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2015  Conservation Offers Untapped Benefits for Improving Water Quality, Supplies, Report Says

2015  Cross-Sectional Analysis of Critical Risk Factors for PPP Water Projects in China

2015  Design Phase Maintenance Checklist for Water Supply and Drainage Systems

2015  Dynamic Forecast of Daily Urban Water Consumption Using a Variable-Structure Support Vector Regression Model

2015  Evaluation of Customer-Driven Level of Service for Water Infrastructure Asset Management

2015  Optimal Upgrading of Water Distribution Network Redundancy

2015  Prioritization of Small and Medium Domestic Dams in Dry Lands

2015  Real-Time Multiobjective Optimization of Operation of Water Supply Systems

2014  California Cities Develop Surface Water Supply to Reduce Dependence on Groundwater

2014  Combined Simulation-Optimization Model for Assessing Irrigation Water Supply Capacities of Reservoirs

2014  Composite Sustainable Management Index for Rural Water Supply Systems Using the Analytical Hierarchy Process

2014  Desalination Plant Promises Droughtproof Water Supply for San Diego

2014  Graph-Theoretic Approach and Sound Engineering Principles for Design of District Metered Areas

2014  Identifying Residential Water End Uses Underpinning Peak Day and Peak Hour Demand

2014  Impact of Contract Structure and Risk Aversion on Interutility Water Transfer Agreements

2014  Modeling Equitable Distribution of Water: Dynamic Inversion-Based Controller Approach

2014  Multiperiod Planning of Water Supply Infrastructure Based on Scenario Analysis

2014  Nonparametric Benchmarking of Japanese Water Utilities: Institutional and Environmental Factors Affecting Efficiency

2014  Optimal Design of Pumping Mains Considering Pump Characteristics

2014  Parallel Programming Techniques Applied to Water Pump Scheduling Problems

2014  Pipe Burst Risk State Assessment and Classification Based on Water Hammer Analysis for Water Supply Networks

2014  Rapid Response

2014  Robotic Monitoring for Turbidity Management in Multiple Reservoir Water Supply

2014  San Antonio Turns to Desalination to Help Meet Its Water Needs

2014  San Francisco Looks to Groundwater to Augment Potable Supplies

2014  Sources of High Total Dissolved Solids to Drinking Water Supply in Southwestern Pennsylvania

2014  Use of Saline Water in Compaction of Engineered Fills

2014  Water Agencies Must Retool to Ensure Future Freshwater Supplies, Report Says

2013  Applicability Analysis of Ozone Disinfection in Rural Drinking Water Supply from Two Aspects: Ozone Decay and Bromate Formation

2013  Augmentation Strategies for Sustainable Water Supply to Shimla - A Hill Station in India

2013  Bayesian Networks for Source Intrusion Detection

2013  Climate Change Impact on Reservoir Performance Indexes in Agricultural Water Supply

2013  Comparative Study of Three Stochastic Models for Prediction of Pipe Failures in Water Supply Systems

2013  A Complex Adaptive System Approach Assessing the Dynamics of Population Growth, Land Use, and Climate Change for Urban Water Resources Management

2013  Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing with Issue Linkage: Game-Theoretical Case Study in the Volta Basin

2013  Damage to Water Supply Pipelines in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

2013  Development of a Cost Function for Residential Subdivisions through Genetic Algorithms

2013  Development of Community Water Deficit Index: Drought-Forecasting Tool for Small- to Mid-Size Communities of the Southeastern United States

2013  Effects of Varying Stream Channel Conductance on Siting New Pumping Wells in an Aquifer

2013  The Emergency $130-Million Ward County Water Supply Project

2013  Emergency Lifeline Water Supply for San Angelo, Texas

2013  Empire of Water: An Environmental and Political History of the New York City Water Supply By David Soll. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2013

2013  Environmental Benefits Achieved through Close Coordination with Pipeline Stakeholders

2013  Evaluating the Dual Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting Systems Using Reliability Analysis

2013  Implicit Mean-Variance Approach for Optimal Management of a Water Supply System under Uncertainty

2013  Integrated Approach to Simulate Stream Water Quality for Municipal Supply under a Changing Climate

2013  Iterative Linearization Scheme for Convex Nonlinear Equations: Application to Optimal Operation of Water Distribution Systems

