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2015  Effect of Internal Water Pressure on the Measured Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Concrete

2014  Analysis of External Water Pressure on the Support and Lining of Deep Mountain Tunnels below High Water Tables

2014  Pore Water Pressures in Unsaturated Soils

2014  Undrained Behavior of Silty Glacial Sand

2013  Consolidation Behavior of a Cylindrical Soil Layer Subjected to Nonuniform Pore-Water Pressure Distribution

2013  Consolidation Settlement in Aquifers Caused by Pumping

2013  Dynamic Properties and Influence of Clay Mineralogy Types on the Cyclic Strength of Mine Tailings

2013  Effect of Frequency and Vertical Stress on Cyclic Degradation and Pore Water Pressure in Clay in the NGI Simple Shear Device

2013  Evaluation of MLP-ANN Training Algorithms for Modeling Soil Pore-Water Pressure Responses to Rainfall

2013  Field Tests, Modification, and Application of Deep Soil Mixing Method in Soft Clay

2013  Finite Element Method-Based Analysis of an Unsaturated Soil Slope Subjected to Rainfall Infiltration

2013  Iterative Methodology of Pressure-Dependent Demand Based on EPANET for Pressure-Deficient Water Distribution Analysis

2013  Local Stability of Slurry Trench in Sandwiched Sand Layer with Confined Water Pressure

2013  Modeling Interactions between Riverbank Hydrology and Mass Failures

2013  Pore-Water Pressure Development Caused by Wave-Induced Cyclic Loading in Deep Porous Formation

2013  Protecting Drinking Water Systems from Low Pressure Transients - A Case Study

2013  Simulation Test of the Dynamic Water Pressure of Asphalt Concrete

2012  Calibration of Proportional Controllers for the RTC of Pressures to Reduce Leakage in Water Distribution Networks

2012  Cyclic Large Strain and Induced Pore Pressure Models for Saturated Clean Sands

2012  Enhancement of Ultraviolet Disinfection of Wastewater by Low Pressure Water Jet Pretreatment: Effectiveness and Impacts on Bacteria

2012  Laboratory and Finite-Element Investigation of Soil Disturbance Associated with the Installation of Mandrel-Driven Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2012  Numerical Study of the Long-Term Performance of an Underground Powerhouse Subjected to Varying Initial Stress States, Cyclic Water Heads, and Temperature Variations

2012  Performance of an Instrumented Slope Covered by a Capillary Barrier System

2012  Pressure Surges Following Sudden Air Pocket Entrapment in Storm-Water Tunnels

2011  Analysis of Settlement Induced by Dissipation of the Excess Pore Water Pressure Due to Piling in Soft Clay

2011  Experimental Determination of the Hydraulic Properties of Low-Pressure, Lay-Flat Drip Irrigation Systems

2011  Mechanical Property Research on the Water Pressure Test for a Prestressed and Precast Concrete Segmental Lining

2011  Modified G and G AVG Correction Factors for Laterals with Multiple Outlets and Outflow

2011  Rational Approximation for Uni-Dimensional Consolidation Differential Equation of Saturated Soil

2011  Reliability/Availability Analysis of Water Distribution Systems Considering Adaptive Pump Operation

2011  Surge Protections for a Major Raw Water Pump and Pipeline System

2011  Transient Modeling of a Full-Scale Distribution System: Comparison with Field Data

2011  Water Gravity Waves Generated by a Moving Low Pressure Area

2010  Analytical to the Issue of Spherical Cavities Expansion with the Non-Linear Mohr-Coulomb Failure Rule

2010  EPANET2 Desktop Application for Pressure Driven Demand Modeling

2010  Leakage Control in Water Distribution Networks by Using Optimal Pressure Management: A Case Study

2010  Meso-Scale Heterogeneity Effects on Excess Pore Water Pressure Dissipation

2010  Postcyclic Reconsolidation Strains in Low-Plastic Fraser River Silt due to Dissipation of Excess Pore-Water Pressures

2010  Pressure and Leakage Management in Water Distribution Systems via Flow Modulation PRVs

2010  Pressure Utilization in Water Transmission Pipelines Considering Transient Conditions

2010  Pressure-Dependent EPANET Extension: Extended Period Simulation

2010  Pressure-Dependent EPANET Extension: Pressure-Dependent Demands

2010  Pressure-Dependent Leakage Detection Method Compared with Conventional Techniques

2010  Research on Leakage Control of Water Distribution Network Based on Pressure-Driven Demand Model

2010  RTC of Valves for Leakage Reduction in Water Supply Networks

2010  Study on Rock Mass Stability Effect of High Water Pressure Tunnels by Hydraulic Fracturing Failure

2009  Critical Pool Level and Stability of Slopes in Granular Soils

2009  Efficient Method for Estimating Groundwater Head in the Vicinity of the Underground Gas Storage Caverns in Fractured Media

