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2014  Approximations of the Dispersion Relationship of Water Waves

2014  Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves during Hurricane Ike

2014  Gravity Waves on Turbulent Shear Flow: Reynolds Averaged Approach

2014  Water Wave Radiation Problem by a Submerged Cylinder

2013  Buoyancy Effect on Turbulent Round Jet under Regular Waves

2013  Observations and Modeling of Wind Waves in a Shallow Estuary: Galveston Bay, Texas

2012  Fully Nonlinear Model for Water Wave Propagation from Deep to Shallow Waters

2012  Resonances in an Evolving Hole in the Swash Zone

2012  Study of Scour around Submarine Pipeline with a Rubber Plate or Rigid Spoiler in Wave Conditions

2011  3D Analyses of Open Trench Barriers Filled with Water

2011  The Design Wave in Shallow Water

2011  Diffraction of Water Waves by a Semisubmerged Structure in a Channel

2011  Diffraction of Wind Generated Water Waves

2011  Experimental Study on Dam-Break Waves for Silted-Up Reservoirs

2011  Generation of Three-Dimensional Fully Nonlinear Water Waves by a Submerged Moving Object

2011  Mean and Turbulence Properties of a Neutrally Buoyant Round Jet in a Wave Environment

2011  Model Studies of the Dynamics of an LSM Moored in Waves

2011  Model Study of Mooring Forces of Docked Ship

2011  Observations of Landfalling Wave Spectra during Hurricane Ike

2011  Scour at Vertical Piles in Sand-Clay Mixtures under Waves

2011  Water Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Low Pressure Area

2011  Water Wave Equivalent of Mach-Reflection

2011  Water Waves Generated by Landslides in Reservoirs

2011  Waves ’93: Opening Remarks by Robert L. Wiegel

2010  Back-Analysis of Water Waves Generated by the Dayantang Landslide

2010  Estimating Alongshore Sediment Transport and the Nodal Point Location on the Delaware–Maryland Coast

2010  Extended Boussinesq Equations for Water-Wave Propagation in Porous Media

2010  Extended Fourth-Order Depth-Integrated Model for Water Waves and Currents Generated by Submarine Landslides

2010  Hurricane Response of Nearshore Borrow Pits from Airborne Bathymetric Lidar

2010  Impulse Product Parameter in Landslide Generated Impulse Waves

2010  Influence of Relative Roughness and Reynolds Number on the Roll-Waves Spatial Evolution

2010  Laboratory Study of Unidirectional Focusing Waves in Intermediate Depth Water

2010  Nonhydrostatic Modeling of Nonlinear Deep-Water Wave Groups

2009  Bernoulli Theorem, Minimum Specific Energy, and Water Wave Celerity in Open-Channel Flow

2009  Boussinesq Model for Weakly Nonlinear Fully Dispersive Water Waves

2009  Fundamental Frequency of Water Sloshing Waves in a Sloped-Bottom Tank as Tuned Liquid Damper

2009  Lagrangian Modeling of Weakly Nonlinear Nonhydrostatic Shallow Water Waves in Open Channels

2009  Maximum Level and Time to Peak of Dam-Break Waves on Mobile Horizontal Bed

2009  Parameterization of Neutrally Buoyant Horizontal Round Jet in Wave Environment

2009  Storm-Wave Flow through Tidal Inlets and Its Influence on Bay Flooding

2008  Analytical Modeling of Landslide-Generated Waves

2008  Influence of Spectal Width on Wave Height Parameter Estimates in Coastal Environments

2008  Modeling Dam Break Behavior over a Wet Bed by a SPH Technique

2008  Two-Dimensional SPH Simulations of Landslide-Generated Water Waves

2007  Dynamic Analysis of Multilayered Soils to Water Waves and Flow

2007  Interaction of Nonlinear Progressive Waves with Two Serially Arranged Submerged Obstacles

2007  Temporal and Spatial Change in Equilibrium Beach Profiles from the Florida Panhandle

2006  Control of Scour at Vertical Circular Piles under Waves and Current

2006  Fully Nonlinear Boussinesq-Type Equations for Waves and Currents over Porous Beds

2006  Scattering of Linear Water Waves by a Fixed and Infinitely Long Rectangular Structure Parallel to a Vertical Wall in Oblique Seas

