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2015  Comparison of Pipeline Failure Prediction Models for Water Distribution Networks with Uncertain and Limited Data

2015  Outfitted with Turbines, Portland Water Pipeline Generates Hydropower

2015  Port Arthur Project Features Longest Direct Pipe Installation in North America

2015  San Antonio Hires Consortium to Deliver and Operate Lengthy Pipeline

2014  Demonstration and Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Wastewater Collection Systems Condition Assessment Technologies

2014  Development of a Fuzzy Inference Performance Index for Ferrous Drinking Water Pipelines

2014  Development of a Standard Data Structure for Predicting the Remaining Physical Life and Consequence of Failure of Water Pipes

2014  Effect of Past Delivery Practices on Current Conditions of Cast-Iron Water Pipes

2014  Event-Based Approach to Optimize the Timing of Water Main Rehabilitation with Asset Management Strategies

2014  Gravity-Fed Pipeline Provides Big Savings for New Jersey Treatment Facility

2014  Mixed Flows with Depressurizing Wavefront in Circular Pipe

2014  Mixing at Cross Joints with Different Pipe Sizes in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Modeling Elastically Deforming Leaks in Water Distribution Pipes

2014  Modeling Equitable Distribution of Water: Dynamic Inversion-Based Controller Approach

2014  Novel Approach to Detecting Pipe Bursts in Water Distribution Networks

2014  Optimal Design of Pumping Mains Considering Pump Characteristics

2014  Optimal Water Distribution Network Design Accounting for Valve Shutdowns

2014  Racing Against Drought

2014  Rapid Response

2014  Using a GIS and GIS-Assisted Water Quality Model to Analyze the Deterministic Factors for Lead and Copper Corrosion in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2013  The 102" Neuse River Challenge

2013  Analysis of Benefits Yielded by Pressure Management in the Area Based on Temperature Revision

2013  Anchor Block Design Made Easy

2013  The Challenge of Managing Your Assets in a Densely Populated Area: Using Trenchless Technologies to Minimize Public Impact

2013  Challenges in Completing a Large Diameter Water Transmission Pipeline

2013  Choloma Hydroelectric Project Supply and Installation of a Steel Pipeline in Guatemala

2013  Comparison of Spray-On Linings for Water Pipeline Renewal Applications

2013  Control of Invasive Species in the IPL System

2013  Corrosion Protection Provided by Mortar Lining in Large Diameter Water Pipelines After Many Years of Service

2013  Damping Analysis of Hydraulic Transients in Pump-Rising Main Systems

2013  Design of Nonzero Uniformly Sloping Laterals in Trickle Irrigation Systems

2013  Detection of Distributed Deterioration in Single Pipes Using Transient Reflections

2013  Determining the Internal Wall Condition of a Water Pipeline in the Field Using an Inverse Transient

2013  Development of a BTEX Permeation Calculator for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Water Pipe

2013  Development of a National Water Infrastructure Database: WATERiD & WATERiD+

2013  The Effect of Surge Tanks in the Process of the Protection towards Water Hammer Fluctuation in Long-Distance Pipelines

2013  Effects of Application Methodology on Barrier Film Integrity and Performance of Polyurethane Coatings on Steel Water Pipe per AWWA C222

2013  The Emergency $130-Million Ward County Water Supply Project

2013  Experimental Investigation of Coupled Frequency and Time-Domain Transient Test-Based Techniques for Partial Blockage Detection in Pipelines

2013  Fabrication of Large-Diameter, Thick-Walled Pipe to Meet Special Fault-Crossing Design Requirementsfor San Francisco Hetch Hetchy Water System

2013  Fault Crossing Design of 66-Inch Pipeline - San Francisco Hetch Hetchy Water System

2013  Improving the Blast Performance of Water Pipeline Networks Using Pneumatic Dampers

2013  Integrating Genetic Programming and Agent-based Modeling to Identify Sensor-based Rules for Flushing Contaminated Water from a Pipe Network

2013  Investigation of Hydraulic Transients of Two Entrapped Air Pockets in a Water Pipeline

2013  Joint Completion Method for Welded Steel Pipe: The Success of Weld-After-Backfill on the Southern Delivery System

2013  Large Diameter Water Main in a Congested Urban Environment Fort Worth East Side II 54" Water Main

2013  Large-Diameter Transmission Pipeline Corrosion Control State-of-the-Art: Advances in the Steel Water Pipe Industry

2013  Leakage Modeling and Leakage Control Analysis by Pressure Management in Water Supply System of DMA

2013  Learning Where to Put Large Diameter Pipes in Urban and Political Jungles

2013  Leon Creek Water Recycling Center Interconnect Pipeline - Bridging the Gap

2013  Life Cycle Analysis for Water and Wastewater Pipe Materials

2013  The Maturation of LWC’s Small-Diameter Main Replacement Program by Embracing the Use of Net Present Value as a Selection Criterion

