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2015  Building an Integrated Water-Land Use Database for Defining Benchmarks, Conservation Targets, and User Clusters

2015  Dams: An Essential Component of Development

2015  Ecohydrology and Hydrologic Engineering: Regulation of Hydrology-Biota Interactions for Sustainability

2015-  Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment

2015  On the Web (

2015  On the Web (

2015  Seasonal Hydroclimatic Forecasts as Innovations and the Challenges of Adoption by Water Managers

2015  Successful Collaborative Negotiation over Water Policy: Substance versus Process

2015  Water Surplus Variability Index as an Indicator of Drought

2014  Adjoint Modeling of Contaminant Fate and Transport in Riverbank Filtration Systems

2014  Advective and Dispersive Contributions to Gas-Phase Transport in Porous Media

2014  Age of Water and Salt Exchange in the Perdido and Wolf Bay System

2014  An Agent-Based Modeling Approach to Simulate the Dynamics of Water Supply and Water Demand

2014  Alternative Tile Intake Design for Tile Drainage: A Case Study

2014  Analysis of Maximum Probable Storm Surge at the South Texas Project Site

2014  Analytical Solution for Vapor Flow to a Horizontal Well in Unsaturated Soils

2014  Analyzing Hydrological Regime Variability and Optimizing Environmental Flow Allocation to Lake Ecosystems in a Sustainable Water Management Framework: Model Development and a Case Study for China’s Baiyangdian Watershed

2014  Ancient Water Engineers: The Nabataeans of Petra

2014  Application of a Water Resources Model to Assist Planning in Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

2014  Applications of the Green-Ampt Method across Scales

2014  Assessing Model Structure Uncertainties in Water Distribution Models

2014  Assessment of Change in Precipitation Frequency under Future Climate Change Conditions

2014  Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability in a Coastal Region Using DRASTIC and IM-DRASTIC models: Case study of Kish Island, Iran

2014  Automatic Calibration of Water Quality Models for Reservoirs and Lakes

2014  Bacterial Testing Plate Incubation in Developing Regions

2014  Bank Erosion of the Illinois River

2014  Bank Stability Analysis for Fluvial Erosion and Mass Failure

2014  Bayesian Model Averaging for Flood Frequency Analysis

2014  Benchmark Exercise for Comparing the Computational Performance of Two-Dimensional Flood Models in CPU, Multi-CPU, and GPU Frameworks

2014  Biochar-Amended Media for Enhanced Nutrient Removal in Stormwater Facilities

2014  Blue Future: Protecting Water for People and the Planet Forever By Maude Barlow. New York City: The New Press, 2014

2014  Brazilian Hydrothermal System Operation: Interconnected Large System or Isolated Subsystems?

2014  Brine Discharge Load Design and Optimization Framework for Desalination Process Using Mixing Plume Criteria and Discharge Pipe Length Augmentation

2014  Calibration of a Geophone Acoustic Sensor to Bedload Particle Mode of Transport

2014  Challenges and Opportunities in Hydraulic Modeling during Business Transformation

2014  Challenges of Restoring an Altered Reservoir/Debris/Detention Basin to Its Maximum Potential Flood Mitigation Capacity—A Case Study in Ventura County, California

2014  Challenges of Sustainable Development and Management of Water Resources in Ethiopia

2014  Changing the Paradigm: Stormwater Management for the Greater New Orleans Area

2014  Channel Avulsion Dynamics in Meandering Rivers

2014  Chow, Froude, and Vedernikov

2014  Classifying Streams on the Basis of Elevation above Mean Sea Level—A Universal Approach

2014  Climate Change Effects on Soil Erosion from a Winter Wheat Field in Central Oklahoma

2014  Climate Change Impacts on Rainfed Corn Production in Malawi’s Lilongwe District

2014  Climate Change Impacts on Reservoir Inflow Using Various Weighting Approaches

2014  Climate Change Impacts on Urban Runoff in a New York City Watershed

2014  Climate Change Risk on the Water Resources Management of Himalayan Basins

2014  Coastal Floodplain Mapping and Evaluation Using GIS and HEC-GeoRAS Models

2014  Columbia River Treaty 2014/2024: Distributed Computing for HEC-WAT/FRA

2014  Columbia River Treaty 2014/2024: HEC-WAT and the FRA Compute Option

2014  Columbia River Treaty 2014/2024: HEC-WAT Innovations for CRT Computes

2014  Columbia River Treaty 2014/2024: Integrating Numerical Models and HEC-WAT Plug-In Technology

2014  Columbia River Treaty 2014/2024: Monte Carlo Simulation in HEC-WAT

2014  Comparing Stormwater Control Measure Effluent Quality with Road Runoff Management in Mind

2014  Comparison of Erosion Hotspots for Two Watersheds in Ohio

2014  Complex Adaptive System Framework to Simulate Adaptations of Human-Environmental Systems to Climate Change and Urbanization: The Verde River Basin

