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2015  Building an Integrated Water-Land Use Database for Defining Benchmarks, Conservation Targets, and User Clusters

2015  Contrasting American and Brazilian Systems for Water Allocation and Transfers

2015  Medium-Term Urban Water Demand Forecasting with Limited Data Using an Ensemble Wavelet-Bootstrap Machine-Learning Approach

2014  Application of a Combination Model Based on Wavelet Transform and KPLS-ARMA for Urban Annual Water Demand Forecasting

2014  Identifying Residential Water End Uses Underpinning Peak Day and Peak Hour Demand

2014  Modeling Automatic Meter Reading Water Demands as Nonhomogeneous Point Processes

2014  Modeling Local Water Storages Delivering Customer Demands in WDN Models

2014  Modification of Hunter’s Curve in the Perspective of Water Conservation

2014  Quantification of Water Savings due to Drought Restrictions in Water Demand Forecasting Models

2014  Research on Variable Eco-Environmental Water Demand and Its Application to the Weihe River

2014  Simulation Study to Evaluate Temporal Aggregation and Variability of Stochastic Water Demands on Distribution System Hydraulics and Transport

2014  Urban Water Demand Forecasting: Review of Methods and Models

2014  Water Requirement with Irrigation Expansion in Jingtai Irrigation District, Northwest China: The Need to Consider Irrigation-Induced Local Changes in Evapotranspiration Demand

2013  A Complex Adaptive System Approach Assessing the Dynamics of Population Growth, Land Use, and Climate Change for Urban Water Resources Management

2013  Development of Community Water Deficit Index: Drought-Forecasting Tool for Small- to Mid-Size Communities of the Southeastern United States

2013  An End-Use Integrated Agent-Based Model to Simulate Consumer Demand for a Water Utility

2013  Evaluating the Feasibility of Reducing Water Use in the Power Sector: A Case Study of ERCOT

2013  Improved Forecasting of Water Demands for South Florida Based on Household and Business Sector Micro-Data

2013  Lysimetric Determination of Coriandrum sativum L. Water Requirement and Single and Dual Crop Coefficients in a Semiarid Climate

2013  A Mechanistic-Stochastic Approach to Classify Water Consumers and Simulate Urban Water Demand

2013  Personal Behavior, Technological Advance - Controlling the Domestic Use of Water in a Consumer Society

2013  Price Elasticity Under Rate Structure Change and Low-Income Discounts in California

2013  Principal Factor Analysis for Forecasting Diurnal Water-Demand Pattern Using Combined Rough-Set and Fuzzy-Clustering Technique

2013  Quantifying the Domestic Water Demand Projection Related with Climate Projection

2013  Reservoir Operation for Simultaneously Meeting Water Demand and Sediment Flushing: Stochastic Dynamic Programming Approach with Two Uncertainties

2013  Residential Water Conservation in Australia and California

2013  Residential Water Demand Analysis Due to Water Meter Installation in California

2013  Water Transfer: A Fix that May Fail

2012  Building a Water Distribution Network Hydraulic Model by Using WaterGEMS

2012  Demand Components in Water Distribution Network Analysis

2012  Evaluating Crop Water Stress under Limited Irrigation Practices

2012  Evaluation of Climate Change Impact on Future Bioclimatic Condition and Water Demand

2012  Exploring Adaptive Demand-Side and Supply-Side Management of Urban Water Resources Using a Multi-Objective Optimization Approach

2012  Forecasting Water Demands—A Case Study for the South East Kelowna Irrigation District

2012  Historical Review of U.S. Residential Water Demand

2012  Hybrid Water Demand Forecasting Model Associating Artificial Neural Network with Fourier Series

2012  Impact of Water Demand Parameters on the Reliability of Municipal Storage Tanks

2012  A New Optimization Framework That Includes Water Conservation Strategies to Reduce Demand in Water Distribution Networks

2012  Rainwater Harvesting in Residential Buildings for Meeting Non-Potable Water Demand in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Qazvin, Iran

2012  Risk Assessment on Reusing Treated Wastewater for Energy Production—A Case Study

2012  Scenario-Based Forecast of Regional Water Demands in Northeastern Illinois

2012  Transboundary Water Sharing: Confronting the Challenge of Growing Water Scarcity

2012  Urban Weather Data to Estimate Reference Evapotranspiration for Rural Irrigation Management

2011  Build-Up of Discolouration Potential in Networks As Function of Treatment Performance

2011  Calibration of Nodal Demand in Water Distribution Systems

2011  Capacity Planning under Nonstationary Uncertainties

2011  Evaluating Water Demands under Climate Change and Transitions in the Urban Environment

2011  Impacts of Future Climate Conditions and Forecasted Population Growth on Water Supply Systems in the Puget Sound Region

