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2014  Surface Transportation Reauthorization Begins Taking Shape in the Senate

2014  Transportation Considerations in Module Design

2013  AIS and VTS Information Fusion in the Internet of Inland Ships

2013  AIS History and Future Improvements in Waterway Management

2013  Analysis of Freight Vessel Arrival Distribution on the Grand Canal, China

2013  Analysis of Risk Factors and Safety Countermeasures of Collision between Seaplanes and Vessels Based on ISM Theory

2013  Analysis the Safety Characters of the Ship Container Logistics Networks of China

2013  Application of Electronic Documents to Container Rail- Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  The Application of Internet of Things Technology to Water Transport Safety

2013  Applied Research of the Internet of Things Management System for Waterway Vessels Based on RFID Technology

2013  Available Measures After Cargo Liquefaction

2013  Bayport Ship Channel Improvements Project

2013  Cause Mechanism of the Human Factors in Maritime Accidents Based on Complex System Brittleness

2013  Classifying Risky Ships in Maritime Shipping: A Comparative Analysis of WSM and TOPSIS

2013  Columbia River Vessel Arrival/Departure Analysis

2013  Condition Assessment of Marine Electric Propulsion System Using Support Vector Machine

2013  Consequence Analysis of LNG Leakage Accident Based on Numerical Simulation

2013  Construction of Train-Water Combined Transportation Port Station Operation and Management Mode Based on Dynamic Alliance

2013  The Danger Goods Safety Transportation Problems by Waterway in China

2013  Design and Implementation of Ocean-Going Ship Typhoon Avoidance System Based on Shore Support

2013  The Design and Realization of ECDIS for Yangtze River Based on S57 Standard

2013  Design of Remote Monitoring System for Inland Water Tanker Hold Based on AIS

2013  Determining the Width of Bend Channel for Very Large Vessels Based on Simulation Trials

2013  Discussion of Container Rail-Water Intermodal Transport Documents Process

2013  Discussion of Modern Logistics Development on Container Rail-Water Intermodal Transportation

2013  Discussion on Functions, Facilities and Location of a Retrofitted Safety Cabin in a Cargo Ship

2013  Discussion on the Application of Beidou Navigation System in Inland Waterway Transport

2013  Emergency Evacuation Bottleneck of Passengers in the Seaport Station

2013  Establishment of Navigation Environment Safety Index of Changjiang River Based on Bayesian Network with GeNIe

2013  Exploration on Complicacy of the Maritime Informatization

2013  Exploring Maritime Emergency Resource Allocation for Vessel Traffic Accidents Based on Robust Optimization under the Condition of Dynamic Demand

2013  The Fire Risk Prediction for Shipborne Cargo Based on Improved Gray-Markov Model

2013  From the Point of View of the Philosophy, Discuss the Scientific Connotation of the Yangtze River’s Safety Culture

2013  Future Marine Highway Development in the U.S.

2013  A Game-Theoretic Analysis on Dividing the Limited Budget between Building Emergency Facilities and Preparing Resources

2013  ICTIS 2013, Improving Multimodal Transportation Systems-Information, Safety, and Integration

2013  Inland Waterway Transportation Safety Management Performance Assessment based on Belief Rule-base Technology

2013  Leading Indicator for the Foreign Trade Container throughput in China Water Transport

2013  Maritime Patrol Ship Site Location Optimization in Yangtze River Based on Genetic Algorithm

2013  Measures of Loading and Securing Steel Coils in Containers in Rail-Water Combined Transport

2013  A Method of Ship Detection in Optical Satellite Image Based on Saliency Map

2013  Mining Algorithm of Ship Arrival Pattern Based on AIS Data

2013  Model of Prediction and Statistics on Time Pattern of Traffic Flow

2013  Modeling Free-Flow Speed Considering Water Depth under Ponding Conditions: A Dynamic Method from the Viewpoint of Hydroplaning

2013  Navigation Environment Factors for the Investigation and Evaluation of Water Traffic Safety in the Yangtze River

2013  Navigation Marks Collision Detection Based on Millimeter Wave Radar and Accelerometer

2013  On the Connected Ships for Fleet Technical Management System

2013  Positioning System Design of Aids to Inland Navigation Based on ZigBee and DGPS

2013  Preliminary Study on the System of Information Services Capability Index for Public Information Needs of the Inland Shipping

