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2014  Adaptivity of Budyko Hypothesis in Evaluating Interannual Variability of Watershed Water Balance in Northern China

2014  Effects of Climate Variations and Human Activities on Runoff in the Zoige Alpine Wetland in the Eastern Edge of the Tibetan Plateau

2014  Impact of Climate Variability on Runoff in the North-Central United States

2014  Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity in Sustainable Irrigated Systems: Cover Crops versus Fallow

2014  Natural Flow Reconstruction Using Kalman Filter and Water Balance-Based Methods I: Theory

2014  Natural Flow Reconstruction Using Kalman Filter and Water Balance-Based Methods II: Case Studies, Results, and Discussion

2014  Performance of a Theoretical Model for the Description of Water Balance and Runoff Dynamics in Southern Italy

2014  Relationship between Runoff Curve Number and PET

2014  Streamflow and Nutrients from a Karst Watershed with a Downstream Embayment: Chapel Branch Creek

2014  Surface Runoff at an Instrumented Catchment Scale Water Balance Final Cover

2013  Case Study of St. Louis, Missouri: Comparison of Bioretention Performance to the Runoff Component of a Restored Water Balance

2013  Effects of Monovegetation Restoration Types on Soil Water Distribution and Balance on a Hillslope in Northern Loess Plateau of China

2013  Estimation of Spatio-Temporally Variable Groundwater Recharge Using a Rainfall-Runoff Model

2013  Impact of Urban Development on Local Water Balance

2013  Integrated Surface-Groundwater Model for Storm-Water Harvesting Using Basic Mass Balance Principles

2012  Assessing Irrigation Water Capacity of Land Use Change in a Data-Scarce Watershed of Korea

2012  Calibration of Roughness Parameters Using Rainfall–Runoff Water Balance for Satellite Soil Moisture Retrieval

2012  Comparison of Methods for Estimation of Regional Actual Evapotranspiration in Data Scarce Regions: Blue Nile Region, Eastern Sudan

2012  Designing Water Balance Covers for Sustainable Waste Containment : Transitioning State of the Art to State of the Practice

2012  Field Data and Numerical Modeling of Water Balance of Lysimeter versus Actual Earthen Cap

2012  GIS Water-Balance Approach to Support Surface Water Flood-Risk Management

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. I: Validation of SAHYSMOD

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. II: Application of SAHYSMOD

2012  Relative Importance of Input Parameters in the Modeling of Soil Moisture Dynamics of Small Urban Areas

2012  Vegetated Roof Water-Balance Model: Experimental and Model Results

2012  Water Balance of an Earth Fill Built of Slightly Contaminated Organic Clay

2011  Assessing the Performance of Evapotranspiration Covers for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Northwestern Ohio

2011  Effects of Various Irrigation Regimes on Soil Water Balance, Yield, and Fruit Quality of Drip-Irrigated Peach Trees

2011  Estimating Evapotranspiration by Using Atmometers for Irrigation Scheduling in a Humid Environment

2011  Evaluating Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) Using Aircraft Data Collected during BEAREX07

2011  Evaluation of the CRITERIA Irrigation Scheme Soil Water Balance Model in Texas—Initial Results

2011  Regional Modeling of Climate Change Impact on Peninsular Malaysia Water Resources

2011  Using a Weighing Lysimeter to Determine a Crop Coefficient for a Green Roof to Predict Evapotranspiration with the FAO Standardized Penman-Monteith Equation

2011  Water Balance Analysis on Upo Wetland, Korea, under Climate Change

2011  Water Balance Study for the Tigris-Euphrates River Basin

2010  Basin-Scale Water Resources Assessment in Oklahoma under Synthetic Climate Change Scenarios Using a Fully Distributed Hydrologic Model

2010  Case Study of LID Application and Design Method—Rain Harvesting for Waterscape and Water Balance Analysis

2010  Energy Audit of Water Networks

2010  Estimation of Evapotranspiration from Bioretention Areas Using Weighing Lysimeters

2010  Estimation of the Water Balance Using Observed Soil Water in the Nebraska Sandhills

2010  Lysimeters versus Actual Earthen Caps: Numerical Assessment of Soil Water Storage

2010  Performance Evaluation and Uncertainty Measurement in Irrigation Scheduling Soil Water-Balance Approach

2010  Planning Rehabilitation Actions on Water Distribution Networks in Condition of Data Scarcity

2010  Results from 18 Years of In Situ Performance Testing of Landfill Cover Systems in Germany

2010  Water Balance Covers for Waste Containment, Principles and Practice

2009  Comparison of Evapotranspiration Estimates from Remote Sensing (SEBAL), Water Balance, and Crop Coefficient Approaches

2009  Development and Validation of GANN Model for Evapotranspiration Estimation

2009  Field Data and Water-Balance Predictions for a Monolithic Cover in a Semiarid Climate

2009  The Hydrology of the Congo River Basin: A GIS-Based Hydrological Water Balance Model

2009  Integrated Reservoir-Based Canal Irrigation Model. I: Description

2009  Integrated Reservoir-Based Canal Irrigation Model. II: Application

2009  Modified Advection-Aridity Model of Evapotranspiration

2009  Natural Groundwater Recharge Response to Urbanization: Vermillion River Watershed, Minnesota

2008  Applying Worldwide Best Management Practices in Water Loss Control

2008  BMPs as a Water Balance Asset in Arid Regions

2008  Cold Climate Issues for Bioretention: Assessing Impacts of Salt and Aggregate Application on Plant Health, Media Clogging, and Groundwater Quality

2008  Comparison of Field Data and Water-Balance Predictions for a Capillary Barrier Cover

2008  Design and Modeling of Bioretention for Hydromodification Control: An Assessment of Alternative Model Representations

2008  Effect of Remotely Sensed Data on the Performance of a Distributed Hydrological Model: Case Study

2008  Modeling Soil Water Uptake by Plants Using Nonlinear Dynamic Root Density Distribution Function

2008  Modeling Water Balance for a Demonstration-Scale Alternative Landfill Cover in Hawaii

2008  Monitoring-Based Annual Water Balances as Targets for Minimal Impact Development

2008  Quantifying Nonstorm-Water Discharges to Storm-Water Systems with Model Analysis

2007  Linking Long-Term Water Balances and Statistical Scaling to Estimate River Flows along the Drainage Network of Colombia

2007  Postconstruction Changes in the Hydraulic Properties of Water Balance Cover Soils

2007  Probabilistic Approach for Design and Hydrologic Performance Assessment of Reconstructed Watersheds

2007  Water Balance and Flood Control by the Expansion of the Upo Wetland in Korea

2006  Integrated Management of Irrigation and Urban Storm-Water Infiltration

2006  Remote Sensing and Water Balance Modeling in California Drip-Irrigated Vineyards

2006  Selected Factors Affecting Water-Balance Predictions for Alternative Covers Using Unsaturated Flow Models

2006  Water Balance for a Predominantly Surface Irrigated District in Southern Idaho

2005  Characterization and Water Balance of Internal Drainage Sinkholes

2005  Distributed Hydrologic Modeling in a Partially Urbanized Agricultural Watershed using Water and Energy Transfer Process Model

2005  Effects of Anthropogenic Modification of Karst Soil Texture on the Water Balance of ”Alta Murgia” (Apulia, Italy)

2005  Multiobjective Tools and Strategies for Calibrating Integrated Models

2005  Predicting Soil Salinnity under Varoius Strategies in Irrigation Systems

2005  Prediction Accuracy for Projectwide Evapotranspiration Using Crop Coefficients and Reference Evapotranspiration

2004  Evapotranspiration Crop Coefficients for Cattail and Bulrush

2004  Impact of Water Blending on Calcium Carbonate Equilibrium in Water Distribution Systems

2004  Modeling Water Balance Parameters for Rainfed Rice

2003  Application of a Water Balance Model and GIS for Sustainable Watershed Management

2003  Optimal Water Management for Reservoir-Based Irrigation Projects using Geographic Information System

2003  Water Variability and Drought: Challenges for Local Decision Makers

2002  Climate Change and Water Resources in Lebanon and the Middle East

2002  Effects of Stormwater Infiltration on the Water Balance of an Urban Area

2002  Potential and Limitations of Applying HELP Model for Surface Covers

2001  Application of a Water Balance Model and GIS for Sustainable Watershed Management

2001  Identifying Cause of Declining Flows in the Republican River

2001  Modeling Effects of Groundwater Overpumping on Water Levels near Tampa, Florida: Building a Base for Accurate Water Balances through the Use of NEXRAD and GIS

2001  Water Budget and Vertical Conductance for Magnolia Lake

2000  Border Irrigation Field Experiment. I: Water Balance

2000  Capillary Barriers: Design Variables and Water Balance

2000  Daily Evapotranspiration Prediction from Louisiana Flooded Rice Field

2000  Estimating Evaporation from Bare or Nearly Bare Soil

2000  Impact of Climatic Variation on Design Parameters for Slab on Ground Foundations in Expansive Soils

2000  Prediction of Heave Using “Effective” Stress

2000  Simulating Spatially Distributed Water and Salt Balances

1999  Dynamic Evaluation of Frank Lake Management Alternatives

1999  Explicit Volume Balance Model Solution

1999  Field Data from a Capillary Barrier and Model Predictions with UNSAT-H