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2015  Application of Multicriteria Decision Analysis with A Priori Knowledge to Identify Optimal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Plans

2015  Improved Spring Peak-Flow Forecasting Using Ensemble Meteorological Predictions

2015  Multiagent Systems and Distributed Constraint Reasoning for Regulatory Mechanism Design in Water Management

2015  Physically Based Estimation of Maximum Precipitation over Three Watersheds in Northern California: Atmospheric Boundary Condition Shifting

2015  Runoff Curve Numbers for Peat-Dominated Watersheds

2015  Sediment Fingerprinting for Calibrating a Soil Erosion and Sediment-Yield Model in Mixed Land-Use Watersheds

2014  Adaptivity of Budyko Hypothesis in Evaluating Interannual Variability of Watershed Water Balance in Northern China

2014  Agronomic and Stream Nitrate Load Responses to Incentives for Bioenergy Crop Cultivation and Reductions of Carbon Emissions and Fertilizer Use

2014  Analytical Evaluation of Amplification Factors, Stability, and Error Analysis of Square Finite Element Solution for the Kinematic Wave Shallow Water Equations

2014  Analyzing Hydrological Regime Variability and Optimizing Environmental Flow Allocation to Lake Ecosystems in a Sustainable Water Management Framework: Model Development and a Case Study for China’s Baiyangdian Watershed

2014  Assessing Effects of Small Dams on Stream Flow and Water Quality in an Agricultural Watershed

2014  Assessment of the Melt Rate Function in a Temperature Index Snow Model Using Observed Data

2014  Calibration of Rainfall-Runoff Model in Urban Watersheds for Stormwater Management Assessment

2014  Capability of Artificial Neural Network for Detecting Hysteresis Phenomenon Involved in Hydrological Processes

2014  Collaborative Approach to Calibration of a Riverine Water Quality Model

2014  Comparison of Gauge and MPE Precipitation Data for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Model

2014  Determination of Clark’s Unit Hydrograph Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Determination of Optimal Unit Hydrographs and Green-Ampt Parameters for Watersheds

2014  Evaluation of Parameter Characteristics of a Storage Function Model

2014  Evolution of a Watershed-Management Framework in the Kentucky River Basin

2014  Exploring Seasonality in Escherichia coli and Fecal Coliform Ratios in Urban Watersheds

2014  Heterogeneous Precipitation and Streamflow Trends in the Xiangxi River Watershed, 1961-2010

2014  How to Utilize Relevance Vectors to Collect Required Data for Modeling Water Quality Constituents and Fine Sediment in Natural Systems: Case Study on Mud Lake, Idaho

2014  Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Modeling of the Poyang Lake Catchment System in China

2014  Hydrologic Modeling of a Retention Irrigation System

2014  Hydrological and Water Quality Assessment in a Suburban Watershed with Mixed Land Uses Using the SWAT Model

2014  Hydrological Modeling to Identify and Manage Critical Erosion-Prone Areas for Improving Reservoir Life: Case Study of Barakar Basin

2014  Hydrologically Sensitive Areas, Land Use Controls, and Protection of Healthy Watersheds

2014  Managing Hydrological Risks with Extreme Modeling: Application of Peaks over Threshold Model to the Loukkos Watershed, Morocco

2014  Modeling Consistency for Small and Large Watershed Studies

2014  Reservoir Management Optimization for Basin-Wide Ecological Restoration in the Connecticut River

2014  A River Runs Through It

2014  Spatial and Temporal Scale Effect in Simulating Hydrologic Processes in a Watershed

2014  Springtime Snowmelt and Streamflow Predictions in the Himalayan Mountains

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2014  Sustainable Land-Use Planning for a Downtown Lake Area in Central China: Multiobjective Optimization Approach Aided by Urban Growth Modeling

2014  Water Management Trade-offs between Agriculture and the Environment: A Multiobjective Approach and Application

2014  Watershed Characteristics Extraction and Subsequent Terrain Analysis Based on Digital Elevation Model in Flat Region

2013  Alfalfa Water Use and Crop Coefficients across the Watershed: From Theory to Practice

2013  Alternative Land-Use Method for Spatially Informed Watershed Management Decision Making Using SWAT

2013  Application of a SWAT Model for Hydrological Modeling in the Xixian Watershed, China

2013  Bypassing Determination of Time of Concentration

2013  Calibrated Hydrodynamic Model for Sazlidere Watershed in Istanbul and Investigation of Urbanization Effects

2013  Case Study of Simulation of Heat Export by Rainfall Runoff from a Small Urban Watershed Using MINUHET

2013  Catchment-Scale Evaluation of the Hydrologic and Water Quality Impacts of Residential Street Retrofits in Wilmington, NC

2013  Characterization of Public and Stakeholder Objectives in Environmental Management: New Hampshire’s Lamprey River

2013  Classic Optimization Techniques Applied to Stormwater and Nonpoint Source Pollution Management at the Watershed Scale

2013  Comparison of WinSLAMM Modeled Results with Monitored Bioinfiltration Data during Kansas City Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project