2013  Lessons Learned from Ten Years of Water Projects at Engineers without Borders - USA

2013  Low-Flow Variations in Source Water Supply for the Occoquan Reservoir System Based on a 100-Year Climate Forecast

2013  Operating Small Pump Water Supply Systems Efficiently in Cold Regions

2013  Operating Water Distribution Networks during Water Shortage Conditions Using Hedging and Intermittent Water Supply Concepts

2013  Pipe Burst Analysis Based on GIS

2013  Post-earthquake Restoration of Water Supply Infrastructure

2013  Quantifying End-Use Energy Intensity of the Urban Water Cycle

2013  Rapid Reservoir Storage-Based Benefit Calculations

2013  Reclamation’s Research on Climate Change Impact on Reservoir Capacity

2013  Recovering the Release History of a Pollutant Intrusion into a Water Supply System through a Geostatistical Approach

2013  Resilience of Regional Water Supply Systems

2013  Review of Water Law, Water Supply, and Surplus Water Available for Corps of Engineers Projects

2013  Scenario-Based Robust Optimization of Regional Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

2013  Seismic Reliability Assessment Model of Water Supply Networks

2013  Self-Adaptive PSO-GA Hybrid Model for Combinatorial Water Distribution Network Design

2013  Studies Using Entropy to Determine the Optimal Point of Monitoring, Studying in São Lourenço, MG, Brazil

2013  Sustainable Integration of Water Supply Projects with Renewable Energy

2013  Uncertainty Quantification for a Middle East Water Supply System

2013  Water on a Mission: The Acequias of San Antonio

2013  The Western Australia Goldfields Water Supply: An International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

2013  You Just Lost 25 Percent of Your Raw Water Supply. Now What?

2012  Analysis and Prediction of the Urban Water-Supply Risks in Harbin

2012  Bankruptcy Methods for Resolving Water Resources Conflicts

2012  Box-Constrained Optimization Methodology and Its Application for a Water Supply System Model

2012  California’s Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta Conflict: From Cooperation to Chicken

2012  Climate Impacts on Municipal Water Supplies in New England: A Comparison of Two Systems

2012  Comprehensive Development Design Optimizing Water Conservation

2012  Critical Assessment of Environmental Quality of Baghdad, Iraq

2012  Dealing with Algal Toxins and Dissolved Organics in Drinking Water

2012  Decentralized Optimization Method for Water Allocation Management in the Yellow River Basin

2012  Development of a Reliability Based Dynamic Model of Urban Water Supply System: A Case Study

2012  Efficient Energy Use in Pump Water Supply Systems in Cold Regions

2012  Expectation Analysis of the Probability of Failure for Water Supply Pipes

2012  Exploring the Water-Thermoelectric Power Nexus

2012  Extended Period Simulation for Pressure-Deficient Water Distribution Network

2012  Forecasting Water Demands—A Case Study for the South East Kelowna Irrigation District

2012  Hybrid Water Demand Forecasting Model Associating Artificial Neural Network with Fourier Series

2012  Hydraulic Modeling for Emergency Water Supply and Disaster Planning

2012  Incorporating Climate Uncertainty in a Cost Assessment for New Municipal Source Water

2012  Installation of a 42 Inch HDPE Pipeline at Seminole County’s Regional Water Treatment Facility at Yankee Lake

2012  Intake Screen Alternatives for the IPL Project—Planning for Mussels and Variable Intake Depths

2012  Modeling Turbidity and the Effects of Alum Application for a Water Supply Reservoir

2012  New Approaches to Inspect Water Pipelines Running under Rivers, Lakes, Levies, and Critical Transport Infrastructure

2012  Optimal Multi-Year Management of a Regional Water Supply System under Uncertainty: The Affine Adjustable Robust Counterpart (AARC) Approach

2012  San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Water System Improvement Program: Bay Division Pipeline 5 East Bay Reaches Construction Contract Challenges in a Difficult Economy

2012  Scenario Planning for Robust Water Supply Infrastructure Design

2012  Scenario-Based Forecast of Regional Water Demands in Northeastern Illinois

2012  The Science, Information, and Engineering Needed to Manage Water Availability and Quality in 2050

2012  Securing Water Supplies in New Mexico: The Conjunctive Use Solution

2012  Short-Term Reservoir Storage Frequency Relationships

2012  South Platte River Segment 15 Phase II Habitat Improvements

2012  Staged Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Water Supply in Amman, Jordan

2012  Stockton Delta Water Project Construction Challenges