2013  Modeling of Water Pipeline Filling Events Accounting for Air Phase Interactions

2013  Modeling the Piped Water Cooling of a Concrete Dam Using the Heat-Fluid Coupling Method

2013  Operating Small Pump Water Supply Systems Efficiently in Cold Regions

2013  Optimal Design of Pipes in Series with Pressure Driven Demands

2013  Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Using Mock Open Tree Topology

2013  Optimal Sensor Placement for BOLTED-GLAND Joints in the Water Pipeline Networks Subjected to Near-Fault and Far-Fault Earthquakes

2013  Optimal Sensor Placement of TYTON Joints in the Water Pipeline Networks Subjected to Near-Fault and Far-Fault Earthquakes

2013  Performance Evaluation of Resilience Metrics for Water Distribution Pipeline Networks

2013  Performance Investigation of Large Diameter Water Pipe Materials (24-inch and Larger)

2013  Phenomenon of White Mist in Pipelines Rapidly Filling with Water with Entrapped Air Pockets

2013  Pipeline Optimization Accounting for Transient Conditions: Exploring the Connections between System Configuration, Operation, and Surge Protection

2013  Pipelines for Water Conveyance and Drainage

2013  Predicting Permeation of Organic Contaminants into Polyethylenes

2013  Preparing Specifications for Conveyance Projects - Lessons Learned

2013  Research on the Stable Time of Hydraulic Transients in the Process of Adjusting Flow on the Water Transmission Pipelines

2013  Revision of the AWWA C200 Steel Water Pipe Manufacturing Standard: Consensus-Based Changes Mark Significant Improvements

2013  Spatiotemporal Dimensions of Network Density-Based Clustering for Water Pipe Maintenance

2013  Strategic Asset Management Modeling Project: A Change in Thinking about Life

2013  Study on the Lining Design Methods for the Trenchless Rehabilitation of Urban Water Mains

2013  Tualatin Valley Water District’s Systematic Approach to Developing New Standards to Address Aging Pipeline Infrastructure

2013  Updated National Survey of Current Practices on Trench Bedding, Embedment, Backfill and Shoring

2013  Using a GIS Inventory to Guide the Storm Water Program in Fort Worth

2013  A Validation and Verification Framework for Robust Drinking Water Pipeline Model Prediction Models

2013  Water Hammer Risk Evaluation for Long Distance Gravity Water Transmission Pipelines

2013  Web-Based and Geospatially Enabled Risk Screening Tool for Water and Wastewater Pipeline Infrastructure Systems

2012  Accounting for Directional Devices in WDN Modeling

2012  Acoustic Detection of Leaks in Water Pipelines Using Measurements inside Pipe

2012  Answering 5 Basic Asset Management Questions for Pre-Stressed Concrete Water Transport Mains

2012  Application of Classification Models and Spatial Clustering Analysis to a Sewage Collection System of a Mid-Sized City

2012  Basis of Design for Proposed 42 Inch Reclaimed Water Main

2012  Building a Water Distribution Network Hydraulic Model by Using WaterGEMS

2012  Can It Handle the Pressure? Condition Assessment, Structural Evaluation, and Repair of an Existing 72 Inch PCCP Pipeline

2012  Cathodic Protection of Ductile Iron and Steel Water Pipelines

2012  Common and Challenging Questions in Water System Infrastructure Management

2012  Computationally Efficient Modeling Method for Large Water Network Analysis

2012  Condition Assessment of a Ductile Iron Force Main Using Guided Wave Technology: Case Study of Underwood Creek Force Main, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

2012  Consideration of Embodied Energy in Sustainability Evaluation of Pipeline Projects

2012  Design and Construction Challenges for a 36 Inch Diameter 18 Mile Reclaimed Water Pipeline

2012  Design and Development of a Web-Based National Database for Water and Wastewater Pipeline Infrastructure Systems

2012  Detection for Flexible Water Pipeline Inspection and Disease Analysis

2012  Determining the Effectiveness of Chlorine-Based Biofilm Control in Large Diameter Pipelines

2012  Development of Tools and Strategies for Controlling the Zebra Mussel in Pressurised Irrigation Networks

2012  Estimation of CO2 Emissions from the Life Cycle of a Potable Water Pipeline Project

2012  Estimation of CO2 Emissions in a Wastewater Pipeline Project

2012  Evaluation of a Pilot Project As a Tool for the Introduction of New CPP Technology in the Water Industry: Case Study of a Pilot Project of a Structural Rehabilitation for a Water Main Distribution System

2012  Expectation Analysis of the Probability of Failure for Water Supply Pipes

2012  Extended Blockage Detection in Pipelines by Using the System Frequency Response Analysis

2012  Extended Period Simulation for Pressure-Deficient Water Distribution Network