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Found 85 Records with the keyword term of "Water surface"

2013  Three-Dimensional Simulation Parameters for 90° Open Channel Bend Flows

2011  Transmission of Waves Past a Rigid Vertical Thin Barrier

2009  Using Computational Model — ADH to Evaluate Relationship of Water Surface Elevation to Wing Dikes

2005  Cadmium Removal from Wastewater in Constructed Wetlands

2005  Model for Wind-Driven Vertical Mixing in a Shallow Lake with Submersed Macrophytes

2004  Design of Rock Chutes for the Stabilization of Channel Beds

2004  Large Scale Particle Image Velocimetry for Low Velocity and Shallow Water Flows

2004  Transition Effects in Flow over Side Weirs

2002  Spreading of a Gravity Current over a Permeable Surface

2001  Application of Standardized Bimodal Directional Spectra to Field and Laboratory Data

2001  Incipient Motion Criteria for Rigid Sediment Grain on Rigid Surface

2001  Long Period Water Surface Oscillations and Ship Motions in Hosojima Harbor

2001  A Self-Calibrated Water Surface Profile Computer Model for the Nile River in Egypt

2001  Validation of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2000  Application of HEC-GeoRAS to the Tres Rios, Arizona Feasibility Study

2000  Dam Failure Routings using UNET and HEC-1

1998  Experimental Description of Combining Flows at an Open Channel Junction

1998  Ineffective Overbank Flow in One-Dimensional Models

1998  Measuring Swash Hydrodynamics on a Laboratory Beach

1998  PIV and Numerical Modeling for Flow Analysis

1998  Prediction of Velocity Field under Waves over Varying Depth

1997  Fluidization Response of Sediment Bed to Rapidly Falling Water Surface

1997  Weakly Non-Gaussian Model of Wave Height Distribution for Nonlinear Random Waves

1996  Bugs Clean Tunnels

1996  Coastal Engineering Laboratory and Field Measurements: Some Uncertainties in Measurement

1996  Manning’s Roughness Coefficient for Coarse-Bed Channels With High In-Bank Flows

1996  Simulating Nature Wind Waves in a Wave Flume

1995  Effects of Sea-Surface Fluctuations on Response of Offshore Structures

1995  Modeling Wetland Hydrodynamics Using SWMM-EXTRAN

1995  A Regional Model of Potential Evaporation for the Northeast United States

1995  Water Surface Oscillation In a Deep Sewer Tunnel System

1995  Wave Attenuation and Natural Dispersion in a Thick Oil Slick

1994  Step Pool Geometry and Flow Characteristics in Low-Sediment-Storage Channel Beds

1994  Strengths and Weaknesses of Shallow Water Equations in Steep Open Channel Flow

1993  Annual Oscillation of Mean Monthly Water Levels at U.S. Ports

1993  Predicting Critical Scour Stage at Bridges

1993  A Two-Dimensional Surf Zone Model Based on the Boussinesq Equations

1993  Use of Floodplain PCB Concentrations to Calibrate a River Hydraulics Model

1993  Wave Overtopping on Vertical Boundary and Water-Surface Displacement

1992  Discharge Capacity for Curb-Opening Inlets

1992  Gas Transfer in Diffused Bubble Plumes

1992  HEC-2 Shells and Tools

1992  Side Weir in Triangular Channel

1991  Analysis of Waterbody Surface Heat Exchange

1991  Bottom Pressures Due to Long Waves: Laboratory and Field Measurements

1991  Developing Wave-Current Boundary Layers

1991  Forces on Vertical Walls Due to Obliquely-Incident Waves

1991  Gas Transfer Velocities and Radar Backscatter from the Water Surface

1991  Nearfield Tsunamis Generated by Three Dimensional Bed Motions

1991  Set-Up Driven Undertows on a Barred Beach

1991  Structure of the Drift Current Observed Below Capillary-Gravity Waves

1990  Hydrodynamic Modeling on Vertically Mixed Bays

1990  Resistance Coefficient in a Tidal Channel

1989  Infiltration of Water to the Ground in a Flood-Control Reservoir with Seepage

1989  Land Drainage and Estuarine Salinity Response

1989  Real-Time Water Control Plan for a Flood Control Reservoir

1988  An Approach for Modeling the Upper Chesapeake Bay

1988  Computerized Bridge Coding for HEC-2 Applications on I.B.M. P.C.

1988  Gas Transfer at the Water Surface: Measurements of Gas Concentration Fluctuations

1987  Determination of Wind Stress (Drag) Coefficient for Coastal Waters Under Variable Meteorological and Oceanographic Conditions

1987  Furrow Irrigation Using Canal Side Weirs

1987  The Non-Gaussian Characteristics of Waves in Various Water Depth—An Analysis of Field Observations

1986  Selecting Terminal Water Surface Elevations

1985  Steep Unsteady Water Waves: An Efficient Computational Scheme

1985  Water Surface at Change of Channel Curvature

1983  Mechanical Mixing and Surface Reaeration

1982  Drift Currents of Clean and Slick Sea Surfaces

1982  Individual Wave Analysis of Irregular Wave Deformation in the Nearshore Zone

1982  Water Waves Propagating on Beaches of Arbitrary Slope

1981  The Effect of Lag Time on Maximum Water Surface Elevations of Reservoirs

1978  Wind-Induced Water Surface Set-Up and Drift Currents

1972  Photogrammetry and Hydraulic Surfaces

1972  Wind Stress on a Coastal Water Surface

1971  Wave Train Direction Analysis

1967  Response Characteristics of Underwater Wave Gauge

1965  Measurement of Ruffled Water Surface Elevation

1963  Regime Criteria for Alluvial Streams

1961  Capacitance Method of Measuring Water Film Thickness

1961  Dual Channel Stream Monitor

1961  Manifold Stilling Basin

1960  Transmission of Waves Past a Rigid Vertical Thin Barrier

1958  Evaporation from Free Water Surfaces at High Altitudes

1946  Evaporation from a Free Water Surface

1934  Evaporation from Water Surfaces: A Symposium: Evaporation from Different Types of Pans

1934  Evaporation from Water Surfaces: A Symposium: Evaporation from Reservoir Surface