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2015  Bioretention Systems Protect Sensitive Aquatic Species from Runoff, Studies Show

2015  Demonstration Project Aims for Purified, Drinkable Wastewater

2015  Iron-Impregnated ’Biochar’ Shows Promise for Removing Arsenic from Water

2015  Novel Adsorbent Hydrous Bismuth Oxide for the Removal of Nitrate from Aqueous Solutions

2015  Removal of Heavy Metal in Drinking Water Resource with Cation-Exchange Resins (Type 110-H) Mixed PES Membrane Adsorbents

2015  Substrate Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment on the Maintenance of Tunnel Drainage Systems. I: Feasibility Tests

2015  Substrate Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment on the Maintenance of Tunnel Drainage Systems. II: Field Tests

2014  Adsorption Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Perchlorate on Carbon Nanotubes in Water

2014  Application of Various Oxidants for Cyanobacteria Control and Cyanotoxinremovalin Wastewater Treatment

2014  Capture Zone Comparison for Photovoltaic Microgrid-Powered Pump and Treat Remediation

2014  Characterization of Aqueous Organics by Specific Ultraviolet Absorbance and Octanol Water Partition Coefficient

2014  Coal Companies Must Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Systems As Part of Settlement

2014  Comparative Study of the Effect of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Irradiation on Natural Organic Matter of Different Sources

2014  Competitive Reduction of Nitrate, Nitrite, and Nitrobenzene in Fe0-Water Systems

2014  Decreasing Excess Biomass from Municipal Wastewater Using an Artificial Food Web System

2014  Direct Biofiltration for Manganese Removal from Surface Water

2014  Effect of a Heat Exchanger on the Performance of an Inverted Trickle Solar Still

2014  Effects of Scale and Discharge Variation on Similitude and Solute Transport in Water Treatment Tanks

2014  Full-Scale Application of Catalytic Ozonation for Drinking Water Treatment: Case Study in China

2014  Impact of Tertiary Treatment Processes on the Effectiveness of Chloramination for Biological Growth Control in Recirculating Cooling Systems Using Treated Municipal Wastewater

2014  Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Water Mains in Northern Poland and Their Implication for Health Risk

2014  Occurrence and Removal of Earthy-Musty Odorants in Two Waterworks in Kinmen Island, Taiwan

2014  Performance of Strong Ionic Hydrogels Based on 2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonate as Draw Agents for Forward Osmosis

2014  Preparation of Zn-Al CLDH to Remove Bromate from Drinking Water

2014  Proposed Water Trust Fund Would Be Financed by Voluntary Labeling System

2014  Synthesis of Nanomaterials from Physalis alkekengi L. and Their Removal of Bisphenol A in Water

2013  Adsorption of Fluoride from Water Using Sintered Clay-Hydroxyapatite Composites

2013  Advanced Treatment of Vitamin C Wastewater by Coupling Electrochemical Oxidation and an Integrated Bioreactor

2013  Applicability Analysis of Ozone Disinfection in Rural Drinking Water Supply from Two Aspects: Ozone Decay and Bromate Formation

2013  Ceramic Filter, Tablet Treat Drinking Water Inexpensively

2013  Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of BioCAST Multienvironment Air-Lift Bioreactor

2013  Desalinization of Kaolin Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2013  Design, Operation, and Analysis of a Biological Sand Filter Using Copper as a Disinfectant

2013  Disinfection Methods for Treating Low TOC, Light Graywater to California Title 22 Water Reuse Standards

2013  Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on the Removal of Fluoride from Water Using Titanium Dioxide

2013  Effective Inhibition of Bromate Formation with a Granular Molecular Sieve Catalyst Ce-MCM-48 during Ozonation: Pilot-Scale Study

2013  Effects of Hydraulic Detention Time, Water Depth, and Duration of Operation on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in a Flow-Through Duckweed Bioremediation System

2013  Evaluation of a Prediction Model for Influent Pharmaceutical Concentrations

2013  Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Baffle Position on the Flow Field, Sediment Concentration, and Efficiency of Rectangular Primary Sedimentation Tanks

2013  Feasibility Study of As-Received and Modified (Dried/Baked) Water Treatment Plant Residuals for Use in Storm-Water Control Measures

2013  Flocculation, Ozonation, and Fenton’s Process in the Treatment of Distillery Effluents

2013  Framework for Evaluating Sorbent Usage Rate of Various Sorption Column Configurations with and without Bypass Blending

2013  Green Roof Systems as Sources or Sinks Influencing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Runoff

2013  Groundwater Contamination to Cost Billions, Persist for Decades, NRC Says

2013  Impact of Media Aging on the Removal of Cryptosporidium in Granular Media Filters

2013  A New Concept for Placing Coupons and Sensors for Decontamination Verification

2013  Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters

2013  Optimal Initial Configuration of Treatment Solution for In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater Using Engineered Injection and Extraction

2013  Pilot-Scale Evaluation of GAC Adsorption Using Low-Cost, High-Performance Materials for Removal of Pesticides and Organic Matter in Drinking Water Production

