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2015  Analysis of Water Hammer Attenuation in Applications with Varying Valve Closure Times

2014  Approximation of the Friction Integral in Water Hammer Equations

2014  Detection of Localized Deterioration Distributed along Single Pipelines by Reconstructive MOC Analysis

2014  Frequency Response Diagram for Pipeline Leak Detection: Comparing the Odd and Even Harmonics

2014  Pipe Burst Risk State Assessment and Classification Based on Water Hammer Analysis for Water Supply Networks

2014  Profile-Induced Column Separation and Rejoining during Rapid Pipeline Filling

2014  Straightforward Transient-Based Approach for the Creep Function Determination in Viscoelastic Pipes

2014  Truncated Method of Characteristics for Quasi-Two-Dimensional Water Hammer Model

2013  Damping Analysis of Hydraulic Transients in Pump-Rising Main Systems

2013  Development of a Characteristic Particle Method for Water Hammer Simulation

2013  The Effect of Surge Tanks in the Process of the Protection towards Water Hammer Fluctuation in Long-Distance Pipelines

2013  Nonlinear Interaction of Friction and Interpolation Errors in Unsteady Flow Analyses

2013  Single-Event Leak Detection in Pipeline Using First Three Resonant Responses

2013  Surge Analysis and Engineering Design for a Somerset Pump Station and its Water Distribution System

2013  Water Hammer Risk Evaluation for Long Distance Gravity Water Transmission Pipelines

2012  Investigation of Hydraulic Transients in a Pipeline with Column Separation

2012  Online Monitoring of Steel-Lined Pressure Shafts by Using Pressure Transient Signals under Normal Operation Conditions

2012  Optimal Design on the Drag Reduction Structure for the Cylinder of Percussion-Compact DTH Hammer

2012  Signal Separation for Transient Wave Reflections in Single Pipelines Using Inverse Filters

2012  Simplified Approach for the Optimal Sizing of Throttled Air Chambers

2011  Calibrating the Water-Hammer Response of a Field Pipe Network by Using a Mechanical Damping Model

2011  Comparative Study on Water-Hammer Method and Barometric-Pulse Method for Water Supply Pipeline Cleaning

2011  Nonreflective Boundary Design via Remote Sensing and Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control Valve

2011  Physical Tests for Estimating the Water-Hammer Wave Speed in Pipes and Tunnels with Local Weak Wall Stiffness

2011  Stochastic Analysis of Water Hammer and Applications in Reliability-Based Structural Design for Hydro Turbine Penstocks

2011  Surge Protections for a Major Raw Water Pump and Pipeline System

2011  Transient Friction in Pressurized Pipes. I: Investigation of Zielke’s Model

2011  Transient Friction in Pressurized Pipes. II: Two-Coefficient Instantaneous Acceleration–Based Model

2011  Transient Friction in Pressurized Pipes. III: Investigation of the EIT Model Based on Position-Dependent Coefficient Approach in MIAB Model

2011  Water Hammer Analysis of District Heating Networks

2010  Surge Analysis and Design for a Wastewater Transmission System in Hernando County

2009  Local Balance Unsteady Friction Model

2009  Timescale Behavior of the Wall Shear Stress in Unsteady Laminar Pipe Flows

2009  Wavelet-Galerkin Solution to the Water Hammer Equations

2008  Analysis of PVC Pipe-Wall Viscoelasticity during Water Hammer

2008  Assessing the Degree of Unsteadiness in Flow Modeling: From Physics to Numerical Solution

2008  Developing a Closing Rule Curve for Valves in Pipelines to Control the Water Hammer Impacts: Application of the NSGA-II Optimization Model

