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2015  Analytical Approach Determining the Optimal Length of Paired Drip Laterals in Uniformly Sloped Fields

2015  Building an Integrated Water-Land Use Database for Defining Benchmarks, Conservation Targets, and User Clusters

2015  Dynamic Forecast of Daily Urban Water Consumption Using a Variable-Structure Support Vector Regression Model

2015  Nonlinear Reservoir Optimization Model with Stochastic Inflows: Case Study of Lake Tenkiller

2015  Scaling Water Consumption Statistics

2014  Accuracy of Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation by Two Irrigation Controllers in a Humid Climate

2014  Case Study of Wind Plant Life Cycle Energy, Emissions, and Water Footprint

2014  Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Conventional, Glass Powder, and Alkali-Activated Slag Concrete and Mortar

2014  Coordinated Hydropower Plant Simulation for Multireservoir Systems

2014  Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Yield, Quality, and Costs of the Production of Native Spearmint

2014  Estimation and Analysis of Irrigation in Single-Family Homes in Central Florida

2014  Evaluation of Very High Soil-Water Tension Threshold Values in Sensor-Based Deficit Irrigation Systems

2014  GIS-Based Water Budget Framework for High-Resolution Groundwater Recharge Estimation of Large-Scale Humid Regions

2014  Identifying Residential Water End Uses Underpinning Peak Day and Peak Hour Demand

2014  Improving Irrigation Water Delivery Performance of a Large-Scale Rice Irrigation Scheme

2014  Irrigation Conservation of Florida-Friendly Landscaping Based on Water Billing Data

2014  On the Use of System Performance Metrics for Assessing the Value of Incremental Water-Use Permits

2014  Saving Water in Chufa Cultivation by Using Flat Raised Beds and Drip Irrigation

2014  SCADA Platform for Regulated Deficit Irrigation Management of Almond Trees

2014  Using a Surface Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) to Estimate Seasonal Crop Water Use for Large Agricultural Areas: Case Study of the Palo Verde Irrigation District

2014  Water Use Efficiency of Surface Drip Irrigation versus an Alternative Subsurface Drip Irrigation Method

2013  Alfalfa Water Use and Crop Coefficients across the Watershed: From Theory to Practice

2013  Calibration of the 10HS Soil Moisture Sensor for Southwest Florida Agricultural Soils

2013  Classification of Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Water Users through Clustering of Property Appraiser and Water Billing Data

2013  Determination of Evapotranspiration and Annual Biomass Productivity of a Cactus Pear [Opuntia ficus-indica L. (Mill.)] Orchard in a Semiarid Environment

2013  Developing an Agricultural Planning Model in a Watershed Considering Climate Change Impacts

2013  Efficient Management of Dry Spells with Supplemental Irrigation for Maximum Productivity of Groundnut in Arid Alfisols of South India

2013  Evaluating the Feasibility of Reducing Water Use in the Power Sector: A Case Study of ERCOT

2013  Lysimetric Determination of Coriandrum sativum L. Water Requirement and Single and Dual Crop Coefficients in a Semiarid Climate

2013  A Mechanistic-Stochastic Approach to Classify Water Consumers and Simulate Urban Water Demand

2013  Optimization of Water Usage at Construction Camps: A Detailed Case Study Entailing Data from Multiple Bechtel Mining and Metals Projects across the Globe

2013  Personal Behavior, Technological Advance - Controlling the Domestic Use of Water in a Consumer Society

2013  Quantifying End-Use Energy Intensity of the Urban Water Cycle

2013  Residential Water Conservation in Australia and California

2013  Residential Water Demand Analysis Due to Water Meter Installation in California

2013  SWAT-Based Evapotranspirative Water Conservation Analysis Performed on Irrigated Croplands to Determine Potential Regional Water Savings

2013  Using Cloud Dataservice to Save Water

2013  Using Thermal Units for Crop Coefficient Estimation and Irrigation Scheduling Improves Yield and Water Productivity of Corn ( Zea mays L.)

2013  Water Allocation in Inter-Basin Water Transfer with the Virtual Water Approach

2013  The Water Footprint of Energy Policies

2013  Water Saving in Domestic Car Washing

2013  Water Usage Optimization During Concrete Operations

2012  Analysis of Arizona’s LEED for New Construction Population’s Credits

2012  Comparison of Laboratory and Field Calibration of a Soil-Moisture Capacitance Probe for Various Soils

2012  Estimating and Verifying United States Households’ Potential to Conserve Water

2012  Evaluation of Water Conservancy Project Modernization Based on Rough Set Theory

2012  Expanding-Disk Rain Sensor Dry-Out and Potential Irrigation Savings

2012  Exploring the Water-Thermoelectric Power Nexus

2012  Hybrid Fuzzy Regression–Artificial Neural Network for Improvement of Short-Term Water Consumption Estimation and Forecasting in Uncertain and Complex Environments: Case of a Large Metropolitan City