2011  Improving Sustainable Sites through the Use of Native Species to Reduce Water Demand in Landscape Projects

2011  Optimal Crop Planning and Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater Resources Using Fuzzy Dynamic Programming

2011  Profiling Nodal Water Demands in Statistical Perspective

2011  Root Zone Moisture Routing and Water Demand Calculations in the Context of Integrated Hydrology

2011  Rural Water Consumption Behavior: A Case Study in Southwest Coastal Area, Bangladesh

2011  Scenarios of Future California Water Demand through 2050: Growth and Climate Change

2011  Selecting a Domestic Water Demand Prediction Model for Climate Change Studies

2011  Simulating Nonresidential Water Demand with a Stochastic End-Use Model

2011  Uncertainty in Agricultural Water Demand in the West Bank: Policy Implications for a Developing Economy

2010  Applying Genetic Programming Approaches to Short-Term Water Demand Forecast for District Water System

2010  Assessment of Variation in Austin Water Demands under Changing Climate Conditions

2010  Bayesian Temporal Modeling of Water Demands at Household Level

2010  Comparison of Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Networks for Peak Urban Water-Demand Forecasting: Evaluation of Different ANN Learning Algorithms

2010  Environmental and Recreational Water Needs: A Colorado Case Study

2010  Evaluating Conservation Potential in Agricultural and Municipal Water Use in South Florida.

2010  Filtering Bad Measurement Data for Water Distribution System Demand Estimation

2010  Flow-Sequential Sector-Specific Lumped Algorithm for Water Network Calibration

2010  Hybrid Water Demand Forecasting Model Associating Artificial Neural Network with Fourier Series

2010  Impacts of Climate Change and Growth on Water Demands in the Puget Sound Region

2010  Interbasin Water Transfer: Economic Water Quality-Based Model

2010  Long-Term Operation of Irrigation Dams Considering Variable Demands: Case Study of Zayandeh-rud Reservoir, Iran

2010  Modeling the Impacts of Hydromodification

2010  Modelling Characteristic Values for Non-Residential Water Demand

2010  Operational Monitoring of Daily Crop Water Requirements at the Regional Scale with Time Series of Satellite Data

2010  Performance of Combined Double Seasonal Univariate Time Series Models for Forecasting Water Demand

2010  Residential Water Demand under Alternative Rate Structures: Simulation Approach

2010  Residential Water Demand-Daily Trends

2010  The Risk of a Municipal Storage Tank Running Dry Due to User Demands

2010  Seasonal Residential Water Demand Forecasting for Census Tracts

2010  Simulating Residential Water Demand with a Stochastic End-Use Model

2010  A Simulation Study of Stochastic Water Demands on Distribution System Transport and Water Quality over a Large "All-Pipe" Network System

2010  Total Dissolved Solids Contribution to the Colorado River Associated with the Growth of Las Vegas Valley

2010  Water Pump Scheduling System Using Scatter Search, Tabu Search and Neural Networks—The Case of Bouregreg Water System in Morocco

2009  Design of a Water Transmission Pipeline with an Analytical Probabilistic Model

2009  Effect of Preharvest Deficit Irrigation on Second Crop Watermelon Grown in an Extremely Hot Climate

2009  Framework for Improving Water Security in the Middle East

2009  Graywater Irrigation as a Means to Meet Water Demands in Arid Regions

2009  Leaks and Water Use Representation in Water Distribution System Models: Finding a Working Equivalence

2009  Modeling Domestic Water Demand on a Suburb Level

2009  New Concepts for Meter Placement in Water Distribution Systems for Demand Estimation

2009  Omaha Plans Ahead

2009  Preliminary Spatial-Temporal Statistical Analysis of Hourly Water Demand at Household Level

2009  River Flood Forecasting Using Complementary Muskingum Rating Equations

2009  Rule-Based Storage Accounting for Multipurpose Reservoir Systems

2009  Simulation of Particle Transport in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2009  Systematic Surge Protection for Worst-Case Transient Loadings in Water Distribution Systems

2009  Water Demand Forecasting for the City of the Future against the Uncertainties and the Global Change Pressures: Case of Birmingham

2008  Accurate Demand Modeling for Surge Analysis

2008  Alternative Rotational Delivery Scheduling for Better Water Regime in Canal Command

2008  Analysis of Household Water Demand Patterns by Meters Recording

2008  Assessment of Microbiological Water Quality after Low Pressure Events in a Distribution System

2008  Comparison of Water Demand Models: PRP and SIMDEUM Applied to Milford, Ohio, Data