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2014  510-Meter, Super-Tall Busan Lotte Town Tower: Engineering the Architecture To Minimize Extreme Winds

2014  ’City Beach’ Plan Would Bring Sand Dunes to Urban Waterfront

2014  Green Machine

2014  Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics Numerical Modeling of Structures Impacted by Tsunami Bores

2014  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Survey of Port and Harbor Facilities, Northern Region

2013  Bahia Urbana: Overcoming Structural Engineering Challenges for Successful Port Redevelopment, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2013  Concrete Facing as Protective Coating for Navy Cofferdam

2013  Floating Bridge to Floating Docks: Complex Criteria for Small Craft Naval Harbor

2013  Home Again for the Eagle

2013  Making the Destin Harbor Boardwalk Happen: A Public/Private Partnership Reality

2013  Methodology for Assessing and Providing Recommendations for Waterfront Lighting Efficiency Improvements

2013  New ASCE Waterfront Facilities Inspection & Assessment Manual

2013  The Port/Community Edge: A Successful Case Study

2013  Practical Implementation of Marine Concrete Specifications for Waterfront Structures

2013  Survey Assessments for Waterfront Facility Engineering

2013  Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011, Survey of Coastal Structures

2013  Waterfront Wonder

2012  Development Countermeasures for Waterfront Public Space in Tropical Cities in South Asia— A Case Study on Nanning City

2012  Flexible Seawalls: Modified Bulkhead Approach

2012  Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors

2012  The Renovation Design of City Waterfront Landscape during Urbanization

2012  Review of Standards for Ice Forces on Port Structures

2011  Dynamic Response of a Sheet Pile of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer for Waterfront Barriers

2010  Apron Wharf Structure for Fairview Container Terminal

2010  Container Terminal Development on Soft-Ground Sites: Geotechnical Considerations

2010  Cutter Soil Mixed Wall Shoring and Seepage Cut Off Office Building near Waterfront

2010  Design Challenges of a NYC Waterfront Development

2010  Design of Marine Habitat Mitigation Structure

2010  Durability of Cement Treated Clay with Air Foam Used in Water Front Structures

2010  Effects of Minimum-Intervention-Design to Urban Waterfront Park in China: An Application of POE

2010  Innovative Waterfront Retaining Wall System Saves a Condominium

2010  Lakefront Renaissance

2010  Numerical Modeling to Achieve Concrete Durability for New Waterfront Structures of 100 Years or More, but at What Price?

2010  Passing Ship Effects at Typical Waterfronts

2010  Practical Repair of Timber Structures

2010  Project Development of Jacksonville Shipyards Redevelopment

2010  Rehabilitation of the Orient Point Lighthouse Foundation

2010  Renowned Paris-based architect Jean Nouvel conceived the new National Museum of Qatar with the beauty of nature in mind...

2010  Seismic Design of Marine Caisson Waterfront Structures

2010  Service Life Extension Program for Dry Docks 10 and 11

2009  A Case Study on the Use of Advanced Fiberwrap Composites for the Seismic Retrofit of Waterfront Structures

2009  A New Crystalline Structure...

2009  Seismic Hazards and Construction Vibrations

2008  Anatomy of Foundation Performance Involving Three Grain Silos Systematically Loaded to Impending Failure

2008  Coastal Processes Understanding for Safeguarding the Dynamic Dubai Coastal Zone

2008  Improved Methods for Waterfront Facility Management

2008  Modular Mooring

2008  Performance of Sheet Pile Wall in Peat

2008  Seismic Performance and Design of Port Structures

2008  Seismic Response Evaluation of an Onshore Building Site Improved by Deep Mixed Foundation System

2008  Stability of Waterfront Retaining Wall Subjected to Pseudodynamic Earthquake Forces

2008  Underwater Shake Table Tests on Waterfront Structures Protected with Tire Chips Cushion

2007  Balancing the Needs of the Working Waterfront with Commercial Development at Terminal 91, Port of Seattle

2007  Effective Expert Reports for Marine Structure Investigations

2007  Engineered Management System for Waterfront Facilities

2007  Fender System Evaluation and Upgrade at Waterfront Street Terminal

2007  Instrumentation of Waterfront Structures for Monitoring During Extreme Events and Life-Cycle Management

2007  Pile Condition Index Development

2007  Pipe Jacking in Difficult Urban Waterfront Conditions

2007  Simulating Seismic Response of Cantilever Retaining Walls

2007  Station Transformation

2007  Structures: Glass and Steel ”Cloud” Redefines Hamburg Harbor

2007  Supporting a Vision: Redeveloping the Port of Bellingham Waterfront

2007  Terminal 5 Asset Management Plan

2007  Unconservative Outcomes from Conservative Soil Properties Used in Waterfront Applications

2007  Urban Redevelopment: Walkway Transforms Detroit Riverfront

2007  Urban Renewal: Redeveloped Toronto Waterfront to Feature New River Channel

2006  Generic Design of V-Shape and Vane-Type Breakwaters to Reduce Green Water Load Effects on Deck Structures and Containers of Ships: Case Study

2006  Visualization of Permeability Phenomena in Lightweight Treated Soil Mixed with Air Foam Using Micro-Focus X-Ray CT Scanner

2005  Analysis of Group Pile Behavior under Lateral Spreading

2005  In the Field: Global Warming May Threaten Boston’s Waterfront

2005  Modeling the Wave Impacts of Hurricane Floyd in Charleston Harbor, Charleston, South Carolina

2005  Repair of Wood Piles Using Prefabricated Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Shells

2004  An Approach to Developing Construction Documents for a Complex Waterfront Facility

2004  Deepening of Port Facilities - Design and Installation of Toe Walls

2004  Emerging Structural Material Standards in a Changing World

2004  Hydrodynamic Efficiency of a New Design of Half-Submerged Breakwater Compared to a Rectangular Caisson

2004  Influence of Batter Piles on the Dynamic Behavior of Pile-Supported Wharf Structures

2004  Joint Effort Rapid Response Minimizes Downtime During Fuel Oil Dock Replacement

2004  Port of Corpus Christi, Texas Waterfront Redevelopment

2004  Ports 2004, Port Development in the Changing World

2004  Predicting the Remaining Service Life of Waterfront Structures

2004  Seismic Microzonation Study at the Port of Oakland

2004  Software Development for Berthing Analysis and Structural Loading on Waterfront Facilities

2004  Taking Advantage of Strengths and Weaknesses when Rehabilitating Waterfront Structures

2004  Use of Numerical and Statistical Wave Models in the Structural Design and Operational Analysis of Harbor and Near-shore Structures

2004  Waterfront Wharf and Crane Rail Improvements Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT)

2003  Planning: Toronto Begins Revitilization of Waterfront

2003  Stabilization of a Waterfront Structure

2003  Structures: Historic Ferry Building Renovated on San Francisco’s Waterfront

2001  Applying Information Technology to Maintenance of Aging Port Infrastructure

2001  The Ballpark at St. George Station: New Home of the Minor League New York Yankees

2001  Banks, Bends, Shoals and Waterfront Development: Assessing the Risk to Port and Waterway Safety

2001  Bollards, Barnacles, and Blackjack

2001  Irvington, NY Brownfield Waterfront Remediation

2001  Permitting Waterfront Construction: 2 Recent Projects in the Pacific Northwest

2001  POMS: An Internet-Based System for Port Maintenance and Management

2001  Reliability of Timber Fender Systems in Waterfront Facilities

2001  The Seismic Performance of Piles in Waterfront Applications

2001  Structural Evaluation of Engineered Wood Composites for Naval Waterfront Facilities