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2015  Analytical Solutions for Contaminant Transport in Wetlands Incorporating Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions

2015  Hydrodynamic Behavior and the Effects of Water Pollution from Dalian’s Large-Scale Offshore Airport Island in Jinzhou Bay, China

2015  Influence of Network Model Detail on Estimated Health Effects of Drinking Water Contamination Events

2015  Integrated Water-Quality Assessment of the Huai River Basin in China

2015  MAR with Untreated River Water: Clogging of Basins and Coliform Removal Rates

2015  Methodology for Evaluating Inlet Protection Practices Using Large-Scale Testing Techniques

2015  Moment-Based Method for Identification of Pollution Source in Rivers

2014  Analytical Solution of a Model of Contaminant Transport in the Advective Zone of a River

2014  Biodegradation in Waters from Hydraulic Fracturing: Chemistry, Microbiology, and Engineering

2014  Challenge Studies of the Hach GuardianBlue Early Warning System

2014  Comparing the Effects of a Biosurfactant and a Humic Acid on Arsenic Mobilization from Mine Tailings

2014  Full-Scale Application of Catalytic Ozonation for Drinking Water Treatment: Case Study in China

2014  Housatonic River Cleanup Relies Heavily on Removal of PCB-Contaminated Material

2014  Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity in Sustainable Irrigated Systems: Cover Crops versus Fallow

2014  Reservoir Water Allocation under Abrupt Pollution Condition

2014  Robustness of Designs for Drinking Water Contamination Warning Systems under Uncertain Conditions

2014  Senate Bill Aims to Prevent Chemical Contamination of Surface Water

2014  Storm Water Pollution Source Identification in Washington, DC, Using Bayesian Chemical Mass Balance Modeling

2014  Transport and Retention of Water and Salt within Pervious Concrete Pavements Subjected to Freezing and Sand Application

2014  Transport of Hydraulic Fracturing Water and Wastes in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania

2014  Trash Deposition in Rivers and Streams: Guidelines for Prediction of Counts, Volumes, and Masses

2014  Using SWAT-VSA to Predict Diffuse Phosphorus Pollution in an Agricultural Catchment with Several Aquifers

2014  Water as Warning Medium: Food-Grade Dye Injection for Drinking Water Contamination Emergency Response

2013  Advective Diffusion of Contaminants in the Surf Zone

2013  An Application of Cloud Focus Theory in Assessment for Ship Oil-Spill Risk

2013  Bayesian Chemical Mass Balance Method for Surface Water Contaminant Source Apportionment

2013  Bayesian Networks for Source Intrusion Detection

2013  Bayesian Optimization Framework for Cost-Effective Control and Research of Non-Point-Source Sediment

2013  Classification - Optimization Model for Contamination Event Detection in Water Distribution Systems

2013  Coagulation of Oil in Water Using Sawdust and Bentonite and the Formation of a Floating Coagulated Material

2013  Comparison of Chlorine and Chloramines on Lead Release from Copper Pipe Rigs

2013  A Comprehensive Scheme for Drinking Water Distribution System Contamination Emergency Management

2013  Desalinization of Kaolin Soil Using Radial Electromigration and Electroosmosis

2013  Developing DRAINMOD-Geostatistical Technology to Predict Nitrate Leaching

2013  Distribution of Potentially Bioavailable Natural Organic Carbon in Aquifer Sediments at a Chloroethene-Contaminated Site

2013  Effect of Mechanochemical Processing on Adsorptive Properties of Blast Furnace Slag

2013  Effects of Different Layout Schemes on the Marine Environment of the Dalian Offshore Reclaimed Airport Island

2013  EPA Selects Dredging and Capping to Address Contamination in New York’s Grasse River

2013  Estimation of Graywater Constituent Removal Rates in Outdoor Free-Water-Surface Wetland in Temperate Climate

2013  Evaluation of Physical Properties of Rubber-Chip Amended Media in BMPs for Highway Runoff Pollution Control

2013  Evaluation of Widespread Contaminant on Water Distribution Systems

2013  Fish Tissue Targets for PCB TMDLs: What is the Real Risk? An Example from the Greater Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor Waters TMDL

2013  General Multiobjective Model and Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Waste-Load Allocation

2013  Green Roof Systems as Sources or Sinks Influencing Heavy Metal Concentrations in Runoff

2013  In Situ and Microcosm Investigations into the Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Lagoon Sediments Using Phragmites australis

2013  Industrial Structure Optimization based on Water Quantity and Quality Restrictions

2013  Inexact Chance-Constrained Waste-Load Allocation Model for Water Quality Management of Xiangxihe River

2013  Integrating an Agent-Based Model with a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm to Warn Consumers in a Water Contamination Event Using Emergency Vehicles

2013  Integrating Genetic Programming and Agent-based Modeling to Identify Sensor-based Rules for Flushing Contaminated Water from a Pipe Network

