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2013  Water Surface Profiles along a Rectangular Side Weir in a U-Shaped Channel (Analytical Findings)

2012  Free Surface Profiles of Undular Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Improved Surface Volume Estimates for Surface Irrigation Volume-Balance Calculations

2012  New Solution Method for Water Surface Profile along a Side Weir in a Circular Channel

2012  Numerical Modeling of Stage-Discharge Relationships in Urban Streams

2010  Linking GIS, Hydraulic Modeling, and Tabu Search for Optimizing a Water Level-Monitoring Network in South Florida

2007  Depth-Averaged Model of Open-Channel Flows over an Arbitrary 3D Surface and Its Applications to Analysis of Water Surface Profile

2005  Optimal Design and Operation of Multiquality Networks under Unsteady Conditions

2003  Measurements of Water Surface Profile and Velocity Field at a Circular Pier

2002  Uncertainty in Water Surface Profile of Buried Stream Flowing under Coarse Material

2000  Impacts of Urban Development on Reservoir Stage Frequency Relationships

2000  Submergence Effects on Discharge Coefficients for Rectangular Orifices

1999  Influence of Tidal Water Surface Fluctuations on Beach Profile Evolution

1999  Using HEC-RAS to Compute Scour at Bridges

1998  Contraction and Expansion Losses Through Bridge Constrictions

1998  Wave Kinematics Based on a Lagrangian Formulation

1997  Comparison of Water Surface Profiles from Physical and Numerical Models in Mixed Regime Flow

1997  GVF Computation in Tree-Type Channel Networks

1997  Improvement of Submerged Doppler-Type Directional Wave Meter and Its Application to Field Observations

1997  Land Use Analysis and Water Surface Profile of Sims Bayou Bridges

1997  Measurement of Bed Configurations Under Floods

1997  Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Modeling of Sanmenxia Reservoir

1997  Side Weir in U-Shaped Channels

1997  Spatially Varied Flow over an Embankment Side Weir

1997  Unsteady Flow Characteristics in a Compound Channel

1996  The Effects of Water Surface Profiles on Manning’s Roughness Coefficient

1996  Hydraulic Effects of Habitat Structures in Flood Control Channels

1996  Hydraulics of Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands

1996  A Knowledge Based System for the Design of Open Channels

1996  Modeling Overfalls Using Vertically Averaged and Moment Equations

1996  Siting Low Profile Grade Control Structures for the Muddy Creek Demonstration Stream Restoration Research Project

1996  Water Surface Profiles in Compound Channel with Multiple Critical Depths

1995  Coupled Vibration Equations for Irregular Water Waves

1995  Cross Section Interpolation by a Weighted-Average of Conveyance

1995  Development of a Submerged Doppler-Type Directional Wave Meter

1995  Free-Surface Profile of Open-Channel Flow with Wavy Boundary

1995  Second-Order Wave Interaction with Arrays of Vertical Cylinders of Arbitrary Cross Section

1995  Soliton-Mode Wavemaker Theory and System for Coastal Waves

1994  Determination of Sediment Profile for a Dry Flood Control Basin

1994  GLFSVIEW - GLFS Product Viewing Application

1994  Hydrodynamic Modeling of San Diego Bay

1994  Potential-Flow Solution to 2D Transition from Mild to Steep Slope

1994  Study of Friction Factors in the Upper Reaches of the Rio Grande

1994  Using Drop Structures for Stream Gaging

1993  Bridge-Scour Analysis Using the Water-Surface Profile (WSPRO) Model

1993  Calibration of Manning’s Roughness for a River Reach

1993  Computation of Flow Transitions in Open-Channels with Steady Uniform Lateral Inflow

1993  Computational Hydraulics—The Systems Approach

1993  A Culvert Analysis Program for Indirect Measurement of Discharge

1993  Modeling Critical Depth in Open Channels

1993  Nonunique Water-Surface Profiles in Open Channels

1993  Plans for a Sensitivity Analysis of Bridge-Scour Computations

1993  Water Surface Profile Computations—How Many Sections do I Need?

1992  BRSC—A Spreadsheet Program for Bridge Scour Sensitivity Analysis

1992  HEC-2 Water Surface Profiles Program

1992  Open-Channel Flow Algorithm in Newton-Raphson Form

1992  SCS Water Surface Profile Model—WSP2

1992  Steady and Unsteady Flow Profiles in Reclamation

1992  Verification of a 3-D Hydrodynamic Numerical Model

1992  WSPRO, A Model for Water-Surface PROfile Computations

1991  The British Beach and Nearshore Dynamics (B-Band) Programme

1991  A Comparison of Accuracies of Steady Water Surface Profiles

1991  Design Procedure for Flow Over Side Weirs

1990  Advances in Hydraulic Stream Modeling Using HEC-2

1990  Effects of Data Errors on Computed Steady-Flow Profiles

1990  Momentum and Kinetic Energy Coefficient Research—Ramp Flumes

1989  A Branched Hydrodynamic Model of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California

1989  Comparison of DAMBRK With DWOPER for Computing Water Surface Elevations at Stream Junctions

1989  Flood Control Study for the Flood Flows Passing an Island Situation

1989  Freeboard Allowances for Chute Spillways

1989  Implementation of a Hydrodynamic Model for the Upper Potomac Estuary

1989  Improved Numerical Analysis of Steady Water Surface Profiles

1989  Minimization of Frazil-Ice Production by River-Flow Regulation

1989  Partnership in Environmental Design for Brush Creek Flood Control

1989  Proper Use of Effective Flow Boundaries

1988  Two-Dimensional River Modeling of Buckhorn Creek

1988  Using the Microcomputer in the Software Development Process

1988  Water Conservation and Floodplain Regulation at Barrett Dam—San Diego, CA

1987  Accuracy of Computed Water Surface Profiles

1987  Applications of the Singular Point Method to Hydraulic Analysis of Spillways

1987  Effects of Land Subsidence on Flood Profiles

1987  Estimation of Water Particle Velocities of Shallow Water Waves by a Modified Transfer Function Method

1987  HEC-1 and HEC-2 Applications on the Microcomputer

1986  Distribution Channels

1986  Friction Slope Averaging in Backwater Calculations

1986  New Developments in HEC Programs for Flood Control

1985  Channel Width Adjustment During Scour and Fill

1985  Equations for Plane, Moderately Curved Open Channel Flows

1985  Flow Over Side Weirs in Circular Channels

1985  Generalized Water Surface Profile Computations

1985  Hydraulic Profile Computation Using CADD

1985  MILHY—A Microcomputer Based Hydrologic and Hydraulic Model

1985  Simulation of Wetland Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

1985  Water Surface Profiles in Compound Channels

1984  Overtopping of Flood Control Levees and Floodwalls

1984  Peak Flow Behavior in a Man-Modified Channel

1984  Water Surface Profile of Stream with Side Overflow

1983  Steady, Non-Uniform, Rapidly Varied Flow Profiles

1982  Application of HEC-2 for Ice-Covered Waterways

1982  Measurmment of Velocities in Solitary Waves