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2015  Contrasting American and Brazilian Systems for Water Allocation and Transfers

2013  Regional Water Policy - How to Develop the Best Technical Tools while Working Within a Regulatory Framework

2010  Global Water Crisis and Climate Change

2010  Improved Method to Calculate a Water Poverty Index at Local Scale

2010  Integrated Water Resources Management in Ghana: Past, Present, and the Future

2010  Prospects for Systems Analysis in an Age of Changing Systems: Thoughts from a Saturday Afternoon

2010  Shared Vision Planning as Policy Analysis: Opportunities for Shared Learning and Methodological Innovation

2009  Analysis on Effect to EVW from Policy Intervention

2009  Negotiation Support for Cooperative Allocation of a Shared Water Resource: Methodology

2009  NewsBriefs: Water Enforcement Data Made Public

2009  Recent Developments in Water Policy in the Americas

2008  Limiting Imperviousness to Maintain Ecological Quality: Are Threshold-Based Policies a Good Idea?

2008  Limits to Water Privatization

2007  Administration and Institutional Provisions of Water Sharing Agreements

2007  Boundaries and Transboundary Water Conflicts

2007  Collaborative Modeling to Support the 2004 Arizona Water Settlements Act

2007  Georgia’s Comprehensive State Water Plan: The Reasons and Procedures for Developing the Plan

2007  Impact of Climate Change on Transboundary Water Sharing

2007  Implications of Groundwater Conservation Policies: An Economic Analysis

2007  Transboundary Water Sharing and the Need for Public Management

2007  Water Resources Management: Stewardship and Services

2007  Water-Sharing between India and Pakistan: A Critical Evaluation of the Indus Water Treaty

2006  Achieving Water Use Efficiency in Irrigation Districts

2006  Developing Multiple Indicators and Triggers for Drought Plans

2006  Integrated Economic, Hydrologic, and Institutional Analysis of Policy Responses to Mitigate Drought Impacts in Rio Grande Basin

2005  Development of Water Allocation Policies Considering the Demand Variations: A System Dynamics Approach

2005  Effects of Discharge Permit Trading on Water Quality Reliability

2005  EPA Interim Guidelines to Advance Security of Water Utilities

2005  The History of the Clean Water Act

2005  Policies to Address Asymmetric Externalities in Groundwater Extraction: The Case of Cherokee Strip in Butte, County, California

2004  Application of Data Envelopment Analysis to Studies of Irrigation Efficiency in Andalusia

2004  Colorado’s Water: Science and Management, History and Politics

2004  Groundwater Policy and Regulation at the Former Fort Ord: Regulatory Redundancies at the State and Local Levels

2004  New Policies are Needed to Encourage Improvements in Irrigation Management

2004  Policy Briefing: Proposed Ocean Policies Could Affect Civil Engineers

2004  Policy Briefing: What Utilities Renew Opposition to MTBE “Safe Harbor” Provisions

2003  Disintegrated Water Resources Management in the US: The Union of Sysiphus and Pandora

2003  Strategic Characterization of Water System Infrastructure and Management

2002  ASCE Seeks Comment on Water Code Standard

2001  The Alabama-Florida-Georgia Water Allocation Compact and the Public Trust Doctrine

2001  Challenges in Establishing Multi-lateral Water Quality Objectives for the Great Lakes Basin

2001  Effective Georgia Water Policy for the 21st Century

2001  International Boundary and Water Commission, United States and Mexico, United States Section

2001  Is There Enough Water? Modelling the Combined Effects of Government Policies and Climate Change on Flows in an Australian River

2000  Bill for Rehab of Small Watershed Dams Upheld

2000  Charging for Water Use -- A Brazilian Case Study

2000  The Public Trust Doctrine and Implied Dedications

1999  The Blue Transformation in The Netherlands

1999  Chaotic Slackwater

1999  Chaotic Slackwater: A Journey Into the Science of Chaos as a Means to Understanding the Parallels between How We Manage Our Organizations and Natural Ecosystems

1999  Stormwater Management in the United States — Key Challenges and Possible Solutions

1998  The Columbia River: Hydropower, Salmon and Water Policy

1998  Development of a California Water Use Efficiency Policy through “Stakeholder” Consensus

1998  Development of Boundary International Water Quality Standards

1998  Institutional Arrangements: Adjusting the Present to Future Needs

1998  Water Resources Development and Environmental Protection: Background and Principles

1997  Are Current Water Management Policies Equal to the Task?

1997  Ecological Requirements in the Management of an Irrigation Reservoir

1997  Slovenian Water Management Strategy - Towards EU Water Pology

1997  Southern California Water History and Policy

1997  Water Tariffs & Water Banking Operating Rules and Guidelines for Lake Kariba

1996  At AWWA Conference, Public Utilities Put Up a Fight

1996  Water-Related Hazards: India’s Experiences

1995  Economic Analysis of Optimal Water Policy

1995  Ethics of Transboundary Planning: U. S. and Canada

1995  Impacts of NAFTA on Canadian Water Policy

1995  Impacts of NAFTA on the Practice and Licensing of Civil Engineers

1995  Implementing ASCE Water Conservation Policy

1995  Qué pasa with Water Resources Management in the Americas?

1995  Water-Resources Management System for Saudi Arabia

1994  Global-Climate Model

1994  The Great Lakes Initiative: Dollars Down the Drain

1994  Transbasin Diversions: Trends in State Legislation

1994  Water Policy and Management, Solving the Problems

1994  Water Resources Planning and Management: Now & Twenty Years from Now

1994  World Bank Update: In Deep Water

1993  Analysis of Operating Criteria: Multiple Lakes at Voyageurs National Park

1993  Developing a Workable Public Input Process for Aesthetics and Recreational Needs During Hydropower Licensing

1993  Identifying the True Issues of Hydropower Resource Development in an Era of Public and Regulatory Policy Transition

1993  Issues in Balancing Environmental Costs and Benefits in Water Resources Planning

1993  Urban Water Planning—A Western Nevada Case Study

1992  Urban Water Management in the 21st Century

1992  Water-Projects Bills

1991  Dealing with Change in Water Supply Planning

1991  Management of Water Resources Distribution in Iran

1991  National Water Policy Issues and Activities

1991  The National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program—A Basis for Water-Resource Policy Development

1991  Water Supply and Sanitation Policies in Mexico

1990  Institutional Aspects of Managing Conflicts

1990  Water Basins in the Middle East

1989  Principles of a Ground Water Strategy

1989  Shaping Water Policy Through Program Implementation

1988  The Bureau of Reclamation in Transition

1988  Changing Role Between State and Federal Agencies

1988  The Changing State Role in Water Management

1988  Drinking Water Policy in the United States

1988  Economics, Economists, and Water Policy Advising

1988  Financing of Urban Water Resources

1988  How Far along the Learning Curve is the Contingent Valuation Method?

1988  National Water Policies