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2014  Approximations of the Dispersion Relationship of Water Waves

2014  Watershed Characteristics Extraction and Subsequent Terrain Analysis Based on Digital Elevation Model in Flat Region

2013  Distributions of Wave Heights in Time Domain in Stationary Sea States

2013  Modeling Free-Flow Speed Considering Water Depth under Ponding Conditions: A Dynamic Method from the Viewpoint of Hydroplaning

2011  Depth Inversion in the Surf Zone with Inclusion of Wave Nonlinearity Using Video-Derived Celerity

2011  Simplified Method for Spatial Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential in the St. Louis Area

2008  Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Seaside Perforated Semicircular Breakwaters due to Random Waves

2006  Wave Interaction with a Flexible Porous Breakwater in a Two-Layer Fluid

2005  Depth-Averaged Velocity Distribution in Straight Trapezoidal Channels

2005  Exact Equations for Critical Depth in a Trapezoidal Canal

2005  Experimental Sloshing Studies in Sway and Heave Base Excited Square Tanks

2004  Dual Boundary Element Analysis of Normal Incident Wave Passing a Thin Submerged Breakwater with Rigid, Absorbing, and Permeable Boundaries

2004  Experimental Approach to the Hydraulics of Vertical Slot Fishways

2004  Experimental Investigation on Influence of Aeration on Plane Jet Scour

2003  Effects of Flow Depth on Water Flow and Solute Transport in Furrow Irrigation: Field Data Analysis

2003  Side Outflow from Supercritical Channel Flow

2001  Determining Water Depths from Surface Images Using Boussinesq Equations

2001  EDR in Circular Channels

2001  Statistical Distribution of Wave Heights in Finite Water Depth

2000  Submerged Funicular Arches

2000  Use of Acoustic Technology to Define Hydraulic Characteristics of an Estuary near the Mississippi Gulf Coast

1999  Minimizing Errors Due to Cross-Section Point Reduction

1999  Offtake Sensitivity, Operation Effectiveness, and Performance of Irrigation System

1999  Probability Distribution of Wave Height in Finite Water Depth

1998  Demersal Fish and Invertebrate Population Variability

1998  Experiments on Nonlinear Wave Groups in Intermediate Water Depth

1998  Focussed Wave Groups on Deep and Shallow Water

1998  Formula for Calculating Critical Depth of Trapezoidal Open Channel

1998  Guidelines for Design of Approach Channels

1998  Prediction of Velocity Field under Waves over Varying Depth

1998  The Schrödinger Method for Water Wave Kinematics

1998  Sensitivity of Currents and Water Elevations in Tidal Waters to Storm Surge Parameters

1998  Validation of Three-Dimensional Multigrid Wave Model Against Experimental Data

1998  Variations of Breaking Wave Statistics Across the Nearshore Zone

1998  Wave Kinematics Based on a Lagrangian Formulation

1997  Artificial Neural Network Model for Subsurface-Drained Farmlands

1997  Fetch Limited Spectral Evolution in Finite Depth Water

1997  A Fourth Order Boussinesq-Type Wave Model

1997  Generation Depths from Water Wave Data

1997  Nonlinear Wave Transformation over a Submerged Triangular Breakwater

1997  Observed Suspended Sediments in Storm Conditions

1997  Transition of Stochastic Characteristics of Waves in the Nearshore Zone

1996  Dynamic Analysis of Multi-Pool Irrigation Canal

1996  Evaluation of System Downstream Control

1996  The Importance of Water Depth for Sparger Performance

1996  Shallow Ground Water Management with a Modified Subsurface Drainage System

1996  Study of Hydraulic Jump Lengths on Inclined Channel Beds

1996  System Downstream Control for On-Demand Irrigation Canals

1995  Harmonic Friction-Damping Modulus

1995  The Maximum Significant Wave Height in the Southern North Sea

1995  Random Models of Second-Order Waves and Local Wave Statistics

1995  Reshaping Breakwaters in Deep and Shallow Water Conditions

1995  Technological Aspects of the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

1994  2D Finite Element Modelling of Flooding Due to River Bank Collapse

1994  Estimating Ground Snow Loads Using Local Climatological Data

1994  Study for Deepening of the Martin Garcia Channels at Rio de la Plata, Uruguay

1993  Alternative Form of Boussinesq Equations for Nearshore Wave Propagation

1993  Border Advance Using Improved Volume-Balance Model

1993  An Improved Arrangement for the Progressive Wave Absorber

1993  Low Frequency Waves in Intermediate Water Depths

1993  Measuring Water in Trapezoidal Canals

1992  The Application of Ultrasonic Surface Detectors to Hopper Dredge Production Monitoring

1992  Should the U.S. Accept the Concept of Navigable Depth?

1992  Simulated Citrus Water Use from Shallow Groundwater

1992  Velocity Distribution Inside and Above Branched Flexible Roughness

1991  Bed Forms of Nile River

1991  The Construction of the Shanghai Port and Its Sea-Entering Channel

1991  Design and Installation of Scour Protection for the Acosta Bridge

1991  Design of a Self-Regulating Flap Gate

1991  Design of Y - Frame Floating Breakwater

1991  A Numerical Model for Refraction Computation of Irregular Waves Due to Time-Varying Currents and Water Depth

1990  Dense Inflows Into Narrow Reservoirs

1990  Effect of Water Depth and Groundwater Table on Infiltration from Recharge Basins

1990  Optimal Depth for Nearshore Wave Power Extractors of Fixed Type

1989  Dynamic Studies on Caisson-Type Breakwaters

1989  Effect of Water Depth in Groundwater Recharge Basins on Infiltration

1989  The Measured Properties of Irregular Wave Breaking and Wave Height Change After Breaking on the Slope

1989  The Statistic Information Features of Coastal Zone Remotely Sensed Image

1989  Truncation Order of Fourier Wave Theory

1989  Two-Dimensional Inter-Rill Flow Model for the Analysis of Agricultural Runoff

1989  Utilization of Moored Vessels in Hydraulic Models of Harbors

1989  Wave—Current Interaction and Sediment Transport

1989  Wave-Induced Ship Motions in Harbour Approach Channels

1988  Application of Computational Model on Berm Breakwater Design

1987  Application of Stokes, Cnoidal, and Fourier Wave Theories

1987  Beta-Rayleigh Distribution for Shallow Water Wave Heights

1987  Effect of Pond depth on Bacterial Die-Off

1987  Estimation of Mean Water Depth for Border Irrigation

1987  Groundwater Recharge Demonstration Projects

1987  The Non-Gaussian Characteristics of Waves in Various Water Depth—An Analysis of Field Observations

1987  A Numerical Investigation of the Longshore Current Profile for Multiple Bar/Trough Beaches

1987  Offshore Sand Waves

1987  Residence Time Distributions of Shallow Basins

1987  Simulation Algorithms for Offshore Structures

1987  Transformation of Significant Wave Heights

1985  Current Depth Refraction of Regular Waves

1985  Depositional Effects of Offshore Breakwater Due to Onshore-Offshore Sediment Movement

1985  Depth-Controlled Wave Height

1985  The Exact Solution of the Highest Wave Derived from a Universal Wave Model

1985  Field Data on Seaward Limit of Profile Change