2013  Inverse Transport Method for Determination of Potential Contamination Sources with a Stochastic Framework

2013  Measurement and Calculation of Dirty Oil Amount in Bilge Water Treated by Oily Water Separator

2013  Model Prediction of Long-Term Reactive Core Mat Efficacy for Capping Contaminated Aquatic Sediments

2013  Molecular Ozonation of Alkylphenol Ethoxylates in Aqueous Systems

2013  Occurrence of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate in the Water Environment of Bangkok, Thailand

2013  Performance Evaluation of Horizontal Subsurface Flow-Constructed Wetlands for the Treatment of Domestic Wastewater in the Tropics

2013  Performance of Water Extraction in an Endangered Aquifer when Management Is Not All-Powerful: A Theoretical Framework Based on a Viability Theory

2013  Port of Anacortes Former Scott Paper Mill Cleanup Project

2013  Predicting Permeation of Organic Contaminants into Polyethylenes

2013  Probabilistic Analysis and Optimization to Characterize Critical Water Distribution System Contamination Scenarios

2013  Probabilistic Contaminant Source Identification in Water Distribution Systems with Incomplete Mixing at Pipe Junctions

2013  Recovering the Release History of a Pollutant Intrusion into a Water Supply System through a Geostatistical Approach

2013  Retention and Transport of Nitrate and Ammonium in Loamy Sand Amended with Clinoptilolite Zeolite

2013  Simple Model of Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance in Aquatic Environment: Accounting for Metal Coselection

2013  A Study of Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Hyporheic Zone at Wu Gou Shui Area, Taiwan

2013  A Systems Approach to Holistic Total Maximum Daily Load Policy: Case of Lake Allegan, Michigan

2013  Water Quality Sensor Placement Guidance Using TEVA-SPOT

2012  Adaptive Emergency Response to Water Distribution System Contamination Events

2012  Adjoint-Based Method for Contaminant Source Identification in Complex Distribution Systems Using Realistic Sensor Data

2012  Analysis of 1D Contaminant Migration through Saturated Soil Media Underlying Aquifer Using FDM

2012  Analysis of Coal Combustion By-Product Disposal Practices in Arid Climates: Leachate Water Quality

2012  Approaches to Control Nitrate Pollution in the San Joaquin Watershed

2012  Capacity of Straw for Repeated Binding of Crude Oil from Salt Water and Its Effect on Biodegradation

2012  Case Study–Puerto Rico Test Site for Exploring Contamination Threats

2012  Consulting and Design Engineering Lead Uptick in U.S. Water Industry Growth, Report Says

2012  Contaminant Intrusion in Water Distribution Systems: An Ingress Model

2012  Copper and Zinc Removal Using Biogenic Iron Oxides

2012  Critical Assessment of Environmental Quality of Baghdad, Iraq

2012  Developing the New Surfactant for Remediation of Crude Oil

2012  Dynamic Subtiming-Based Implicit Nonoscillating Scheme for Contaminant Transport Modeling

2012  Efficient Removal of Cd2+ from Aqueous Solutions by Adsorption on PS-EDTA Resins: Equilibrium, Isotherms, and Kinetic Studies

2012  Electronic Nose Combined with Membrane Interface Probe for Detection of VOCs in Water

2012  Estimation of Average Annual Removal Efficiencies of Wet Detention Ponds Using Continuous Simulation

2012  Evaluating Response Planning Initiatives: Modeling Assumptions

2012  Evaluation of Water Distribution Reliability under Unpleasant Contamination Events

2012  Examining the Application of Modeling Tools to Identify Effective Flushing Locations

2012  Extreme Impact Contamination Events Sampling for Real-Sized Water Distribution Systems

2012  False Negative/Positive Issues in Contaminant Source Identification for Water-Distribution Systems

2012  Food-Grade Dye Injection: A Novel Alerting Mechanism for Consumers Warning of Drinking Water Contamination

2012  Heavy Metals in Water, Sediments, and Aquatic Macrophytes: River Hindon, India

2012  Identification of Optimal Monitoring Locations to Detect Accidental Contaminations

2012  Indicator Bacteria Performance of Storm Water Control Measures in Wilmington, North Carolina

2012  Lawsuits Seek to Compel U.S. SPA to Target Nutrients More Aggressively

2012  Machine Learning Approach for Contamination Source Identification in Water Distribution Systems

2012  Multivariate-Parameter Optimization for Photodegradation of Tetracycline by Fe(III)-Citrate Complexes at Near-Neutral pH

2012  Nutrient Loads to Cayuga Lake, New York: Watershed Modeling on a Budget

2012  Predicting Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Natural Streams Using M5’ Model Tree

2012  Research on Dynamic Release of Heavy Metal from Sediments of Reservoir

2012  Role of Modeling Uncertainty in the Estimation of Climate and Socioeconomic Impact on River Water Quality

2012  Sociotechnical Simulation for Evaluating Adaptive Threat Response Actions for Water Distribution Contamination Events

2012  Using Consumer Complaints to Characterize Contamination Events in a Water Distribution System