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2015  Practical Investigation into Two Types of Analyses in Predicting Ground Displacements Due to Dewatering and Excavation

2015  Water Table Correction Factors for Settlements of Shallow Foundations in Granular Soils

2014  Comparison of Analytical Solutions to Evaluate Aquifer Response to Arbitrary Stream Stage

2014  Factorial Numerical Analysis of Flexible Pavement Foundations with Emphasis on Groundwater Table Effect

2014  Genetic Programming in Groundwater Modeling

2014  Influence of a Rain Garden in Pennsylvania on the Water Table

2014  Oxygen Transport across the Capillary Fringe in LNAPL Pool-Source Zones

2014  Performance and Water Table Responses of Retrofit Rain Gardens

2013  Effect of the Capillary Fringe on Steady-State Water Tables in Drained Lands. II: Effect of an Underlying Impermeable Bed

2013  Effect of Water Table Depth on Growth and Yield of Soybean Yudou 16

2013  Hybrid Finite Analytic Solution for Computation of Spacing between Drains in Sloping Lands

2013  Modified Model for Simulating Hydrologic Processes for Plastic Mulch Production Systems

2013  Shallow Aquifer Recharge from Irrigation in a Semiarid Agricultural Valley in New Mexico

2012  Analysis of Face Stability of Shield Tunnel under Seepage Condition

2012  Downscaling 1-km Topographic Index Distributions to a Finer Resolution for the TOPMODEL-Based GCM Hydrological Modeling

2012  Effect of the Capillary Fringe on Steady-State Water Tables in Drained Lands

2012  Effects of Subsurface Drainage on Evapotranspiration for Corn and Soybean Crops in Southeastern North Dakota

2012  Engelund’s Two-Dimensional Drainage Equation for a Toe-Drain and the Dupuit-Forchheimer Drainage Equation for a Ditch: A Coincidental Match

2012  LID Treatment Train: Pervious Concrete with Subsurface Storage in Series with Bioretention and Care with Seasonal High Water Tables

2012  Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Table Falling in Horizontal and Sloping Aquifers by Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

2011  Approximate Engineering Solution for Predicting Groundwater Table Variation During Reservoir Drawdown on the Basis of the Boussinesq Equation

2011  Deep Excavation Project under High Ground Water Table

2011  Difficult Excavations and Foundations for Buildings on Soft Soils in Bogotá

2011  Effect of Unsaturated Flow on the Groundwater Table in Drainage Layer and Saturated Model Modification

2011  Frequency Analysis of Shallow Water Tables for Drainage Applications

2011  Numerical Analysis of Face Stability during Shield-Driven Tunneling under Groundwater Table

2010  2009-2010 El Niño: Predicted Hydrologic Response in the United States

2010  Analytical Study of Water Table Fluctuation in Unconfined Aquifers due to Varying Bed Slopes and Spatial Location of the Recharge Basin

2010  Effects of Groundwater Table Position and Soil Properties on Stability of Slope during Rainfall

2010  Graphical Solutions for Hillslopes: Discharge, Head, and Velocity Diagrams

2010  Impacts of Unsaturated Zone Soil Moisture and Groundwater Table on Slope Instability

2010  Modeling Evapotranspiration of Two Land Covers Using Integrated Hydrologic Model

2010  Rapid Drawdown of Water Table in Layered Soil Column

2010  Sustainable Root Zone Salinity and Shallow Water Table in the Context of Land Retirement

2010  Water Table Fluctuation in the Presence of a Time-Varying Exponential Recharge and Depth-Dependent ET in a Two-Dimensional Aquifer System with an Inclined Base

2009  Applying MODFLOW Model for Drainage Problem Solution: A Case Study from Jahir Irrigated Fields, Israel

2009  Dupuit-Forchheimer Analyses of Steady-State Water-Table Heights due to Accretion in Drained Lands Overlying Undulating Sloping Impermeable Beds

2009  Effects of Long-Term Dynamic Loading and Fluctuating Water Table on Helical Anchor Performance for Small Wind Tower Foundations

2009  Foundation Design for Frost Heave

2009  Modeling of Flow and Advection Dominant Solute Transport in Variably Saturated Porous Media

2009  Relationship between the Storage Coefficient and the Soil-Water Retention Curve in Subsurface Agricultural Drainage Systems: Water Table Drawdown

2009  Total Soil Water Evaporation in a Riparian Environment: Model Development and Application

2009  Variability in Specific Yield under Shallow Water Table Conditions

2009  Water Table Management to Improve Drainage Water Quality in Semiarid Climatic Conditions of Iran

2008  Modeling Water Table Mounding to Design Cluster and High-Density Wastewater Soil Absorption Systems

2008  The Vazante Underground Mine, Brazil — An Example of Controlled Water Table Drawdown in Karstic Areas

2007  Development and Evaluation of Soil Moisture-Based Seepage Irrigation Management for Water Use and Quality

2007  Estimation of Evapotranspiration and Water Budget Components Using Continuous Soil Moisture and Water Table Monitoring