2008  Efficient Second-Order Accurate Shock-Capturing Scheme for Modeling One- and Two-Phase Water Hammer Flows

2008  Impulse Response Method for Pipeline Systems Equipped with Water Hammer Protection Devices

2008  Interpolation Errors in Rectangular and Diamond Characteristic Grids

2008  Study of Resistance Distribution and Numerical Modeling of Water Hammer in a Long-Distance Water Supply Pipeline

2008  Transient Flow Caused by Air Expulsion through an Orifice

2008  Using Surge Modeling to Determine Distribution System Vulnerability to Backflow

2007  Johannes von Kries and the History of Water Hammer

2007  Numerical Sensitivity Study of Unsteady Friction in Simple Systems with External Flows

2007  Practical Formulas for the Dimensioning of Air Valves

2006  Case Studies in Transient Pressure Monitoring

2006  Range of Validity of the Transient Damping Leakage Detection Method

2006  Subsurface Investigation Using an Unique Hydraulically Operated Jackhammer and a Flow Through Sampler

2006  Time-Line Interpolation Errors in Pipe Networks

2006  Underwater Surface Wave Measurements Using an Impact Source

2005  Waterhammer Analysis—Essential and Easy (and Efficient)

2004  Intrusion within a Simulated Water Distribution System due to Hydraulic Transients. I: Description of Test Rig and Chemical Tracer Method

2004  Intrusion within a Simulated Water Distribution System due to Hydraulic Transients. II: Volumetric Method and Comparison of Results

2003  Efficient Quasi-Two-Dimensional Model for Water Hammer Problems

2002  Applicability of Quasisteady and Axisymmetric Turbulence Models in Water Hammer

2002  Flow Establishment in Elastic Pipes

2002  Parametric Analysis of Water-Hammer Effects in Small Hydro Schemes

2002  Simple Guide for Design of Air Vessels for Water Hammer Protection of Pumping Lines

2001  Hydraulic Transients in Distribution Systems

2001  Stability Analysis of Velocity Profiles in Water-Hammer Flows

2000  Evaluation of Unsteady Flow Resistances by Quasi-2D or 1D Models

2000  A Review of Techniques of State-Estimation for On-Line Monitoring of Water Distribution Systems

2000  Study of Transient Vapor Cavitation in Series Pipe Systems

2000  Waterhammer Analysis for the New Valley Electrically Driven Pumping Station Project (Toshka)

2000  Waterhammer Protection for the Toshka Pumping System

1999  Efficient Inverse Transient Analysis in Series Pipe Systems

1998  Energy Estimates for Discretization Errors in Water Hammer Problems

1998  Pipeline Drainage Discharge Analysis

1997  Case Study of Check Valve Slam in Rising Main Protected by Air Vessel

1997  Design of Throttled Surge Tanks for High-Head Plants. Pressure Wave Transmission and Reflection at a T-Junction with an Orifice in the Lateral Pipe

1997  Effects of Air Valves and Pipework on Water Hammer Pressures

1997  Flexible Discretization Algorithm for Fixed-Grid MOC in Pipelines

1997  Optimization of Piped Systems

1996  Filling of Pipelines with Undulating Elevation Profiles

1995  An Application of the Fourier Series in the Analysis of Waterhammer in pumped Storage Plant

1995  Effects of Two-Dimensionality on Pipe Transients Modeling

1995  Transients in Distribution Networks: Field Tests and Demand Models

1994  Eliminating Water Column Separation and Limiting Backspin at a 12,000-Horsepower Pumping Plant

1994  Filling of Pipelines with Undulating Profiles

1994  Hydraulic Transients in Two Acid Transfer Lines

1994  Laplace Valve Stroking for Complex Piping Systems

1994  Numerical Comparison of Pipe-Column-Separation Models

1994  Sudden Pressure Drop and Pipeline Failure - Case Studies

1993  Hydrodemolition Makes Quick Work of Concrete

1993  Laplace Valve Stroking to Control Water Hammer

1992  Efficient Calculation of Transient Flow in Simple Pipe Networks

1991  Computer Modeling as a Tool for Selecting Appropriate Air Valves for Pipeline Surge Protection

1991  Computerized Data Acquisition for an Undergraduate Hydraulics Laboratory

1991  Deflector Synchronizing and Governing

1991  Large Water-Hammer Pressures for Column Separation in Pipelines

1991  Pressure Control Studies for PG&E’s 20 MW Grizzly Hydroelectric Project

1991  Quadratic-Equation Inaccuracy for Water Hammer

1991  Spline Interpolations for Water Hammer Analysis

1990  Energy Relations in Transient Closed-Conduit Flow

1990  Hydraulic Transients in Rock-Bored Tunnels

1989  Analysis of Unsteady Flows in Irrigation Canals Due to Load Rejection in Hydroelectric Project

1989  Case Study Safety Evaluation of the Existing Wise Powerhouse Penstock

1989  Hydraulic Transient Analysis of High-Head Hydropower Project

1989  Measurements of Mixed Transient Flows