2013  San Angelo Completes Pipeline for Groundwater Supply Project

2013  Silica Adsorbents and Peroxide Functionality for Removing Paraquat from Wastewater

2013  Two-Step Removal of DBP Precursors from Challenging Saxman (AK) Surface Water Using MIEX Pretreatment followed by Filtration

2013  Using UV Spectroscopy and Molecular Weight Determinations to Investigate the Effect of Various Water Treatment Processes on NOM Removal: Australian Case Study

2013  Zero-Valent Iron/Biotic Treatment System for Perchlorate-Contaminated Water: Lab-Scale Performance, Modeling, and Full-Scale Implications

2012  Analysis of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Water Treatment Applications

2012  Arsenic Adsorption by Fe Loaded on RH-MCM-41 Synthesized from Rice Husk Silica

2012  Baffled Bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

2012  Bench-Scale Study of Electrochemical Oxidation for On-Site Treatment of Polluted Groundwater

2012  Character and Treatment of Organic Colloids in Challenging and Impacted Drinking Water Sources

2012  Composting and Land Application of Biosolids: A Critical Review of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

2012  Degradation of Trichloroethylene and Tetrachloroethylene in Simulated Groundwater in a Flow-Through Photosono Reactor

2012  Determining Minimum Ion Exchange Resin Usage for NOM Removal

2012  Effects of Freezing on UV Inactivation of Waterborne Microorganisms

2012  Enhanced Adsorptive Removal of Cadmium from Water by Immobilized Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids on Nano-Silica Sorbents

2012  Enhanced Particle Capture through Aluminum Hydroxide Addition to Pores in Sand Media

2012  Evaluation of Point of Use Water Treatment Devices for Removal of Mine Wastes from Well Water

2012  Flow through Vegetation Patches with Multiple Layers: A Quadrant Analysis

2012  Fuel Cells Treat Wastewater, Generate Electricity

2012  Green Remediation of Soil and Groundwater by Electrochemical Methods

2012  Humic Acid Removal from Water with Polyaluminum Coagulants: Effect of Sulfate on Aluminum Polymerization

2012  Lyophilization and Reconstitution of Reverse-Osmosis Concentrated Natural Organic Matter from a Drinking Water Source

2012  Membrane Bioreactor Process Modeling and Optimization: Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant

2012  Membrane Technology and Environmental Applications

2012  Multivariate-Parameter Optimization for Photodegradation of Tetracycline by Fe(III)-Citrate Complexes at Near-Neutral pH

2012  Municipal Wastewater Treatment Operations—The Environmental and Energy Requirements

2012  The New Treatment of Industry Wastewater

2012  Nutrient Fate and Transport in the Vadose Zone below an At-Grade Wastewater Distribution System in a Cold Climate

2012  Oklahoma City Approves $653-Million Plan for Water, Wastewater Improvements

2012  Optimized Treatment of Phenol-Containing Fire Fighting Wastewater Using Fenton Oxidation

2012  Oxidation of Antibiotic Agent Trimethoprim by Chlorine Dioxide: Reaction Kinetics and Pathways

2012  Phosphorus Loading to Milwaukee Harbor from Rivers, Storm Water, and Wastewater Treatment

2012  Pilot-Scale Study of Pulp and Paper Wastewater Secondary Effluent by Ozonation

2012  Powdered Activated Lemon Peels as Adsorbent for Removal of Cutting Oil from Wastewater

2012  Quantification of the Lifetime of Ceramic Pot Filters

2012  Quantifying the Potential for Re-Infection of CPF Filtered Water and Developing Techniques for Contaminated CPF Reactivation

2012  Removal of 17β-Estradiol from Groundwater Using Nanoporous Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Adsorbent

2012  A Review of the Occurrence, Most Relevant Analytical Method, and Possible Treatment for Di-Ethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP) in the Water Environment

2012  Role of Mixing Energy in the Flocculation of Mature Fine Tailings

2012  Sanitation and Hygiene for All by 2050

2012  Stacked Filters: Novel Approach to Rapid Sand Filtration

2012  Targeting Treatment Technologies to Address Numeric Discharge Limits

2012  The Treatment Instance of the Wastewater, Which, Generated by Squid Waste, is Used to Produce Feedstuff

2012  Visible Light Catalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange in Aqueous Solution by Bi 4 TaO 8 X (X= Cl, Br, I)

2012  Water Quality and Hydrologic Performance of a Porous Asphalt Pavement as a Storm-Water Treatment Strategy in a Cold Climate

2012  Water Treatment Residual as a Bioretention Amendment for Phosphorus. I: Evaluation Studies

2011  Advanced Bioretention and Planter-Trench Experiments: The Science Museum of Virginia

2011  Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Filtration Optimization

2011  Application of Downflow-Upflow Biological Aerated Filter in the Pretreatment of Raw Water Containing High Ammonia Nitrogen

2011  Applications of Radial-Basis Function and Generalized Regression Neural Networks for Modeling of Coagulant Dosage in a Drinking Water-Treatment Plant: Comparative Study

2011  Aqueous Phosphate Removal Using Bare and Ca-Alginate Entrapped Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron