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2014  Depth-Averaged Specific Energy in Open-Channel Flow and Analytical Solution for Critical Irrotational Flow over Weirs

2014  Discharge Characteristics of a Trapezoidal Labyrinth Side Weir with One and Two Cycles in Subcritical Flow

2014  Discharge Coefficient Analysis for Triangular Sharp-Crested Weirs Using Low-Speed Photographic Technique

2014  Discharge Coefficient of a Trapezoidal Broad-Crested Side Weir for Low Approach Froude Numbers

2014  Discharge Coefficient of Circular-Crested Weirs Based on a Combination of Flow around a Cylinder and Circulation

2014  Flow Duration Curve Using Entropy Theory

2014  Hydraulic Performance of Aggregate Beds with Perforated Pipe Underdrains Flowing Full

2014  Multiport Diffusers for Dense Discharges

2014  New Stage-Discharge Relationship for Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2014  Prediction of Discharge in a Tidal River Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Stage-Discharge Prediction in Compound Channels

2014  Stage-Discharge Rating Equation for an Elliptical Sharp-Crested Weir

2014  Submerged Flows over Rectangular Weirs of Finite Crest Length

2014  Transcritical Flows in Three and Four Branch Open-Channel Intersections

2014  Water Discharge Measurement in Agricultural Catchments Using Critical Depth Flumes Affected by Sediment Deposition

2013  Application and Validation of Regression Analysis in the Prediction of Discharge in Asymmetric Compound Channels

2013  Behavior of Dense Discharges beyond the Return Point

2013  Discharge Coefficient for Siphon Spillways

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Baffle-Sluice Gates

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Orifices Cut into Round Pipes

2013  Experimental Study of the Stage-Discharge Relationship for an Upstream Inclined Grid with Longitudinal Bars

2013  Exploring the Effect of Reservoir Storage on Peak Discharge Frequency

2013  Hydraulic Design and Analysis of Labyrinth Weirs. I: Discharge Relationships

2013  Implications of Hyporheic Flow on Temperature-Based Estimates of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions

2013  Improving Stormwater Discharge Outfalls in Playa Lakes

2013  Mixing and Turbulence in a Flooding Coastal River

2013  New Stage-Discharge Relationships for Radial Gates

2013  Piano Key Weir Hydraulics and Labyrinth Weir Comparison

2013  Rate-Based Estimation of the Runoff Coefficients for Selected Watersheds in Texas

2013  Return Period Adjustment for Runoff Coefficients Based on Analysis in Undeveloped Texas Watersheds

2013  Surge Generation Mechanisms in the Lower Mississippi River and Discharge Dependency

2013  A Virtual Flow Meter to Develop Velocity-Index Ratings and Evaluate the Effect of Flow Disturbances on these Ratings

2012  Arced Labyrinth Weirs

2012  Best Methods and Inherent Limitations of Bulked Flow Modeling with HEC-RAS

2012  Development and Application of an Automated River-Estuary Discharge Imaging System

2012  Discharge Efficiency of Reservoir-Application-Specific Labyrinth Weirs

2012  Experimental Investigation of the Outflow Process over a Triangular Labyrinth-Weir

2012  Graphical Calculation of Small Catchment Peak Discharge

2012  Head-Discharge Equation for Sharp-Crested Weir with Piecewise-Linear Sides

2012  Hydraulic Performance of Asymmetric Labyrinth Side Weirs Located on a Straight Channel

2012  Impact of the Three Gorges Dam Overruled by an Extreme Climate Hazard

2012  Stage-Discharge Prediction for Straight and Smooth Compound Channels with Wide Floodplains

2011  Analytic Modeling for Aquifer Radial Movement Caused by Artificial Discharge

2011  Behavior of Submerged Ogee Crest Weir Discharge Coefficients

2011  Continuity of Instantaneous Wave Overtopping Discharge with Application to Stream Power Concepts

2011  Determining Air Demand for Small- to Medium-Sized Embankment Dam Low-Level Outlet Works

2011  Effect of Weir Face Angles on Circular-Crested Weir Flow

2011  Physical Basis for Quasi-Universal Relationships Describing Bankfull Hydraulic Geometry of Sand-Bed Rivers

2011  Physical Model Verification of a Coastal Discharge

2011  Relating Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Discharge Design Standards to Stream Erosion in Piedmont North Carolina: Case Studies in Raleigh and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

2011  Revisiting Modified Rational Method

2011  Role of Energy Loss on Discharge Characteristics of Sluice Gates

2011  Surface Discharge of Horizontal Warm-Water Jet

2011  Transverse Mixing in an Unregulated Northern River

2011  Velocity and Temperature in Buoyant Surface Jet

2010  Design Framework for Electrokinetically Enhanced Dewatering of Sludge

2010  Development of Discharge Capacity Testing Apparatus and Numerical Analyses of Test Results

2010  Discharge Estimation in a Tidal River with Partially Reverse Flow

2010  Discharge Formulas for Subsurface Drainage of Retention Pond

2010  Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression Approach to Stage-Discharge Analyses: Case Study

2010  Hydraulic and Sedimentological Characterizations of a Reach on the Anaktuvuk River, Alaska

2010  Hydraulic Relations for Clinging Flow of Sharp-Crested Weir

2010  Investigation of Flow through Orifices in Riser Pipes

2010  Smear Effect and Well Resistance of PVD-Installed Ground Based on the Hyperbolic Method

2010  Submarine Groundwater Discharge and Seawater Intrusion: Two Sides of the Same Problem with Major Quantification Gaps

2010  Water Use Intensities and the Composition of Production in Canada

2009  Bankfull Discharge for Kansas Natural Alluvial Channel Design

2009  Evaluation of Alternative Geospatial Models Using Image Ranking and Machine Learning: An Application in Shallow Groundwater Recharge and Discharge

2009  Genetic Algorithm-Based Discharge Estimation at Sites Receiving Lateral Inflows

2009  Managing Reservoir Discharge through Accurate Flow Measurement

2009  Predicting Model Uncertainty at River Junctions due to Drainage Network Structure

2009  Some Findings on Effective Discharge Determination for Gravel Bed Rivers

2009  Transitional Flow between Orifice and Nonorifice Regimes at a Rectangular Sluice Gate

2008  Application of a Random Cascade Model to Estimation of Design Flood from Rainfall Data

2008  Continuous Simulation of Water and Soil Erosion in a Small Watershed of the Loess Plateau with a Distributed Model

2008  Deposition from Particle-Laden, Plane, Turbulent, Buoyant Jets

2008  Developing a Stochastic Conflict Resolution Model for Trading Discharge Permits in River Systems

2008  Discharge and Suspended Sediment Transport during Deconstruction of a Low-Head Dam

2008  Distribution of Discharge Intensity along Small-Diameter Collector Well Laterals in a Model Riverbed Filtration

2008  Effects of Impervious Area Estimation Methods on Simulated Peak Discharges

2008  Frequency of Discharge Causing Abutment Scour in South Carolina

2008  Head-Discharge Equation for Sharp-Crested Polynomial Weir

2008  Modeling Study of Free Overfall in a Rectangular Channel with Strip Roughness

2008  Outflow Uniformity along a Continuous Manifold

2008  Performance of Bed-Load Transport Equations Relative to Geomorphic Sitnificance: Predicting Effective Discharge and Its Transport Rate

2008  Periodic Oscillation Caused by a Flow over a Vertical Drop Pool

2008  Probable Flood Predictions in Ungauged Coastal Basins of El Salvador

2008  Quick Method for Open-Channel Discharge Measurements Using Air Bubbles

2008  Saltwater Intrusion Hydrodynamics in a Tidal Aquifer

2008  Theoretical Development of Stage-Discharge Ratings for Subcritical Open-Channel Flows

2008  Time-Varying Underflow into a Continuous Stratification with Bottom Slope

2007  Accessing Assimilative Capacity through a Dual Discharge Approach

2007  Buoyant Surface Discharges into Water Bodies. I: Flow Classification and Prediction Methodology

2007  Buoyant Surface Discharges into Water Bodies. II: Jet Integral Model

2007  Constructed Wetlands for Water Quality Improvement in Surface Water Discharges to the Everglades: Stormwater Treatment Areas

2007  Real-Time Operation Optimization of Variable-Speed Pumping Stations in Water Distribution Systems by Adaptive Discharge Pressure Control

2007  Simple Approximation of Well Function for Constant Drawdown Variable Discharge Artesian Wells

2006  Accuracy of Annual Volume from Current-Meter-Based Stage Discharges

2006  Derived Operating Rules for Allocating Recharges and Withdrawals among Unconnected Aquifers

2006  Evaluation of the Micromodel: An Extremely Small-Scale Movable Bed Model