2007  Groundwater Mound due to Constant Recharge from a Strip Basin

2007  Modeling Vadose Zone Moisture Dynamics with the Integrated Hydrologic Model (IHM)

2007  Vadose Zone Evapotranspiration Distribution Using One-Dimensional Analysis and Conceptualization for Integrated Modeling

2007  Water Table FLuctuation between Drains in the Presence of Exponential Recharge and Depth-Dependent Evapotranspiration

2006  Cyclic Stress-Strain Behavior of Partially Saturated Soils

2006  Development of GIS-Based Model to Estimate Relative Reductions in Crop Yield due to Salinity and Waterlogging

2006  Evaluating Regional Solutions to Salinization and Waterlogging in an Irrigated River Valley

2006  A Method for Capillary Rise Modeling

2006  Seepage from a Rectangular Ditch to the Groundwater Table

2006  Seepage to a Drainage Ditch and Optimization of Its Shape

2005  Agroecological Impacts from Salinization and Waterlogging in an Irrigated River Valley

2005  Calculation of Groundwater Integral

2005  The Integrated Hydrologic Model: A Field-Scale Application

2005  Mathematical Formulation and Validation of a Mixed Finite Element–Finite Difference Model for Simulating Phreatic Surfaces

2005  round-Water Basin Catchment Delineation by Dye Tracing, Water Table Mapping, Cave Mapping, and Geophysical Techniques: Bowling Green, Kentucky

2005  Steady-State Water-Table Depressions Caused by Evaporation in Lands Overlying a Water-Bearing Substratum

2005  Two-Dimensional Approximation for Tidal Dynamics in Coastal Aquifers: Capillarity Correction

2004  Influence of Ground Water Table Fluctuation on Lateral Load Behavior of Rigid Drilled Shafts in Stiff Clay

2003  Drainage of Sloping Lands with Variable Recharge Model Validation and Applications

2003  Field-Data Analysis for Stream Depletion

2003  Integrated Surface-Groundwater Modeling of Shallow Water-Table Systems Incorporating Discrete Landforms as Computational Elements

2003  Interactive Effects of Controlled Drainage and Riparian Buffers on Shallow Groundwater Quality

2003  Regional Water Management Modeling for Decision Support in Irrigated Agriculture

2003  Water Table Profiles and discharges for an Inclined Ditch-Drained Aquifer under Temporally Variable Recharge

2002  Analytical Solution for Transient Water Table Heights and Outflows from Inclined Ditch-Drained Terrains

2002  Geotechnical Engineering: Washington Monument’s Foundation Not Threatened by Memorial

2002  Monitoring and Modeling Flow and Salt Transport in a Salinity-Threatened Irrigated Valley

2002  Tide-Induced Water Table Fluctuations in Coastal Aquifers Bounded by Rhythmic Shorelines

2002  Water Table Rise in Sloping Aquifer due to Canal Seepage and Constant Recharge

2001  Application of the Groundwater Component of SWMM to a Low-Relief, High Water Table Area

2001  Calculation of Inflow and Outflow in Phreatic Aquifers

2001  Case Study of Water Table Evaporation at Ichkeul Marshes (Tunisia)

2001  Design of Circular Infiltration Basin under Mounding Effects

2001  Drainage of Sloping Lands with Variable Recharge: Analytical Formulas and Model Development

2001  Drainage Reduction under Land Retirement over a Shallow Water Table

2001  Falling Water Tables in Horizontal/Sloping Aquifer

2001  Groundwater Waves and Water Exchange in Beaches

2001  Hortonian and Variable Source Area Modeling in Urbanizing Basins

2001  Interaction of Stream and Sloping Aquifer Receiving Constant Recharge

2001  A Model to Monitor Soil Storage Capacity in Flat Terrain Watersheds

2000  Soil Salinity Modeling Over Shallow Water Table. I: Validation of LEACHC

2000  Soil Salinity Modeling Over Shallow Water Table. II: Application of LEACHC

2000  Transient Ditch Drainage of Two-Layered Soil

1999  Reversal of Historic Water Level Decline Has Surprising Consequences

1999  Transient Drainage to Partially Penetrating Drains in Sloping Aquifers

1999  Watertable Fluctuations in a Sandy Ocean Beach

1998  Analytical Simulation of VOC Transport in the Vadose Zone

1998  Big Digs in the Lacustrine Soil of Bogotá, Colombia

1998  Coastal Groundwater Dynamics

1998  Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Solutions of Boussinesq Equation in Semiinfinite Flow Region

1998  Construction of a New Tollway Below the Groundwater Table with Nitrate Remediation

1998  H & H Modeling in High Water Table-Low Relief Area