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2015  News2Note: Quick glimpses of the new and noteworthy

2015  San Diego Looks to Indirect Potable Reuse to Address Water Needs, Fix Waiver Issue

2014  California Water District Starts Advanced Treatment Plant, Considers Potable Reuse

2014  Expert Elicitation of Trends in Marcellus Oil and Gas Wastewater Management

2014  Graywater Reclamation by a Shredded Tire Biofilter and a Membrane Bioreactor in Series

2014  Risk-Based Review of California’s Water-Recycling Criteria for Agricultural Irrigation

2014  Simulating Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse Using QUAL2K Model: Case Study of the Ismailia Canal Catchment Area, Egypt

2014  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2014, Water Without Borders

2013  An Agent-based Modeling Approach to Simulate the Influence of Consumer Behavior on Infrastructure Performance for Urban Water Reclamation Management

2013  Centralized versus Decentralized Wastewater Reclamation in the Houghton Area of Tucson, Arizona

2013  Disinfection Methods for Treating Low TOC, Light Graywater to California Title 22 Water Reuse Standards

2013  Effects of Chlorination on Silver-Coated Ceramic Pot Filters (CPFs)

2013  Estimation of Graywater Constituent Removal Rates in Outdoor Free-Water-Surface Wetland in Temperate Climate

2013  Improving a Greywater Reuse Unit for the Purpose of Toilet Flushing in a Student Residence at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa

2013  Innovative Interconnection

2013  Leon Creek Water Recycling Center Interconnect Pipeline - Bridging the Gap

2013  Monitoring and Evaluation of the Thermal Behavior of Permeable Pavements for Energy Recovery Purposes in an Experimental Parking Lot: Preliminary Results

2013  Reuse of Water in Typical Indian Oil Refinery

2013  Rice Germination as a Bioassay to Test the Phytotoxicity of MSWI Bottom Ash Recycling Wastewater

2013  The Right Combination

2013  Scenario-Based Robust Optimization of Regional Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

2013  Simulation-Optimization Model for Intermediate Reuse of Agriculture Drainage Water in Egypt

2013  Smooth Transition

2013  Sustainable Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Management - Four Years and Counting

2013  Upgrading Downtown Sewer Infrastructure in the Nation’s 7th Most Populous City

2012  Basis of Design for Proposed 42 Inch Reclaimed Water Main

2012  Brightwater Prepares to Shine

2012  Collaborative Bidding Approach for the Tollgate Creek Interceptor

2012  Comprehensive Study of Water Reuse Role in Integrated Water Resources Management—Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2012  Construction Begins on Effluent Tunnel in Kansas

2012  Design and Construction Challenges for a 36 Inch Diameter 18 Mile Reclaimed Water Pipeline

2012  Economical Evaluation and Operating Experiences of a Small-Scale MBR for Nonpotable Reuse

2012  Energy and Cost Benefit Evaluation of a Urine Diversion System—A Case Study at Highway Service Areas in Japan

2012  Environmental Implications of Residential Greywater Use: A Case Study of Glade Reservoir in Northern Colorado

2012  Phosphorus Management for Sustainable Agricultural Irrigation of Reclaimed Water

2012  Recycled Water for the Thirsty High Desert

2012  Staged Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Water Supply in Amman, Jordan

2012  The Use of Reclaimed Water in the Compaction of Granular Materials

2012  Water Management Decisions Using Multiple Hydrologic Models within the San Juan River Basin under Changing Climate Conditions

2012  Water Reclamation Strategies in the Built Environment—A Framework and Case Study of a University Campus

2011  AgriMet: A Reclamation Tool for Irrigation Water Management

2011  An Integrated Energy, Carbon, and Economic Analysis of Reclaimed Water Use in Austin, Texas

2011  Novel Design Concept for Facultative Ponds Using Rock Filters to Reclaim the Effluent

2011  Simulation Model for Multicomponent Removals from Recycled Cooling Water

2011  Water Management by Optimizing Distributed Wastewater Reclamation Capacity

2010  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling of Flow into the Aerated Grit Chamber of the MWRD’s North Side Water Reclamation Plant, Illinois

2010  Design Robustness of Local Water-Recycling Schemes

2010  Effects of Primary Substrate Concentration on NDMA Transport during Simulated Aquifer Recharge

2010  Energy Variability and Produced Water: Two Challenges, One Synergistic Management Approach Using Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage

2010  Evaluation of Low Impact Development Stormwater Technologies and Water Reuse Options for the Lake Simcoe Regions

2010  EWRI Effort to Establish Monograph on Concentrate Management in Desalination Case Studies

2010  A Game Theory Approach for De-Centralization of Reclaimed Water Systems

2010  How Reclaimed Water Makes Cents

2010  Impact of Triclosan in Greywater on Antibiotic-Resistance in Soil Microbial Communities

2010  Integrated Optimization of a Dual Quality Water and Wastewater System

2010  Issues Associated with Large Scale Water Recycling

2010  Long-Term Effects of Graywater Irrigation on Soil Quality in Arid Regions

2010  Multi-Objective Optimization of Integrated Water Reuse Systems at a Cluster Scale

2010  Optimal Reclaimed Water Network Design via Two-Stage Stochastic Binary Programming

2010  Performance of a Combined Natural Wastewater Treatment System in West Texas

2010  Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Chemical Cleaning Protocols for Organic and Biologically Fouled Microfiltration Membranes

2010  Reclamation of Tile Effluent: Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors

2010  Tricosan in Greywater: Implications for Reuse

2010  Water Conservation and Reuse: A Case Study of the Energy-Water Nexus in Texas

2010  Water Use Intensities and the Composition of Production in Canada

2010  Waterjet Placement of Remediation Amendments into Contaminated Sediments

2009  An Approach for Integrated Optimization of Wastewater, Recycled, and Potable Water Networks

2009  Gray Water and Treated Effluent Reuse

2009  McCormick Place West Hall Conference Center Stormwater Reclamation Tunnel and "Green Roof" Helps Advance Chicago’s Clean Water Agenda

2009  Meeting a Higher Standard

2009  Potential Health Risks Associated with Particles in Reclaimed Wastewater

2009  Recycling of Multiple Waste Streams for Transportation Fuel Production via Algae Cultivation at Wastewater Treatment Plants

2008  Analysis of Washout Water for Reuse within the Concrete Industry with the Aid of Chemometrics

2008  Controlled Field Experiment for Performance Evaluation of Septic Tank Effluent Treatment during Soil Infiltration

2008  Formulating and Scoping a Comprehensive Multi-Jurisdictional Countywide Stormwater Management Program

2008  Optimal Design of the Chicago Calumet Water Reclamation Plant (CCWRP) Primary Settling Tanks with 3D Numerical Models

2008  Use of CFD Modeling for Predicting Contact Time and Improving Hydraulic Conditions in a Chlorine Contact Tank

2008  Wastewater: Singapore Plans Two More Reuse Plants, Increasing Its Reliance on Reclaimed Water

2007  ASCE/EWRI Efforts to Establish Concentrate Management Guidelines for Desalination and Water Reuse

2007  Calibration of a Continuous Simulation Fecal Coliform Model Based on Historical Data Analysis

2007  Compatibility Assessment of Membrane Processes for Closed-Loop Water Recovery and Recycling

2007  Cost-Effectiveness of Water Reuse in Florida

2007  Design and Construction of Denver Water’s Recycled Water Distribution System

2007  Do Current Practices for Monitoring Reclaimed Water Provide Adequate Tools for Assessment of Waterborne Pathogens?

2007  Evaluation of Membrane Processes for Reducing Total Dissolved Solids Discharged to the Truckee River

2007  Hydraulic Simulation and Variable Speed Pump Selection of a Dual-Function Pumping Station: Pumping Treated Water to a Reclaimed Water System or Deep Injection Well System

2007  Lessons from the Failure of Two Reclaimed Water Lines in California

2007  Planning for Water Allocation and Water Quality Using a Spreadsheet-Based Model

2007  Pressure-Based Modeling for Reclaimed Water Systems

2007  Water Reuse Using Drip Irrigation and Micro-Sprinklers

2006  EDTA, NTA, Alkylphenol Ethoxylate and DOC Attenuation during Soil Aquifer Treatment

2006  Electrochemical Oxidation and Ozonation for Textile Wastewater Reuse

2006  Evaluation of Constructed Wetland as Secondary Wastewater Treatment, Source for Tertiary Wastewater Treatment, and Reuse System

2006  Evaluation of Water Reuse Technologies for the Textile Industry

2006  Modeling Water Movement and Flux from Membrane Pervaporation Systems for Wastewater Microirrigation

2006  A Novel Membrane Bioreactor for Spacecraft Water Recycling

2006  Transport of Selected Contaminants in Recycled Water through a Hawaii Soil

2006  Treatment of an Early Planetary Base Wastestream in a Rotating Hollow Fiber Membrane Reactor

2006  Wastewater Reuse Options for Gloucester County, New Jersey

2006  Water Conservation Techniques and Graywater Reuse at the Single Household Level