2006  Solving Wave Dispersion Equation for Dissipative Media using Homotopy Perturbation Technique

2006  Viscous Effect on the Roll Motion of a Rectangular Structure

2005  Diffraction of Water Waves by a Segmented Permeable Breakwater

2005  Dispersion of Neutrally Buoyant Horizontal Round Jet in Wave Environment

2005  Numerical Simulations of Nonlinear Short Waves Using a Multilayer Model

2005  Oblique Impact of Water Waves on Thin Porous Walls

2003  Analysis of Water Waves Passing over a Submerged Rectangular Dike

2003  Dam-Breach Flood Wave Propagation using Dimensionless Parameters

2003  Effects of Weakly Nonlinear Water Waves on Soft Poroelastic Bed with Finite Thickness

2003  Explicit Schemes for Dam-Break Simulations

2003  Laminar Water Wave and Current Passing over Porous Bed

2003  Second-Order Radiation Boundary Condition for Water Wave Simulation with Large Angle Incidence

2002  Diffraction by a Gap in an Infinite Permeable Breakwater

2002  Discrete Particle Model for Analyzing Bedform Development

2002  Ocean Wave Measurement and Analysis

2002  Stage-Discharge Rating Curves Revisited

2002  Water Waves in Harbor Areas: Appreciation of Open Boundary Conditions

2001  Analytical Study of Porous Wave Absorber

2001  Comparison of Nearshore Wave Characteristics between Theories and Lab Experiments

2001  Effects of Seagrass on Nearshore Current and Wave Dynamics

2001  Measurement of the Initiation and Growth of Surface Water Waves under the Action of a Laminar Air Flow

2001  Modeling Looped Ratings in Muskingum-Cunge Routing

2001  Runup on Columns in Steep, Deep Water Regular Waves

2001  A Saturation-Dependent Dissipation Source Term for Wind-Wave Modelling Applications: Fetch-Limited Case

2001  Scour around Pile in Combined Waves and Current

2001  SPH Modelling of Water Waves

2001  Surface Spills in a Wave Environment

2001  Three-Dimensional Model of Navier-Stokes Equations for Water Waves

2001  The Ultimate Boussinesq Formulation for Highly Dispersive and Highly Nonlinear Water Waves

2001  Water Wave Interaction with Coarse Sediment

2001  Water Wave Measurement with Lidar from a Fixed Platform

2001  Wave Chronology Effects on Long-Term Shoreline Erosion Predictions

2000  Analysis of Scour around a Group of Vertical Piles in the Field

2000  Appendix

2000  Characterization of Testing Sites Description of Experiments, and Observation Data

2000  Coastal Processes in Tideless Seas

2000  Conclusions

2000  Cross-Shore Sediment Transport and Variability of the Underwater Slope Profile

2000  Determination of Inverse Depths Using Direct Boussinesq Modeling

2000  Dynamic Response of Soft Poroelastic Bed to Nonlinear Water Wave— Boundary Layer Correction Approach

2000  Effect of Bed Roughness on Time-Mean Drift Induced by Waves

2000  Elementary Hydrodynamic Transport Processes

2000  Experiments on Flood-Wave Propagation in Compound Channel

2000  Front Matter

2000  Index

2000  Influence of Currents on Equilibrium Range Spectra of Wind Waves

2000  Interactions of Horizontal Porous Flexible Membrane with Waves

2000  Inverse Flow Modelling of Waves and Currents in the Surf Zone

2000  Laminar Poroelastic Media Flow

2000  Longshore Sediment Transport