2013  Preprocessing Method of Changjiang ENC Data

2013  Quality Control of Chang Jiang Inland ENC 2.0 Source Data

2013  A Quantificational Description Method of Vessel Track Based on AIS Data

2013  Real-Time, Multi-Factors-Coupled Early Warning Model in Water Transportation Safety

2013  Research of Kalman Filtering in Ship Track

2013  The Research of Ship Diesel Generating Set with Coordinated Control

2013  Research Of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) Path-Planning Algorithm Based on ArcGIS

2013  A Research on Tension Determination and Morphological Simulation Model of Mooring Lines

2013  Research on Xiangjiang Water Traffic Safety Forewarning Evaluation

2013  Risk Analysis Research on Coal Marine Transportation

2013  Risk Assessment of Navigation in Yangtze River Based on System Dynamics

2013  Routes Generating Based on the Navigational Expert System

2013  Selection of Railway-Water Intermodal Transportation Port Station Handling Machinery

2013  Speed Control Simulation System of Bulk Terminal Conveyor Belts

2013  The Studies on Carbon Emission Evaluation of Inland Vessel

2013  Study on 3-D Stereo of Marine Features on UAV High Resolution Remote Sensing Images

2013  Study on Division Method of Inland Waterway Development Stage

2013  Study on the Imbalance of Shipping Demand and Supply of Inland Water Transportation of Yangtze River

2013  Study on the Index of Crew Evaluation Influencing on the Shipping Safety of the Yangtze River

2013  A Study on the Yangtze River Trunk Line Waterway’s Capacity Based on Traffic Flow Theory

2013  Tracking and Predicting Barge Locations on Inland Waterways

2013  Use of Internet of Things for Ship Management of Inland Rivers

2013  Very Large Vessels into River Navigable Environment Analysis and Security Control Methods Research

2013  Vessel Collision Avoidance and Modeling Control

2012  Analysis of Advantages of Combined Transportation in Transport Corridor

2012  CICTP 2012, Multimodal Transportation Systems—Convenient, Safe, Cost-Effective, Efficient

2012  Colorado Dam Modified to Include Innovative Fishways and Boat Passage

2012  The Development Tendency of Sea, Rail, and Highway Intermodal Container

2012  Promoting Kaohsiung Air-Sea Port Integration with Identity-Oriented Pervasive Networks

2011  Accident Causation Chain Analysis of Ship Collisions Based on Bayesian Networks

2011  Analysis Model of the Dynamic Response of a Large Diameter Cylinder Breakwater (LDCB) under Random Waves

2011  Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Association Rule in Marine Casualties

2011  Analysis of Security Forewarning Model of Inland Waterway Transportation in Guizhou Province

2011  Analysis of Traffic Capacity at Harbor Public Channel: A Simulation Approach

2011  Analysis on Site Selection and Distance of an Inland Waterway Service Area

2011  Approaching Maritime Security through Anti-Terrorist Frigate

2011  Based on the Improved K-Means Algorithm of Tianjin Port Traffic Flow Characteristic Analysis

2011  A Bayesian MCMC Approach to Study the Safety of Vessel Traffic

2011  Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Water Traffic Safety in the Xiangjiang River

2011  Container Ship Routing Design Considering Combined Patterns and Plans of Loaded and Empty Containers

2011  The Design and Development of AIS System Based on ECDIS

2011  Determining Width of Channel for Large Container Based on Simulation Trials

2011  Development of Online Monitoring System for Marine Medium-Speed Diesel Engine

2011  Diagnosis and Countermeasures Study on Cross-River Traffic Problem Based on Analysis of Traffic Supply and Demand Coupling

2011  Dispute between Finland and Denmark on Shipping through the Great Belt

2011  Error Registration Algorithm of Radar Network System in VTS

2011  Evaluation Model of Marine Key Equipment and Systems’ Whole Performance

2011  Evaluation of ADCP Apparent Bed Load Velocity in a Large Sand-Bed River: Moving versus Stationary Boat Conditions

2011  Evaluation of Navigation Safety of Port Waters Based on SPA

2011  Fuzzy Evaluation of Crews’ Comprehensive Quality Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

2011  Geochemical and Geotechnical Features of Terra Rossa in Karst Areas of Southern Appalachians