2012  A Method for Estimating Potential Outdoor Water Use and Compliance Rates during Water Restrictions

2012  Model for Nonlinear Root Water Uptake Parameter

2012  A New Optimization Framework That Includes Water Conservation Strategies to Reduce Demand in Water Distribution Networks

2012  Performance of Rain Delay Features on Signal-Based Evapotranspiration Irrigation Controllers

2012  Research and Application of Distributed Effluent-Treatment Systems

2012  Review of Water Use in U.S. Thermoelectric Power Plants

2012  Urban Water Consumption Long-Term Prediction Model Based on the Water Price Elasticity in China

2012  Validation of Landscape Irrigation Reduction with Soil Moisture Sensor Irrigation Controllers

2012  Water Budget Calculator Created for Residential Urban Landscapes in Albuquerque, New Mexico

2012  Water Conflicts in Hydrothermal System Operation: The São Francisco River, Brazil

2012  Water Consumption Prediction by Using SVM and Information Granular Time Series Regression

2011  Assessment of Agricultural Water Foot Print in Iran Based on Virtual Water Trade

2011  Brackish Water Treatment: An Application in Water Reuse

2011  Effects of Various Irrigation Regimes on Soil Water Balance, Yield, and Fruit Quality of Drip-Irrigated Peach Trees

2011  Evaluation of Water and Energy Use in Pressurized Irrigation Networks in Southern Spain

2011  Integrated Hydrologic-Economic-Institutional Model of Environmental Flow Strategies for Rio Yaqui Basin, Sonora, Mexico

2011  Life-Cycle Assessment of Urban Water Provision: Tool and Case Study in California

2011  Policies and Instruments Affecting Water Use for Bioenergy Production

2011  Price Sensitivity of Farmer Preferences for Irrigation Water–Pricing Method: Evidence from a Choice Model Analysis in Krishna River Basin, India

2011  Reservoir Reoperation for Fish Ecosystem Restoration Using Daily Inflows—Case Study of Lake Shelbyville

2011  Residential Water Use Reduction during Drought: Relative Effects of Various Water Agency Interventions, Collier County, Florida, 2008

2011  Residential Water Use Trend Shifts by Implementation of Best Management Practices for Water Conservation

2011  The Rivers of Madison County: Determination of Escherichia coli in the Flint River and Its Impact

2011  Water Balance Study for the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin

2010  Analysis and Estimation Models of Residential Water Demands from Hourly Monitored Data

2010  Applying Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm to Analyze the Conflict among Different Water Use Sectors during Drought Period

2010  Development of Soil and Water Assessment Tool Model on Human Water Use and Application in the Area of High Human Activities, Tianjin, China

2010  Discharge Capacity of Labyrinth Side Weir Located on a Straight Channel

2010  Estimating and Verifying Household Potential to Conserve Water

2010  Estimating Non-Residential Water Use with Publicly Available Databases

2010  Maximizing Sustainable Water-Use for Low Impact Development

2010  Penalty-Free Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization of Water Distribution Systems

2010  Rainwater Harvesting from Roofs for Non-Potable Reuse

2010  Sensor-Based Automation of Irrigation on Bermudagrass during Dry Weather Conditions

2010  Water Use Intensities and the Composition of Production in Canada

2010  WDS Vulnerability Analysis: Focusing on Random Factors, Consumer Behavior, and System Dynamics in Contamination Events

2009  Agent Based Models for Simulation of Watersharing in a River Basin

2009  Controlled Drainage Effects on Crop Yield and Water Use Efficiency under Semi-Arid Condition of Iran

2009  Denitrifying Bioreactors for Treatment of Tile Drainage

2009  Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trade-Offs of Recycled Concrete Aggregate Use in Nonstructural Concrete: A North American Case Study

2009  Evaluation of a Nonlinear Root-Water Uptake Model

2009  Improved Model Applying the 6-Sigma Methodology to Evaluate Leaking Water Faucets

2009  Mid-Summer Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa as a Strategy for Saving Water

2009  Sampling of Residential Water Use for Leak Control via Water Budgets

2009  Water Table Management to Improve Drainage Water Quality in Semiarid Climatic Conditions of Iran

2009  Water Use and Evapotranspiration Coefficients for Camelina Sativa

2009  A Web-Based Advisory Service for Optimum Irrigation Management

2008  Analysis of Household Water Demand Patterns by Meters Recording

2008  Conceptual Rule-Based Storage Accounting for Multipurpose Reservoirs

2008  Cost Recovery and Conservation of Residential Water Use by Optimized Block Pricing

2008  Evaluation of a Method for Estimating Irrigated Crop-Evapotranspiration Coefficients from Remotely Sensed Data in Idaho