Considerations for Coastal Zone Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Wave Action

1999  Dispersion of Wave Action

1999  Experimental Analysis of Wave-Induced Liquefaction in a Fine Sandbed

1999  Longshore Sediment Transport on Mediterranean Coast of Israel

1999  Numerical Modeling of Wave Interaction with Porous Structures

1999  The Settlement, Hardness and Liquefaction of Sand Beds due to Fluctuating Water Pressure

1998  Contrasts in Coastal Floods From Major Hurricanes: 1995 Opal in Florida, 1996 Fran in North Carolina

1998  Current-Induced Breaking at an Idealized Inlet

1998  The Erosion Response of Estuarine Mudflats to Tidal Currents and Waves

1998  Irregular Wave Forces on Crown Walls

1998  Modeling Nearshore Circulation Under Field Conditions

1998  Ocean Wave Kinematics, Dynamics and Loads on Structures

1998  Physical Modeling of Harbor Resonance

1998  Wave Effects on Inner Shelf Wind Drag Coefficients

1998  Wave Motion over a Multiple-Plate Breakwater

1997  Breakwater Stability under Regular and Irregular Wave Attack

1997  Cross-Shore Momentum Flux Due to Shear Instabilities

1997  An Energetics Approach for Suspended Sand Transport on Macrotidal Ridge and Runnel Beaches

1997  Erosive Waves in Shoreline Change Due to the Reduction of a River Delta

1997  Experiments on Design Wave Height in Shallow Water

1997  Exposure of Concrete in Different Marine Environments

1997  Field Observation of Movement of Sand Body Due to Waves and Verification of Its Mechanism by Numerical Model

1997  Interference of Small Structures in the Vicinity of Large Structures

1997  Numerical Modelling of Wave Interaction with Dynamically Stable Structures

1997  Overall Slope Stability Analysis of Rubble Mound Breakwaters

1997  Roundhead Stability of Berm Breakwaters

1997  Seabed and Foundation Response to Wave Loading

1997  Sheet Flow Modelled as Pure Convection

1997  Simulation of Coastal Profile Development Using a Boussinesq Wave Model

1997  Studies on the Suspended Concentration in the Surf Zone

1997  Transport of Fluid Mud Generated by Waves on Inclined Beds

1997  A Transport Rate Formula for Mixed-Size Sands

1997  Wave Actions on a Vertical Cylinder in Multi-Directional Random Waves

1997  Wave Dynamics at Coastal Structures: Development of a Numerical Model for Free Surface Flow

1997  Wave Loads on Caisson Founded on Multilayered Rubble Base

1997  Wave Resolution Effects on Predicted Shoreline Positions

1996  Coastal Dynamics ’95

1996  A Dynamic Submerged Breakwater

1996  Geometry of Sand Ripples due to Combined Wave-Current Flows

1996  Surf-Zone Modeling

1996  Wave Motion in Vegetated and Non-Vegetated Coastal Zones

1995  Analysis of Practical Rubble Mounds

1995  Beach Nourishment and Dune Protection

1995  Damage Analysis for Rubble-Mound Breakwaters

1995  Difference Between Waves Acting on Steep and Gentle Beaches

1995  The Dilution Processes of Alternative Horizontal Buoyant Jets in Wave Motions

1995  Erosion and Overtopping of a Grass Dike Large Scale Model Tests

1995  Estimating Landward Migration of Nearshore Constructed Sand Mounds

1995  Fundamental Characteristics of a New Wave Absorbing System Using Sand Liquefaction

1995  The History of the Humboldt Jetties, Eureka, California 1880 to 1994

1995  Hydraulic Characteristics and Field Experience of New Wave Dissipating Concrete Blocks (ACCROPODE)

1995  Initial Gap in Breakout of Half-Buried Submarine Pipe Due to Wave Action

1995  In-Situ Determination of the Critical Bed-Shear Stress for Erosion of Cohesive Sediments

1995  Laboratory Study of Surf-Zone Turbulence on a Barred Beach

1995  Microtunneling Meets Mother Nature

1995  Modeling Non-Uniform-Sediment Fluvial Process by Characteristics Method

1995  Monterey Breakwater: 60 Years of Satisfactory Performance From “Undersized” Armor Stone

1995  Mud Transport and Muddy Bottom Deformation by Waves

1995  Rubble Mound Breakwater Stability Under Oblique Waves: An Experimental Study

1995  Sediment-Cloud Based Model of Suspension over Ripple Bed Due to Wave Action

1995  Stability of Rubble Mound Foundations of Composite Breakwaters under Oblique Wave Attack

1995  Topographical Change Around Multiple Large Cylindrical Structures Under Wave Actions

1995  Tracking Dynamical Changes in Mud Bed Due to Waves

1995  Turbidity and Suspended Sediment Associated with Beach Nourishment Dredging

1995  Wave Action On and In Permeable Structures

1995  Wave Impacts on the Eastern Scheldt Barrier Evaluation of 5 Years Field Measurements

1995  Wave Interaction with Berm Breakwaters

1994  Crest-Breaking Time-Lapse Approach for Measuring Breaker Angle