2013  Continuous Hydrologic Modeling of Snow-Affected Watersheds in the Great Lakes Basin Using HEC-HMS

2013  Coupling a Mesoscale Atmospheric Model with a Distributed Hydrological Model Applied to a Watershed in Southeast Brazil

2013  Developing an Agricultural Planning Model in a Watershed Considering Climate Change Impacts

2013  Development and Implementation of Wireless Environmental Sensor Network for Measuring Fluid and Water Quality Fluxes in Watersheds

2013  Development of Community Water Deficit Index: Drought-Forecasting Tool for Small- to Mid-Size Communities of the Southeastern United States

2013  Development of Erosion Hotspots for a Watershed

2013  Effects of Land Use Change on Hydrologic Response at a Watershed Scale, Arkansas

2013  End-to-End Cyberinfrastructure for Decision-Making Support in Watershed Management

2013  Estimating Watershed-Scale Precipitation by Combining Gauge- and Radar-Derived Observations

2013  Evidence of Climate Change in the 1949-2010 Historical Climate Record of the Fort Cobb Experimental Watershed, Oklahoma

2013  Hydrologic Modeling for Flood Frequency Prediction in Several Data-Limited River Basins in the Balkans

2013  Hydrologic Trends and Correlations in South Texas River Basins: 1950-2009

2013  Impact of Urban Development on Local Water Balance

2013  Impacts of Land-Use and Climate Changes on Hydrologic Processes in the Qingyi River Watershed, China

2013  Influence of Land Use, Precipitation, and Mean Monthly Temperature on High Flow Trends in an Urban Watershed

2013  Influences of Coastal Stressors on Phytoplankton in the Great Lakes

2013  Integrated Watershed Management with Multiobjective Land-Use Optimizations under Uncertainty

2013  Integrating Logistical and Technical Criteria into a Multiteam, Competitive Watershed Model Ranking Procedure

2013  Measured Event Water Quality Levels in Urban Karst Watersheds Compared to Standard Reference Values

2013  Modeling the Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Hydrological Processes in a Semiarid Watershed of Loess Plateau

2013  Multimodel, Multiple Watershed Examination of In-Stream Bacteria Modeling

2013  Non-Point Source Pollution Models Applied to an Urban Watershed

2013  Optimal Location of Sediment-Trapping Best Management Practices for Nonpoint Source Load Management

2013  Optimal Location of Watershed Best Management Practices for Sediment Yield Reduction and Cost

2013  Optimal Watershed Management for Reservoir Sustainability: Economic Appraisal

2013  Optimizing Watershed Management by Coordinated Operation of Storing Facilities

2013  Partitioning Pre-Development Hydrology in Order to Mimic Pre-Development Water Quality

2013  Performance of domestic rainwater harvesting systems at regional scale

2013  Physically Based Maximization of Precipitation over American River Watershed in California

2013  Preliminary Field Evaluation of Soil Compaction in Rain Gardens

2013  Radar Rainfall Application in Distributed Hydrologic Modeling for Cypress Creek Watershed, Texas

2013  Rate-Based Estimation of the Runoff Coefficients for Selected Watersheds in Texas

2013  Relationship between Water Withdrawals and Freshwater Ecosystem Water Scarcity Quantified at Multiple Scales for a Great Lakes Watershed

2013  Reliability-Based Flood Management in Urban Watersheds Considering Climate Change Impacts

2013  A Relook at Ohio Watershed Regions for Homogeneity in Flood Frequency Analysis

2013  Return Period Adjustment for Runoff Coefficients Based on Analysis in Undeveloped Texas Watersheds

2013  A Review of Erosional Processes along a River Continuum: Watershed-scale Implications for River Restoration Planning

2013  Runoff Ratios for Five Small Urban Karst Watersheds under Different Levels of Imperviousness

2013  San Dimas Experimental Watershed Modeling Project

2013  Seismic Upgrades in the Watershed

2013  Simulation-Optimization Approach to Design Low Impact Development for Managing Peak Flow Alterations in Urbanizing Watersheds

2013  Snowmelt Runoff Simulation Using HEC-HMS in a Himalayan Watershed

2013  Special Issue on the Role of Systems Analysis in Watershed Management

2013  SSO Elimination in the Brandywine Hundred Watershed: Use of Dual Dry and Wet Weather Interceptors

2013  Stochastic Assessment of Long-Term Impacts of Phosphorus Management Options on Sustainability with and without Climate Change

2013  Stormwater Runoff Loadings To Coastal Bayous Under A Gradient Of Watershed Urbanization, North Central Gulf of Mexico

2013  Sustainable Watershed Evaluation and Planning Process for Wet Weather Program Alternatives Development

2013  System Dynamics Approach for Hydropower Generation Assessment in Developing Watersheds: Case Study of Karkheh River Basin, Iran

2013  Temperature and Precipitation Trends in Lebanon’s Largest River: The Litani Basin

2013  Use of Stabilized Stream-Monitoring Sections to Monitor Annual Streamflow on the Alberta Boreal Plain

2013  Using SWAPs to Meet the Chesapeake Bay TMDL

2013  Ventura River Basin Watershed Management Plan, Flood Mitigation and Flood Management Projects, Funding Sources and the CIP Process