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Found 59 Records with the keyword term of "Water sampling"

2013  Analysis of Scaling Factors and Control Scheme of Xing Ancient Buried Hill Reservoir in Liaohe Oilfield

2011  Assessment of Low pH Coagulation Performance Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy

2009  Assessment of Hydrodynamic Separators for Stormwater Treatment

2009  Characterization of a Perchlorate Contaminated Site

2009  Evaluating Temporal Variability in Bacterial Indicator Samples for an Urban Watershed

2009  Measuring Discharge with ADCPs: Inferences from Synthetic Velocity Profiles

2009  Temporal and Spatial Variations in Bulk Chlorine Decay within a Water Supply System

2009  Water Demand Forecasting for the City of the Future against the Uncertainties and the Global Change Pressures: Case of Birmingham

2007  Performance Monitoring of Remediation Technologies for Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Review

2006  Concentration — Duration — Frequency Curves for pH in a Stream in the Great Smoky Mountains

2004  Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (ADV) Performance Curves (APCs) Sampling the Flow Turbulence

2004  Design of Water Quality Monitoring Network for River Systems

2004  Environmental Index for Assessing Spatial Bias in Watershed Sampling Networks

2004  Technology: Water Sensors Offer Real-Time Data

2000  Performance of Various Kinetic Models for Chlorine Decay

1998  Combination Well Cuts Water Sampling Costs

1997  Large-Volume Samples for Cryptosporidium and Giardia from Small Streams

1995  Agricultural Chemical Contamination of Shallow, Large Diameter Wells in Illinois

1993  Water Pipelines: Tackling Toxics

1991  The Development of a Coastal Water Quality Management Strategy in Ecuador

1991  Nitrate in Rural Water Supplies in North Carolina

1991  Percolation Lysimeters for Water Quality Sampling

1991  Pesticide Contamination of Ground Water in New Zealand

1991  Sampling Strategies Proposed to Monitor Guanabara Bay, RJ, Brasil

1990  Natural Radionuclides in Groundwater From J-13 Well at the Nevada Test Site

1990  Simple Tests to Assess Water Quality in Indonesia

1989  Root Zone Salinity Control—Leaching Fraction, Spatial Variability

1989  Santa Clara Valley Nonpoint Source Discharge Evaluation Study—A Synopsis

1989  Simulating Water Quality in a Distribution System

1988  Ground Water Monitoring for Resource Management

1987  A Call for New Directions in Drilling and Sampling Monitoring Wells

1987  Cleanup on a Large Scale

1987  Managing Ground Water Data

1987  Technical Issues of Ground Water Data

1987  Techniques for Delineating Subsurface Organic Contamination: A Case Study

1986  Groundwater Quality Monitoring in the New York Metropolitan Area: Statistical Alternatives

1986  Monitoring Groundwater Quality in the Southwest

1985  Impact of Metallic Solders on Water Quality

1984  Evaluation of 60-Milliliter BOD Bottle Tests

1984  Remedial Investigations at Biscayne Aquifier Hazardous Waste Sites

1983  Sampling Strategy for River Pollutant Transport

1982  Acid Deposition Impact on Northern Minnesota Lakes

1982  Remedial Superfund Actions: Procedure and Results

1982  Removal of Virus from Public Water Supplies

1981  Correlation Analysis of Reservoir Water Quality Parameters with Digital Satellite Reflectance Data

1981  The Fate of Biogenic Suspensoids in a Desert Reservoir

1981  Oxygen Depleted Waters: Origin and Distribution in Lake Power, Utah-Arizona

1981  Trace Organics Monitoring of the Ohio River

1981  Water Chemistry in a Permafrost Environment

1980  Alternatives for Reducing Nitrate in Municipal Supplies at McFarland, Calif.

1980  Cost Effective Water Quality Monitoring

1980  Effect of Forestry Practices in Florida Watersheds

1980  An Environmental Study to Assess The Effect of Drilling Fluids on Water Quality Parameters During High Rate, High Volume Discharge to the Ocean.

1980  Natural Fluctuations of Water Quality in a Headwater Stream

1980  Nitrogen Yields and Land Use in Southern Streams

1980  X-Ray Analysis and Suspended Sediment Source Area

1977  Integrated Automatic Water Sample Collection System

1972  Radioisotopes and Turbine Flow Measurement

1956  The Analysis of Water Samples for Cyclical Variations