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2015  Effects of Passive Hydration on Surface Water and Groundwater Storages in Drained Ranchland Wetlands in the Everglades Basin in Florida

2015  Enabling Successful Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Freshwater Using Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells in Coastal Aquifers

2015  Off-Stream Floodplain Storage: Numerical Modeling and Experimental Analysis

2015  Setting Water Quality Trigger Levels for the Operation and Management of a MAR System in Parafield, South Australia

2015  Some Considerations for Applicability of Seawater as Mixing Water in Concrete

2014  Assessment of Surface Runoff Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Lerma-Chapala Basin, Mexico

2014  Economic Value of Storage in Multireservoir Systems

2014  Environmental and Economic Life-Cycle Assessment of Municipal Water-Storage Options: Infrastructure Refurbishment versus Replacement

2014  Evaluation of Parameter Characteristics of a Storage Function Model

2014  Full-Range Solution for the Theis Well Function

2014  Ground Movements from Aquifer Recharge and Recovery

2014  Method for Estimating Concentration Time and Storage Coefficient of the Clark Model Using Rainfall-Runoff Measurements

2014  Modeling Local Water Storages Delivering Customer Demands in WDN Models

2014  Neural Network-Derived Heuristic Framework for Sizing Surge Vessels

2014  Optimization Model for Design-Operation of Pumped-Storage and Hydropower Systems

2014  Spatial Distribution of Soil Moisture and Fine Roots of Apple Trees under Water Storage Pit Irrigation

2013  Applying Decentralized Water Level Difference Control for Operation of the Dez Main Canal under Water Shortage

2013  Assessing the Importance of Temporary Storage Volume Occupied by Emergent Vegetation in Constructed Storm Water Wetlands

2013  Calculation of Response Modification Factor for an Existing All-Concrete Elevated Tank Pedestal

2013  Exploring the Effect of Reservoir Storage on Peak Discharge Frequency

2013  Integrated Slope Stability Analyses of Wastewater Storage Structure extending the Capillary Barrier Technique

2013  Internal Water Storage Enhances Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement in the North Carolina Mountains

2013  Modeling a Proposed Quarry Reservoir for Raw Water Storage in Atlanta, Georgia

2013  New Road Surfaces: Logical Bases for Simple Quality-Related Pay Adjustments

2013  Optimizing Watershed Management by Coordinated Operation of Storing Facilities

2013  Rapid Reservoir Storage-Based Benefit Calculations

2012  Assessing the Impact of Subsurface Storage Contributing Area on the Watershed Scale Storage-Discharge Function Derived from Baseflow Recession at the Spoon River in Illinois

2012  CFD Modeling to Optimize Mixing and Water Age of a Finished Water Storage Reservoir at a Water Treatment Plant

2012  Decentralization of LID (e.g. Municipal Rainwater Harvesting Program) for Reducing Stormwater Runoff

2012  Effect of Topographic Data Accuracy on Water Storage Environmental Service and Associated Hydrological Attributes in South Florida

2012  Enhancement of Exfiltration and Thermal Load Reduction from Permeable Pavement with Internal Water Storage

2012  The Main Water Problems and Corresponding Countermeasures of Deep Underground Water Conservancy Project in Water-Rich Area

2012  Role of Satellite Water Tanks in Intermittent Water Supply System

2012  Short-Term Reservoir Storage Frequency Relationships

2011  Concrete Shear Strength of Elevated Water Storage Tank Pedestals

2011  Dam Breach Analysis in Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)

2011  Development of Multiobjective Reservoir Operation Model for Flood Control Benefit

2011  Effect of Cold-Water Storage Cisterns on Drinking-Water Quality

2011  Evaluating Media Depth, Surface Storage Volume, and Presence of an Internal Water Storage Zone on Four Sets of Bioretention Cells in North Carolina

2011  Full-Scale Field Load Testing of Storm-Water Storage Chamber Structures

2011  Rainfall-Runoff Modeling of Three Wadis in the Northern Area of UAE

2011  Role of Water-Energy Storage in PV-PSH Power Plant Development

2011  Thermally Induced Behavior of the Openings in Rock Mass Affected by High Temperatures

2011  Underdrain Configuration to Enhance Bioretention Exfiltration to Reduce Pollutant Loads

2011  Wastewater Storage Pond Design and Mounding Analysis

2010  Advanced Water Budget Analysis for Rainwater and Related Harvesting Applications

2010  Analysis and Treatment of Harvested Rainwater

2010  An Analysis of Household Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Falelima, Samoa

2010  Analysis of Inducing Joints Behavior during Reservoir Filling in Xiaowan Arch Dam

2010  Approach Using Active Groundwater Storage for Hydrologic Model Calibration in West-Central Florida

2010  Demonstration and Monitoring of Rainwater Harvesting Technology in North Carolina

2010  Demonstration and Monitoring of Rainwater Harvesting Technology in North Carolina

2010  Design of Pumped Water Distribution Networks with Storage

2010  Evaluation of Water Conservation Measures Implemented in the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin

2010  Extending the Useful Life of Small-to-Medium Reservoirs in the United States

2010  Flood Forecasting in Regulated Basins Using the Ensemble Extended Kalman Filter with the Storage Function Method

2010  General Model to Represent Multiple Wetland and Lake Stage-Storage Behavior

2010  The Impact of First Flush Removal on Rainwater Quality and Rainwater Harvesting Systems’ Reliability in Rural Rwanda

2010  Implementing an Aquifer Storage and Recovery Project

2010  An Improved Method for Watershed Delineation and Computation of Surface Depression Storage

2010  Incorporating Surface Storage and Slope to Estimate Clark Unit Hydrographs for Ungauged Indiana Watersheds

2010  Lysimeters versus Actual Earthen Caps: Numerical Assessment of Soil Water Storage

2010  A Methodology for Using Rainwater Harvesting as a Stormwater Management BMP

2010  New Rules, Familiar Tools: Efficient Use of Stormwater Storage and Flow Control

2010  Rainwater Harvesting in an Indian Village

2010  Rainwater Harvesting Performance in a Changing Climate

2010  Site Characterization and Modeling for an Underground Water Storage Tank, Black Hawk, Colorado

2010  Unsteady Solution for Well Recharge in a Low Diffusive Aquifer

2010  Using a Distributed Hydrologic Model to Evaluate the Location of Urban Development and Flood Control Storage

2010  Using Water Conservation and Rain Water Harvesting to Recharge Groundwater: Groundwater Protection and Cultural Understanding of Hydrogeology in Abheypur, India

2010  Why Single-Event Modeling Doesn’t Work for LIDs

2009  A Decision Support System for Beneficial Use of National Dam Water Resources in Swaziland

2009  Design and Construction of the Cat to Miller Reservoir Interconnect Pipeline

2009  Designing Effective Rainfall Harvesting Systems in Developing Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa

2009  Generalized Storage-Reliability-Yield Equations for Rainwater Harvesting Systems

2009  Hydrological Modeling and Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting Facilities: Case Study on Several Rainwater Harvesting Facilities in Korea

2009  Managing Reservoir Discharge through Accurate Flow Measurement

2009  Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Networks Models for Generalized Reservoir Storage — Yield — Reliability Function for Reservoir Planning

2009  Rainwater Harvesting Experiences in the Humid Southeast USA

2009  Rainwater Harvesting for Non-Potable Use in Gardens: A Comparison of Runoff Water Quality from Green vs. Traditional Roofs

2009  Recent Low-Flow and Groundwater Storage Changes in Upland Watersheds of the Kanto Region, Japan

2009  Rule-Based Storage Accounting for Multipurpose Reservoir Systems

2009  Storage-Yield Evaluation and Operation of Mula Reservoir, India

2008  Analysis of a Resonance Phenomenon in a Water Supply System

2008  Analytic Method to Derive Wetland Stage-Storage Relationships Using GIS Areas

2008  Approximation of M Function for Partially Penetrating Wells

2008  Approximation of Well Function and Identification of Leaky Aquifer Parameters

2008  Aquifer Parameters from Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells: Unsteady Pumping

2008  Conceptual Rule-Based Storage Accounting for Multipurpose Reservoirs

2008  Diagnostic Curve for Confined Aquifer Parameters from Early Drawdowns

2008  Estimating Aquifer Parameters from Early Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells

2008  Laboratory Studies on the Coupled Oscillations between an Internal Density Interface and a Shear Layer

2008  Maximization of Water Storage in Backfilled and Lined Channels and Dimples Subject to Evaporation and Leakage

2008  Mixing in Water Storage Tanks. I: No Buoyancy Effects

2008  Mixing in Water Storage Tanks. II: With Buoyancy Effects

2008  Origin of Flood Skew

2008  Simulating the Well Function for Large-Diameter Wells Using MODFLOW

2008  Surface Volume Estimates for Infiltration Parameter Estimation

2008  Use of Seismic Reflection Surveying to Enhance Traditional Subsurface Exploration for Karst Evaluation

2008  Water Conservation on the Supply Side, Using Underground Water Storage Systems