2009  Estimation of Stress History by Partial Piezocone Dissipation Tests

2009  Extended Global-Gradient Algorithm for Pressure-Dependent Water Distribution Analysis

2009  Identification of the Hydraulic Model from Operational Measurements for Supervisory Pressure Control

2009  In-Line Partially Closed Valves: How to Detect by Transient Tests

2009  Low Pressure Propagation at Service Lines

2009  Pressure vs. Flow Relationship for Pipe Leaks

2008  Advantages of a Hydraulic Saint-Venant Type Model with Pressure-Dependent Leakage

2008  Analysis of Pressure Management Economics in Water Distribution Systems

2008  Design of Foundations on Sensitive Champlain Clay Subjected to Cyclic Loading

2008  Determining Operating Inlet Pressure Head Incorporating Uniformity Parameters for Multioutlet Plastic Pipelines

2008  An Evaluation of the Robustness of the Sample UK Water Distribution System Configurations to Operational Stresses

2008  Experience in the Application of Methodology for Determination of Optimal Water Head Pressure in Water Distribution Networks

2008  The Extent of Non-Compliant Plumbing Components and On-Site Leakage in South Africa

2008  Graphical Application of Buckling Equations for a Cylindrical Steel Tunnel Liner with and without Stiffeners

2008  Identifying Consolidation Coefficient: Linear Exceess Pore-Water Pressure

2008  New Thrust Restraint Technique Using Geosynthetics for Buried Bend

2008  Pressure Control in District Metering Areas with Boundary and Internal Pressure Reducing Valves

2008  Transient Flow Caused by Air Expulsion through an Orifice

2008  Use of Pressure Dynamics for Calibration of Water Distribution System and Leakage Detection

2008  Water Pipe System Diagnosis by Transient Pressure Signals

2007  Development and Application of Experiment Apparatus for Road Material

2007  Experimental STudy on the Shearing Behavior of Saturated Silty Soils Based on Ring-Shear Tests

2007  In Situ Pore-Pressure Generation Behavior of Liquefiable Sand

2007  Mechanism of Dynamic Instability for Riverside Subgrade

2007  New Structure-Based Model for Estimating Undrained Shear Strength

2007  Numerical Computation and Analysis on Dynamic Pore Water Pressure in Asphalt Pavement

2007  Pressure-Based Modeling for Reclaimed Water Systems

2007  Responsese of Excess Pore Water Pressure in Soft Marine Clay around a Soil — Cement Column

2007  Saturation and Preloading Effects on the Cyclic Behavior of Sand

2007  Simplified Analytical Approximation for Pore-Water Pressure Buildup in Marine Sediments

2007  Spatial Distribution of Excess Pore-Water Pressure due to Piezocone Penetration in Overconsolidated Clay

2006  Angled Pressure Relief Wells Improve Stability at Spinney Mountain Dam

2006  Behavior of Unsaturated Layered Soil Columns during Infiltration

2006  Effect of Pore Water Pressure on Stress- Strain Characteristics of Dense Sand

2006  Large-Scale Experiments on Pore Pressure Generation underneath a Caisson Breakwater

2006  Parametric Study of One – Dimensional Solute Transport in Deformable Porous Media

2006  Pore Pressure Response Following Undrained uCPT Sounding in a Dilating Soil

2006  Porothermoelastic Analysis of the Response of a Stationary Crack using the Displacement Discontinuity Method

2006  Shear Strength and Pore-Water Pressure Characteristics during Constant Water Content Triaxial Tests

2006  A Simplified Formula for Estimating Real-Time Pore Water Pressure of Anisotropically-Consolidated Saturated Sands under Random Earthquake Loads

2006  Stress Zones near Displacement Piers: II. Radial Cracking and Wedging

2006  Sudden Failure of a Heavily Loaded Container Pavement

2006  Thermohydromechanical Modeling of a Full-Scale Tunnel Sealing Clay Bulkhead

2006  Using Neural Networks for the Prediction of Permeability in Jointed Rocks

2006  Vertical Drain Consolidation with Parabolic Distribution of Permeability in Smear Zone

2005  Effects of Viscous Properties and Ageing on the Stress-Strain Behaviour of Geomaterials

2005  Estimating Consolidation Coefficient and Final Settlement: Triangular Excess Pore-Water Pressure

2005  Estimation of Degree of Consolidation for Vacuum Preloading Projects

2005  Interaction between Tunneling and Groundwater.Numerical Investigation Using Three Dimensional Stress.Pore Pressure Coupled Analysis

2005  Leakage Assessment through Water Distribution Network Simulation

2005  Measurement of Suction in a Marine Clay as an Indicator of Sample Disturbance

2005  Nonlinear Analyses for Design of Piles in Liquefying Soils at Port Facilities