2014  Complex Adaptive Systems Framework to Assess Supply-Side and Demand-Side Management for Urban Water Resources

2014  Compulsion, Coercion, and Cooperation: Consumer Attitudes to Domestic Water Efficiency

2014  Concentrate Management Practices in U.S. Municipal Desalination Plants

2014  Conjunctive Use of Surface and Groundwater Resources Using System Dynamics Approach: Case Study of Namroud Dam

2014  Construction and Soil Monitoring Plan for an ET-Infiltration Rain Garden Comparison Site

2014  Correlating Human Preferences and Optimized Watershed Management Plans

2014  Curve Numbers for Two Agro-Forested Watersheds

2014  Decision Analytic Model for Nonstationary Flood Risk Management

2014  Decision Support Tool Utilizing an HSPF Watershed Model Application for the Central Big Sioux River in Eastern South Dakota

2014  Deep Creek Streambank Stabilization: Sustainably Protecting Critical Infrastructure

2014  Detection of Leakage in Pipe Networks Using Transient and Simulated Annealing

2014  Determination of River Maintenance Need at Individual Sites and Reaches on the Middle Rio Grande, NM

2014  Determining Infiltration Loss of a Grassed Swale

2014  Development and Implementation of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) for Measuring Water Quality

2014  Development of a Methodology to Predict the Failure of Large-Diameter Cast Iron Water Mains

2014  Development of Irrigation Water Management Model for Reducing Drought Severity Using Remotely Sensed Soil Moisture Footprints

2014  Dimensionless Criteria for Selecting Tidally Influenced Advective-Dispersive Desalination Brine Mixing Plume Characterization Models

2014  Dynamic Equilibrium Glacier Modeling under Evolving Climate Conditions

2014  Early Exploration and Mapping of the Columbia River

2014  Ecological Response of Floodplain Restoration to Flooding Disturbance: A Comparison of the Effects of Heavy and Light Flooding

2014  Economics of Ion Exchange versus Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing for Minimization of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Volume

2014  Education and Service to EWRI and ASCE through EWRI History and Heritage Sessions

2014  Effects of Chlorine and Chloramine on Microbial Biomass and Community Structure in Model Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2014  Effects of Climate Change on the Surface-Water Management of the South Saskatchewan River Basin

2014  Effects of the Great Missoula Floods

2014  Effects on Streambeds Due to Changes in Discharge and Channel Width

2014  Efficacies of Centralized versus Distributed Chlorinated Treatment on Inhibiting Microbial Regrowth and Biofilm Potential for Water Distributions Systems

2014  Empirical Acceptance-Resistance Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Simulating the Adoption of Water Reuse

2014  Enabling Communications for Buried Pipe Networks

2014  Energy Dissipation in Six-Foot Drop Broken Back Culverts under Open Channel Flow Conditions

2014  Engineered Injection and Extraction for In Situ Remediation of Sorbing Contaminants in Aquifers

2014  Estimating Effective Permeable Areas in Consolidated Urban Watersheds Based on Satellite Image Analysis and Field Survey

2014  Estimating Evapotranspiration from Fields with and without Tile Drainage Using Remote Sensing

2014  Estimating Pistachio Evapotranspiration Using MODIS Imagery: A Case Study from Ardakan, Iran

2014  Estimating the Storm Surge Recurrence Interval for Hurricane Sandy

2014  Estimating the Time of Concentration of Overland Flow on an Impervious Surface Using a Particle Tracking Model

2014  Evaluated Head of Rubble Mound Breakwater Stability with Experimental under Irregular Waves

2014  Evaluating the Effects of Climate Change on Water Reliability in Iran’s Karkheh River Basin

2014  Evaluating the Hydrologic and Water Quality Performance of Infiltrating Wet Retention Ponds

2014  Evaluating the Natural Development of the Meta River for Proposing Hydraulic Works Oriented to River Training for Fluvial Navigation

2014  Evaluating the Performance of Disconnected Downspouts on Existing and Amended Lawns as a Stormwater Control Measure

2014  Evaluating the Performance of Urban Water Utilities: Robust Nonparametric Approach

2014  Evaluation of an Unsaturated Flow Model for Flow Attenuation in Green Roofs

2014  Evaluation of Biofilter Denitrification with Solid-State Electron Donors

2014  Evaluation of Reducing Elbow Characteristics versus Velocity Distribution at the Pump Inlet